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  1. domina89

    S06.E013: The Blood of Sanctum

    Yes and that didn't go well at all... 😕
  2. domina89

    S06.E013: The Blood of Sanctum

    They weren't living in actual peace, but the world the Primes created was the perception of a peaceful society.
  3. domina89

    S06.E013: The Blood of Sanctum

    It reminded me of The X-Files because, similar to that series, it's the idea that those in power think that people "believing the lie" of their situation is better than if they know the truth. And similarly, Russell and the Primes (like CSM on TXF) like to play God and make those decisions for the people instead of allowing them to make decisions for themselves. Jordan was correct in that they were living in peace, but they were also living in ignorance and having their choices made for them- so which is better? There were hits and misses this season, but I do like some of the overall ethical questions they put out there.
  4. domina89

    S06.E012: Adjustment Protocol

    I think it's kinda cool that the primes wear jewelry on their foreheads and Gabriel, who resists being a prime but is one anyway, has a tuft of gray hair near the same area. It's like he's marked as a prime regardless of how he rebels against it. I'd like to add my thanks to @TARYN74 and @QUARKS as well. The Murphy/Emori thing was making me crazy trying to sort it out.
  5. I wonder if they fixed it back up and left it that way. That mall could make a fortune just charging admission to tour the dead wing! Can you imagine renting it for an 80's party? So much fun!
  6. Maybe that was thrown in to illustrate how very little Steve actually knows about Robin or noticed her in school if she graduated with him but he hasn't even realized it.
  7. domina89

    S03.E04: Chapter Four: The Sauna Test

    Why did pod-Billy even go back to his lifeguard job in the first place? I can't imagine the Mind Flayer being more worried about Billy's job status than the pain the sun can inflict on him through his minions.
  8. So the 80's movie references and homages were plentiful this season. Day of the Dead, Jurassic Park (not really 80's but close enough), Terminator, Rambo, Neverending Story, Aliens, The Lost Boys (the shots of the fair reminded me of the Santa Carla boardwalk), Back to the Future, Red Dawn, Gremlins, and all the movies referenced by Steve and Robin during their interview at the video store. Any more I missed? ETA: I forgot Karate Kid!
  9. domina89

    S03.E04: Chapter Four: The Sauna Test

    /\ THIS x 100!!! I was amazed that she actually knew how to parent at all based on what we've seen so far.
  10. domina89

    S06.E05: The Gospel of Josephine

    I am really liking this season so far. It feels like it has been reinvigorated in a good way. I personally think the original personalities of the body snatched may still be in there but no one really knows because the primes have never given up their new bodies to find out. I'm basing this on what Delilah said to Jordan about not letting her become "a face behind the glass." That implies she may still be in there but dormant. I think they may be able to recover them somehow but Abby needs to get her act together in order to be useful. I'm also wondering if this will tie in with Marcus somehow? Perhaps they will learn how to transplant his consciousness into someone else (because his body is trashed) and maybe Gabriel will be willing to help them? He may be willing to help Clarke as well but will be conflicted since Josephine is his ex.
  11. domina89

    S06.E04: The Face Behind the Glass

    I thought that was Gabriel, the (now old) guy that is fighting against the Primes? If so, Josephine probably wants him dead and will try to use Clarke's body to get the job done.
  12. domina89

    S08.E06: The Iron Throne

    That's why they needed Jon, because Drogon would have roasted anyone else. Tyrion and Bran both knew this. Unfortunately Tyrion guilted (or frightened, maybe?) Jon into playing his part. I have to hand it to them, they pulled off a near perfect coup. Westeros deserves them.
  13. domina89

    S08.E06: The Iron Throne

    I honestly wish I could just let this go, but the more I think about Tyrion orchestrating Jon into being the fall guy instead of having the guts to take Dany out himself, the angrier I get. He's mad at Dany for torching KL and for the death of his siblings (even though they actually died due to their own bad choices), so he works it out to take out both Jon and Dany and set himself up nicely in the process. I am almost to the point of believing the conversation he had with Bran while at Winterfell were the two of them plotting. Bran knew what Dany was going to do, he saw it ahead of time and we know this because we saw glimpses of KL in his visions. And then NO ONE brings up the fact that Jon is the rightful heir to the throne during the impromptu king selection even though at least 5 of them present knew about it? I wish Jon had just thrown his lot in with Dany and taken his chances- at least she wanted him by her side, unlike his ungrateful "friends" and siblings. And on another note, if the Night's Watch still exists, shouldn't Sam be forced to return as well? I seem to recall him taking some vows in front of a heart tree...
  14. domina89

    S08.E06: The Iron Throne

    One positive thing I will say is that I liked the symmetry of the series beginning with the rangers from the Night's Watch coming through the gate to go beyond the wall and then the series closing with Jon and the wildlings doing the same thing.
  15. domina89

    S08.E06: The Iron Throne

    So not that it really matters now, but anyone have any guesses as to the line from book one that hinted at/predicted the ending?