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  1. Geez Dave....get it together.
  2. FWIW, there are many places that only allow you to fish with barbless hooks. Typically, you just bend the barb down with a multi-tool or pliers. The fishing regulations in the part of Manitoba I worked in wouldn't allow them. In general I don't disagree with your observation that he should probably have brought fishing gear, but it's not a deal breaker to make your own hooks even if they don't have a barb. Much less efficient than bringing gear though. I too wish they hadn't teased the medical emergency with Nicole. She is a very likable person and obviously is an extremely competent survivalist, but I'm left feeling like it was a serious mistake to cast her this season. TPTB don't really show us how close the filming sites are to a hospital but it can't be easy to evacuate someone. Accidents happen but she was coming in with a pre-existing condition and that seems risky. It was riveting though and I'm glad she took the time to explain and film what she was going through. If anything, I learned quite a bit about MS last night. Loving the cabin. Interesting how some people build a very simple tarp shelter that doesn't seem like it would provide any insulation when the snow comes. The cabin is a gamble since he's not gathering food and burning a lot of calories but could be the difference between staying 50 days and staying 90 days once the weather changes.
  3. I'm assuming you mean Brad. But, years ago there was a show on PBS called Pioneer House or something like that. People were sent out not that unlike this show to live like people did 200 years ago. At the end they were judged on how they prepared and whether the experts thought they would survive. The takeaway for me at least from that show was that surviving a winter alone or even in a small group setting means spending hours upon hours cutting firewood, every day. This might have been the smartest thing he did out there. You can have all the food in the world and still freeze to death.
  4. IIRC, he threw a chunk of wood at one. Which, made me laugh out loud at the time. Agree with you all about Brad. He had a loser mentality from the start and apparently no idea what greens were edible. I thought it was curious someone was boiling their water. I get the concern about girardia but that appears to be a pretty pristine watershed. I doubt I would have. In that remote a location I have typically never even carried a canteen. I'd keep a cup on a string tied to my belt loop and dip it in the water when I was thirsty.
  5. I'm going to go against the grain here. I was a canoe guide in Northern Manitoba back in my younger years. I did, and do, really like Carleigh. But, I've personally extracted 3 barbed hooks before in really remote locations. 1 of them very similar to her injury. I think it's foolish to not have a multi tool as one of your survival items. All three times I was able to use my multi-tool to snip the eye and pull the hook out. There is no limit to how useful that tool is.
  6. I'm still not sure what Not Dr. Smith's end game plan was. She was stuck on a planet about to burn up and if she went back to the Resolute they'd send her out an airlock for killing the guard. Only toward the end did she have any plan to use the robot. I remember watching this episode and seeing how many lose ends there were with less than 10 minutes left. The ending tied most of those up but it all seemed to convenient.
  7. Victor said the tank was pressurized, so it may not have mattered much if they had tipped it all the way over. Although the fuel came out of the tank like it was from a garden hose, if it was pressurized it would be like putting a hole in a propane tank. To be fair to the red haired guy they wouldn't have any fuel at all if he hadn't fixed the rover thing in the geyser field.
  8. I'm not normally in the tin foil hat camp but something about the FTC doesn't seem legit. If the producers were willing to just count the votes on the island rather than wait for the LA show why would they not follow through when it was a tie? They had to have known, in advance, it was going to be a tie and planned it to go back to the reunion show. I really thought it was a different twist we haven't seen since probably S1, but it got ruined for me because they didn't follow it through and announce the winner there. YMMV, but there were too many things about this season that made it one of my least favorite. Idols made it nearly impossible to vote out 2 of the 3 final contestants with 6-8 people left making it too predictable.
  9. God, I remember when that happened he hit the button and said something along the lines of, "I'll wait for the crew to come" and when they did he was still standing in the water. Complained on one hand that he was cold then spent however long standing around in the surf until they came to pick him up.
  10. I'm glad I wasn't the only one that thought I missed a scene or something. I was confused when all the prisoners just showed back up on earth from the spaceship. I literally thought they were doing a flashback scene to where/when the prisoners got to whatever mining planet they were supposed to go to and Diyoza walked off the ship. But, nope they just skipped ahead in the writing. Seemed lazy.
  11. I'd like to know more about the "dark year". I love how no one who shows up new ever asks many questions about what happened to earth. It's like, "only one valley left, it's ours. And, we aren't interested in knowing why everyone is all Lord of the Flies down here." "Blood filled room I just dropped in, not worried about it."
  12. I used to work for an airline post-9/11. There are circumstances, like a captain's retirement, where people who aren't passengers are allowed at the gate. At least when I worked there the parent of an unaccompanied minor could get a pass as well.
  13. I am not a fan of this twist. Particularly with so few people left. I believe the last time Ciree played she was voted out because there were so many immunity idols floating around she was the only person they could vote for. Had the teams sorted out differently where Donathan was with Wendall's group and someone else like Michael had won immunity they conceivably could have only been left with one person who could be voted out. That's not very exciting.
  14. I thought the creepy AI guy looked like the scientist that got killed in the movie Independence Day. Much better episode IMO than all the other ones this season. Although I thought they carried the joke about Jared's lips on too long.
  15. There's a little truth to it. When Microsoft was selling the Zune they were pushing employees to ditch their iPods. Most people would buy 3rd party headphones to hide it. There were some local articles about it I can't find anymore but the whole story kind of funny. https://www.wired.com/2005/02/hide-your-ipod-here-comes-bill/
  16. True story. A few years ago I was in a meeting with some of Microsoft's real estate people and a guy I was working with whipped out a tablet and pulled up a Google Street View photo of the property we were talking about.
  17. You're explaining the joke, which means it wasn't really that funny.
  18. Right, but didn't she also have a play area built next to her office for her kids? I'm a twin dad. I don't think anyone I know would relate to her experience, since I'm sure she had a full time nanny.
  19. I didn't find Jian Yang's story interesting at all. So, he's going to pretend Ehrlich is dead by buying a fat, white guys body in Cincinnati then shipping it to China and back. What about that is funny? Then he wants to steal his house and 10% in PiedPiper? It was a little funny that whatever her name is had a kid and was back in the office the same day. Because it was rediculous. The funniest part of the episode IMO was Richard buying a ton of pizza to force the other CEO out of business. The puke joke fell flat for me. As did the gulping in the florescent lit room. This show can be better than it is being. His best scene was buying out the pizza app. I don't think he's coming back. I really want to like this show. But, the writing hasn't been great recently. I find Gavin much more interesting than anyone else.
  20. They can't just start this almost 7 years after they closed the hatch. Clark said they tried to dig out the bunker, so I'd like to see at least some explanation for the other nightblood, how things went in the bunker and how things were on the ring. Not terribly interested in seeing a season full of flashbacks of the Ring and people eating algae for 5+ years. Or, how Bellamy managed to not father 5 children while they were out there. Seems like it would be hard to bring these 3 groups together right away. 1200 people living in a bunker for 5 years aren't probably going to care too much for Clark after her being away for 6+years. Regardless of her reputation.
  21. I realize it's been a while since anyone has posted on this thread. But, I'm binge watching this all on Netflix now and your comment rings true. The writing doesn't just ask you to suspend reality to enjoy the show, it's like the writers think we're idiots. It's things like why even have solar panels on the truck and pretend it's an electric vehicle then when they turn it on you hear a diesel engine. Or, why only briefly say in the second to last episode of the season that they don't have a way to grow food at ALIE's bunker after half a season of showing us how pristine it is after making it through the nuclear war?
  22. I feel like this should be called Survivor: Doppelganger. I thought Wendell looks a lot like Donald Glover too. I'm with Sadie.
  23. Libby, who I had no idea who she was until voting started, looks like Elizabeth Hasselbeck when she played.
  24. I agree with them hamming it up a bit with the shifting. These guys all probably have at least one reasonably old car with a manual transmission. Big fan of seeing the old sports cars as well. No power steering, brakes, and those tires were probably 15 or 16s.
  25. Really enjoyed the fog part of the episode. Jeremy running into the folks that were either following the production crew or just got caught up in what they were doing. Hard to believe how hard the old cars were to shift. I've driven some old '50s era trucks and never ground the hell out of the gears. But, I thought the line about how cars today, 60 years later, are only 4 seconds faster was great. If I had to choose, I'd probably pick one of those old racing cars over a new rice rocket. And, what a car collection Sting's drummer has!
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