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  1. Wow he was vile! And he insulted my alma mater, Fordham Law.
  2. I just realized that the actress who plays the mom next door played Barbara Jean on Reba! I happened to catch Reba reruns this morning. I may have watched a few episodes when it was first on but I would not have made this connection had I not seen her outrageous mugging just this morning.
  3. So they waited to the coming attractions to tease this. But it has been in character threads. Hope this is okay to post.
  4. Jen thought he wanted dessert because he really wanted to hit on Heather. I did not agree.
  5. No he wouldn’t have used cache. But I suppose the words have the same root/etymology.
  6. Jen thought he wanted dessert because he really wanted to hit on Heather. I did not agree.
  7. Jen’s fall off the bar at the shoe store was legit scary. Drunk plus high heels equals danger. That free promo for the shoe store was too obvious even for a Real Housewives show.
  8. @LibertarianSlut The original NoMad hotel is in NYC. Stands for North of Madison Square.
  9. That medium was a typical phony. You could see the prepared research info roll out. I’m surprised they didn’t get the Long Island medium! that fight between Bria and Lexi was awful. Still dubious about their money. I can’t believe mom called Mike’s money hiding places a coochie. She did not get the meaning when the producer asked her.
  10. She did yell this but it’s likely to turn out to be out of context.
  11. Wow they teased the cocaine story that has already been all over the news at the very end.
  12. Can somebody explain the bizarre exchange between braunwynn and Elizabeth about how Elizabeth lies. And why BW is talking to E’s ex? I am confused.
  13. Didn’t she have a lazy Susan? Can’t have a centerpiece with that.
  14. I'm done with Dr. Phil. I had not watched for years, and I tuned in for a couple. Same problems. Never any resolution, distorted story telling, never any followup. I was looking forward to the hoarding episode, but it was terrible. This was the reason I stopped watching years ago. He gets people on the hot seat, but it is only an initial surface exploration of the problem.
  15. I just watched it based on the discussion here. It was as good as a Murder She Wrote episode. And great cast.
  16. More Sidney Poitier: Guess Who's Coming to Dinner is kind of silly. No comparison to In the Heat of the Night, made same year. I did not recognize Weezy Jefferson (Isabel Sanford) as the angry Black maid!
  17. Why is it not a rule to have names on the screen at all times? These people are always indistinguishable. I FF'd through the entire porn scene. Ugh. I FF'd through a lot more. Got the gist.
  18. You could do worse as a Martin Luther King Day offering than In the Heat of The Night. I really didn’t remember a thing about this, as I saw it in 1967 at the age of 12, and I would not have appreciated all its nuances. Wow, this was a powerful film.
  19. Episode 8 is on demand now. It was supposedly aired a month ago. I’m watching now.
  20. We knew we had seen this before from the description so we didn’t watch. Why don’t they just say rerun?
  21. I thought it was a good episode, but the conviction ended up depending on provoking the guy into a meltdown. And maybe they didn't ever know where they were going with that. A lot of luck.
  22. Sorry to hear it’s not going to continue, but not surprised given the pandemic. I thought it was a well done episode that demonstrated well the frustrations for someone like Garrett.
  23. John Waters is an amazing character. He has a special place in my heart. In 1974 my husband and I attended a midnight show of Pink Flamingoes on our first date. Crazy college kids.
  24. In the movie Moonstruck the big joke was that the father was a plumber and that’s how they afforded their giant Brooklyn brownstone. Well, anyway, I hope they are okay. I don’t know that there is a market for selling a plumbing contractor business. It’s more an income business. You are always looking for new clients. You may get repeat business from clients who always have to call you for their leaky faucet or clogged toilet . The bigger money is in construction projects. If he made a lot of money along the way, they may have savings. Maybe they can hire someone to run it. My father ran a lucrative tree service when I was growing up but it was not something we could sell.
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