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  1. AllisonWonderland

    S02.E06: James B.'s Story

    So, Dr. Lola was deeeeeefinitely flirting with ol' LB, right?
  2. AllisonWonderland

    S06.E03: Alicia's Story LIVE CHAT

    Oh fantastic! My next step is DHT blocking shampoo that my endocrinologist recommended: https://www.amazon.com/PURA-DOR-Prevention-Premium-Packaging/dp/B0079R6BD2 There's a, like, all-botanical-y version.....? of this same brand that doesn't have the DHT blockers in it, but this one actually has the magic crap that is supposed to treat the follicles rather than just "creating a healthy scalp environment" or whatever. The bullet points on the back label will include "DHT Blocking" in the top item if it's the right stuff.
  3. AllisonWonderland

    S06.E03: Alicia's Story LIVE CHAT

    Ooof, I am hella sorry to hear that. Mine is just vanity but yours is actually related to a real illness. Sending positive, healthy thoughts over to you, friend.
  4. AllisonWonderland

    S06.E03: Alicia's Story LIVE CHAT

    Yuuuuuup. I just lost 60 pounds, and about half of my thick, gorgeous hair. I've been binging on Viviscal and biotin trying to get it to start thickening back up again but nothing is really happening yet and I'm starting to get despondent :(
  5. AllisonWonderland

    S02.E09: Where Do We Go From Here?

    We did it a weird way--we were long distance for the duration of our "courting" relationship and changed our plan at the very last second. He lived in the UK and I was finishing college in the US, and every school break I'd go there for a few weeks or he'd come over to stay with me. When we decided to get married, he had originally applied for a K1 visa to come to the US, but the process was taking So! Long! and I was all ready to graduate and we still hadn't been approved, so we applied for visa with the UK as well, just in case. We decided we'd make a little race out of it--if the UK came through first, we'd get married here and pick up and move to London, and if the K1 came through first, we'd carry on with the original plan. Well, lo and behold, the UK one got approved almost immediately, so he flew over with his mother, we got married at the courthouse, sent my passport off for my visa processing, and packed up all of my crap and sent it off to London! We lived there together for a few years, so by the time we decided to come back to the US, we were well established as spouses, so it was a piece of cake to get him all set up with his paperwork--and you're probably right, that was probably a huge factor in his staying, because he came over as a spouse, not as a finance. As someone who has been through it as well, though, I'm sure you go through the same annoyances that I do about how the people on this show seem to understand the 90 days as a continued "trying on" period, when that is NOT the intention. The point of the 90 days is to give couples a teeny bit of leeway with wedding planning so they don't have to get straight off the plane and run right down the aisle! It isn't an extended trial to make sure you really want to go through with it, friends; you should have absolutely 500% decided that well before you've filed the paperwork and done all of the interviews and begun the 90 days. The three months is a little wiggle room to allow for things like sleeping off jetlag, getting acclimated to your new home country, final wedding arrangements, etc, before one of the biggest days of your lives. It also gives the couple adequate notice to provide friends and family who may be travelling to attend the wedding; can you imagine if they got their approval and then had a week to get married? That would be insane, just logistically speaking. It makes perfect sense that there is a little time built in before the deadline, but the purpose is being misconstrued by this show. The way these people treat the process--like this is one last chance to feel things out and decide if they want to bail--really rubs me wrong because it just shows a fundamental (and possibly willful) misunderstanding of the way it is intended to work, and their abuse of the system is what made things take so freakin' long for the rest of us who were doing it right. Grumble grumble.
  6. AllisonWonderland

    S02.E09: Where Do We Go From Here?

    My ex husband is British and we separated not long after we moved back to the US. We remain good friends and he was able to stay because we filed a no-fault divorce (or something to that effect, I forgot what the exact terminology is) and proved that it was a marriage made in good faith with the expectation of full life together when we moved. Maybe it was easier because he wasn't from a typically scammy country, but it does happen and he's still here 7 years later!
  7. AllisonWonderland

    S01.E02: Going the Distance

    I wonder if their shared religious/cultural heritage has something to do with that. They and their families will already "speak the same language" in a lot of ways, more than, say, a Muslim man from Tunisia and a divorced mother of 4 (?) from Ohio. There was probably a lot less "in MY culture..." to have to explain between Loren and Alexi, and even when differences were present, I imagine it was less of an obstacle because the differences were not as foreign and overwhelming as the differences that Nicole and Azan would have encountered, for instance.
  8. AllisonWonderland

    S04.E05: Twin Terrors

    Hey, I went to high school with Liberty! I barely knew her as I was two or so years older, but I recognized her right from the "coming up on..." bit before she introduced herself. She, independent of our hometown connection, was one of the loveliest people who has ever been on this show and I wish that everyone was as sweet, knowledgeable, and just *normal* as she was. She's just a pretty, good-natured, regular girl who healed badly from a previous revision surgery, who wasn't trying to be a bikini model or human Barbie but just someone that was trying to get back to her normal life. She seemed like a great patient, and you could tell that she'd done her homework, answering the doctors' little quiz questions with the correct answers--it's so nice to see someone who not only ISN'T undoing an "I got greedy!" boob job but actually has done research, and studied, and who clearly really values the procedure as more than just a way to be "like, totally hottttt!!!!" Sure the disasters and the heartwarming drama cases are fun to watch, but segments like Liberty's are a really nice palate (sorry) cleanser every now and again. More like this, please! :D
  9. AllisonWonderland

    S05.E22: Where Are They Now? Laura and Chay LIVE CHAT

    So wait, y'all said that this is the season finale, but I thought we were getting a follow-up ep about the twins....? I am going to be super disappointed if we don't see what's going on with them!!
  10. AllisonWonderland

    S05.E22: Where Are They Now? Laura and Chay LIVE CHAT

    As soon as Chay said "I decided Lola wasn't right for me so I went back to Chay", the mod posted to say that it was totally cool to use Chay as it was her preferred name, because using her preferred nomenclature and pronouns is what was most important. I don't think that is an unreasonable ask ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  11. AllisonWonderland

    S05.E22: Where Are They Now? Laura and Chay LIVE CHAT

    Ew, really? Good riddance.
  12. AllisonWonderland

    All Episodes Talk: Celebrating Diversity

    Can I just tell you all how excited I am to have my tv boyfriend <3 Mariano<3 back on my screen? Meeeee-yow. And it looks like my DVR recorded TWO episodes tonight--hooray!!
  13. AllisonWonderland

    S05.E15: Lupe & Ashley D LIVE CHAT

    Ok, I'm a few minutes behind the broadcast, fast forwarding through the commercials to catch up a bit at a time, but HOW THE HELL DID NONE OF YOU COMMENT ON THE SWISHER HANGING FROM HIS HAT AT THE FIRST APPOINTMENT WITH DR. NOW?!?! I was expecting to get to that part of the episode and find a wall of comments about what a garbage person he is. Like, I have known very few people who have ever smoked those as actual cigars; they are pretty much universally used as "blunt wraps" for weed..... And weed is fine and all, but I honestly cannot believe he just casually shows up for a dang medical appointment with a blingin' ass Swisher just staring everyone in the face. Gross.
  14. AllisonWonderland

    S05.E14: Steven and Justin's Story Part 2

    Oh! Chay (the trans woman from last season, I think?) just posted to say that she was filming this weekend and to wish her luck, so maybe she's getting skin surgery or something..... Yay!
  15. AllisonWonderland

    S05.E14: Steven and Justin's Story Part 2

    He's got a streaming video pointing up at his face (from a *terribly* unflattering low angle) and people are posting comments in a live-stream fashion as he talks. He's responding to the comments and the comments are responding to him--some are asking questions, others are being kind of weird and flirtatious, etc. He just said something weird about how he wishes Trump was there...? And one of the commenters is apparently someone he used to bully in the past and he just gave her a strange round-about apology-ish thing and said he's not looking for her friendship or forgiveness. He's seemingly choosing to skip over questions about his relationship with his brother and about Princess so far, other than to say that Justin hasn't gotten surgery yet. Tanisha from earlier in the season is posting in the comments as well.