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  1. I think she IS on meds-illegal ones. One look at her and I knew she was stoned and crazy
  2. Is this going to be the whole freakin season-about the dog?? Dorkus messed up and should never be allowed to have another animal. She is a pretentious Twit (spelled with an A). I despise Erika! She really things she is all that-NOT!
  3. Yuck, creepy,gross! Made me throw up a little in my mouth. Ankle bracelet??? Too cheap or broke for a ring? Or is that the Cult's way?
  4. With all that land- Move Matt away at the other end! If you are no longer liking it there then buy a new place and make your own memories. I feel she is so Paranoid she will be cheated. So, get some Realtors in and get some Quotes and then show the info in Matt's face. Not to be mean but is Amy getting bigger? Her butt looked really big.f
  5. Proper kilt wear- They must of got theirs from Billy Bobs Desert Kilts and Camel rides
  6. Blah,blah,blah,blah STFU Robyn. Such a superior attitude for a twit like you. There! I said it!
  7. I read she is paying almost $4000 a month for it
  8. Just my opinion- Kilts are not worn that short. They just just cover the knee. Most men wear it just above the top of the socks. Why oh why can these women not find clothes that fir or look flattering??? Wearing a dress that clings to every lump and bump is not classy or flattering!
  9. Good grief how sheltered are these people? I prefer - How ignorant are these people?
  10. A woman I know in Vegas has a son who is a Realtor. They had super high mortgages on the homes and when the the show is over- no money. They couldn't afford to live in Vegas anymore. They took a huge hit on them.
  11. Just looking at the rooms made me sneeze. Everything would smell like old sweat ant cat pee.
  12. Totally agree! Do they think so little of themselves that all they want is a Humpty Dumpty for a mate?
  13. Do you have any idea how freakin cold it is there? And wet? Jer reminds me of Forest Gump sometimes Yes please! Yes Please!!
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