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  1. This show will be back on May 25, 2021,unfortunely, this is the final season.☹️
  2. I'm a Randall and Beth fan so as painful as it was watching Beth lose her studio, watching them dance was one of their best scenes.
  3. That was an excellent episode. Well written, the writer did his homework. Wonderful acting!
  4. I started watching this show a few months ago, I love it, it's hilarious with some serious themes. This is only one of two shows I found in the last year that I'm hooked on, I truly hope it returns for season 3 whenever that may be.
  5. Nightshade

    The Great

    I love a good comedy and this is hilarious. Nicholas Hoult is a joy to watch.
  6. Yes, book Claire can be snarky and grumpy, it's one of the things I love about her.
  7. Unlike many I liked this episode. I like the characters of Jamie and Claire equally and they have been apart for 20 years living extremely different lives being changed, growing in the process. Jamie seems relaxed and that wasn't possible until sometime after moving to Edinburgh, when Jamie suggested they remain in the brothel I understood his cheapness, but definitely did not agree. Claire is more regimented at this time, probably owing to med school, being a doctor along being a wife and mother. Jamie and Claire won't become that inseparable couple again, who become strong
  8. I love this episode, Jamie and Claire are together again! I'm happy they eliminated the farce of Jamie, Claire and Willoughby running through the streets and young Ian believing Claire was a prostitute his father had on the side. The photograph scene, this is one of those times I wish I hadn't started to read the books last year. The scene was startling to me as it was to many fans but while I didn't believe Jamie needed to react as he did in the book, it did feel strange, overall loved it.
  9. Agree. I enjoyed the episode despite Geneva. Sam's acting is right on target and has been through all the episodes.
  10. I enjoyed it from start to finish especially Black Jack's death, so glad Outlander is finally back.
  11. The Variety interview was the best written interview I've read regarding season 3, thanks for the link.
  12. I just watched the interview on Build, that was the best I've seen this week, no silly, clueless questions, the host gets that it's not a sitcom. Thanks for posting it Nidratime.
  13. I started reading the Outlander series last summer and Drums of Autumn is one of my favorites. The part of the story where Jamie realizes Claire will do anything to help Bree weather he agrees or not. Jamie is not surprised about the procedure but that Claire could or would perform it. I like their pro and con discussion.
  14. I'm a non- book reader who likes the book threads. I completely enjoyed the finale and 90 minutes went fast. Always love Claire and Jamie. I learned from this thread that Claire didn't help Jamie kill Dougal in the book, I liked it in the show but does anyone think because of injury to his hand from Black Jack, she had to help him? I liked the character of Roger and I didn't have a problem with the actress who portrayed Brianna. I was surprised when she said her mother lived in her own world, that seemed sad for both of them but I didn't remember reading anything like that from the book thread
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