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  1. I'm officially on the show has got off the rails team now. There are 6 players left. So, conceivably Tai could give an Idol to someone, troyzan could play his, Sarah has to use the legacy advantage and Brad could win immunity. Leaving only one person they could vote off. Enough with all the extra advantages.
  2. Given all the drama about the cuddling, his comment about this turning into an Adam and Eve situation where they may have to repopopulate the world seems to put his motivation into context. I thought the episode overall was pretty dull. And, agree with others he was creepy.
  3. I thought they made the shelter too tall. Even there it's cold at night. They don't seem to trap any heat. I did think the fishing thing was funny. Russell had just told that woman not to scare away all the fish, then proceeded to throw the net like he had no idea what he was doing. Shannon shows up and he downplayed how many fish she got..after he scared all the fish away. He's an ass. I don't know how people like that get on in the world. He clearly is taking credit for all Matt did, when he had nothing to do with how well he and Matt were doing.
  4. That comment is referring to how outside people can send items to assist the contestant. In the HG they could receive a package from a outside sponsor. Something they didn't bring with them. I think the Alone contestants should work with the food available around them and the items they brought. Nothing other than medical care should be provided. If they are starving they should be pulled or tap out. I do think they should start filming earlier. IMO the primary reason they film so close to the winter is to hasten tap outs and shorten the competition as people have trouble finding food that would normally be more readily available before the weather turns colder, i.e., mainly financial - time related. That handicaps everyone in the competition unfairly.
  5. We have no idea what the new format is other than a vague teaser trailer. Although, I'm not a fan of outside interference by providing things that weren't brought into the woods with the contestants at the beginning. What your propose sounds like the Hunger Games. I'm keeping an open mind because I could see ways they could still make this primarily a solo adventure. I wouldn't be opposed to having pairs camp reasonably close to each other (e.g., 2 miles apart) where every 10 days they could meet for a day to trade or barter. If someone needs help making a raft, shelter or food they could trade a something they've found or one of their 10 items in exchange for help. Or, the net one brought doesn't work at his/her location, and the other contestant has a fishing tackle that isn't viable in their camp because of whatever reason. They could exchange. Early explorers/trappers had Rendezvous where that kind of thing happened. Just an idea. Like I said, I'm going to give the new format a chance until I see what they've come up with.
  6. Subrookie

    S34: Zeke Smith

    I don't want them to bring him back. There's nothing exceptional about Zeke's game play. Compare him to Cochran, who totally screwed his first attempt to play the game as a fan. He didn't screw it up the second time. Zeke's game was exactly the same the second time. But, there's no doubt Peaches will have him back. I liked seeing Cochran drop in this season because I think he was a good Survivor player ultimately. I have no interest in seeing Zeke again.
  7. I'm not sure I agree that the show was perfect as it was. I'm on the fence about having teams, but it was starting to get a little less interesting watching people slowly starve until they tapped out. I'll keep an open mind about the new format.
  8. I always thought this show filled a niche that wasn't being addressed by any of the networks. I'm sad to see it go as it was good family entertainment. Agree that some of the cast storylines changed mid-season or cast disappeared like Kristen's son, but it was a decent show.
  9. Subrookie

    S34: Zeke Smith

    I don't often watch the Ponderosa videos or post on individual player threads, but I decided this season to watch Zeke's and Debbie's Ponderosa. I agree about his video, it was not flattering. He went on and on about who cares how you get in the Hall of Fame as long as your in the HOF and in general came across like he has a big ego. Given the number of jurors now making the jury is not really as big of an achievement to hang your hat on anymore. Borneo had 7 jurors, Caramoan had 8, now there's 10. Essentially, half the people competing end up on the jury. I don't have a positive or negative opinion of him really. He'll be memorable because he was outed in Tribal by Varner, but his game play never came across as very good. As others have said, he tried to make big moves too early and you'd think he'd not repeat the same mistakes in this season he did in the GenX one, but he did.
  10. He's got a link on that blog to an AMA he did on Reddit. He mentioned he was the owner of the Eroica and sold it to Emily. Some interesting background about Zeke there as well.
  11. I was in 4th grade and distinctly remember the night it was on. My parents sent me to bed after a half hour. I listened to the rest from the hallway where my parents couldn't see me. I was terrified through most of the 80's we were going to have a nuclear war. I got a laugh out of Barry's fallout shelter having a hot tub.
  12. I'm glad they made it but as others have said the late challenge food miracles continue. It felt like this episode dragged on a bit. Almost like they should have not made it a two episode challenge. I would not be surprised if we saw him someday in a XL season.
  13. Not sure why they don't cake themselves in mud to help keep the bugs off. I had a mosquito net break on me many years ago when I was canoeing in northern Manitoba. The mosquitoes there were just as bad as they're showing in the show. I can speak from experience, the swarming and biting will drive you insane even if it is just for one night. If they're worried about animals at night, why not build a bush fence around their campsite with trees and brush? You'd think a guy from Louisiana would know what large animals were in the swamps.
  14. Looking back I didn't mean for that to sound so harsh. Thanks for opening the new thread. I'm just trying to not know whats going on over on the other show.
  15. Are you the mod here? These are two completely different shows. I get that fans of one are probably fans of both but I really didn't want or expect conversation about XL in this forum.
  16. Re: the hidden advantage. I'm not exactly sure production didn't place that there knowing that whoever was on the bench likely wouldn't see it. It seemed to be obvious by design, so that it created some drama if someone else participating in the challenge saw it. I was pretty impressed Sarah managed to find a way to grab the advantage without anyone else knowing what she was doing. That in and of itself was more interesting than the person sitting out the challenge finding it.
  17. I can see why a lot of fans like Michaela, I’m just not one of them. I did think the coconut eating at tribal was kind of funny, but I’d have to agree with some of the others here that the things about her that make her popular with fans likely aren’t winning her jury votes. Survivor is ultimately a social game. She was great in challenges last season, which endeared her to a lot of fans, but it takes more than physical ability to win in the end. She is who she is and I’m not criticizing her for being herself, but her game-play would benefit from some self-awareness of how she’s being perceived by the other players. Count me as another person that thought Peaches shouldn't have put Cirie on the spot at the end of that challenge. She seemed to not mind, but at the time I told my better half, "gee thanks Jeff, what's she going to do now? It's not like she can't finish after you called her out". I hope she wins. She's one of my favorite players ever. Loved the twitter pic of Sierra and Culpepper after the vote and the look on Andrea's face.
  18. I watched this last season mostly out of habit, but it was by far the worst season this show has had. I don't know how much more I can take of the fake emergencies, trips to places at a creek mouth "no one has ever mined before" (sure...) or nobody actually finding gold when they've been screaming "we're on the gold!" for half the show.
  19. Isn't there an XL forum? Posting over here spoils the XL episode, which I haven't seen yet and didn't expect to see comments on here.
  20. I guess Zeke was right about one thing. If he mentioned he's trans it's all anyone talks about since it seems to still be dominating this discussion. I'm still confused why Debbie wanted Ozzy out. Let's be honest here, anyone but maybe Debbie beats him in FTC. He's still stuck in the version of this game where people aren't showered with food all the time. I'm sure they're hungry but FFS they literally get to gorge themselves at least once every 3-5 days. The whole conversation did make me think that Brad boasted earlier that he would just go catch some fish. We haven't see that. And, I started to get a whiff of people doubting the evil genius of Cirie. If she knew how to make fire better she most certainly would have won her first season. And let's not forget she convinced Erik to give up his immunity. She is a survivor goddess.
  21. I thought someone made the comment, maybe Sierra, in this episode that Michaela's reputation preceded her. So, even though the players may not have seen last season, they obviously had talked about her and other players.
  22. I'd be surprised if those two dont keep in touch. Peaches has always liked guys like Colby and he was the first real "man's man" to play this game. Somewhere up thread someone said it would be interesting to have an old school Survivor season. Count me in. Ten pizzas? WTF is this show becoming? They walked 5 miles or something with whatever food they could carry in S2. Now they shower them with food.
  23. Well his game has always been weak. That would have made the whole episode even more interesting. Had he done that Varner would have owed him forever, Jeff would have been the ultimate goat. And, Tai would still have had another Idol to protect himself.
  24. Varner is getting a lot of well deserved anger after this, but I like to think even good people do bad things. I don't think he's a bad person, he made a bad decision. I won't try to defend him. I was pretty shocked he brought it up. I'd be amazed if they didn't spend a fair amount of time talking about it in the after show following the final tribal. He was one of my favorite players from my favorite season of this show (S2) and he's been outspoken on LGBTQ rights. I'm sure he feels horrible now. Ozzy had to be thinking, "thank God their not talking about me again" I can't remember when but I think this isn't the only time they never actually voted at tribal. They kind of did, by hands, but social issues aside Tai could have made them vote and used an Idol to get rid of someone. Since it was pretty clear Varner was going home. I do remember recalling that when they went to tribal with 15-20 minutes left something had to be up. Anyway, not a defense of what Jeff did but I won't judge him by this forever. He can apologize and I'm sure he has.
  25. I assumed it was flour or grain dust. A lot of common foods are explosive when they are in powder form. I recall the older man who died said he didn't have the lungs for this work anymore so dust in whatever form was something they were exposed to all the time. I could be wrong and it was chemicals, but explosions at sugar and flour plants/storage facilities are a constant hazard.
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