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  1. GussieK


    I have one HUGE question. How come they were carrying guns? We are used to watching episodes where they approach dangerous situations unarmed, as supposedly British coppers are always unarmed. Obviously they came prepared, but how was that arranged? There was no exposition for the Yanks to understand what might be common knowledge to the British viewers.
  2. GussieK


    I think people watch questionable torrent downloads at the time they are shown in the UK. They seem to have them saved, as they are referring to rewatch. I don’t think there is any other way to do it. When I have asked this question before the answers are always like that. There are some people who know how to do this, but I am not one of them. Incidentally, I see that original Morse is available on Britbox, which I have as an add on to Prime. Since I’ve never seen it, now I can have some fun summer viewing. I started by watching Lewis, which made sense on its own. Since I liked it I then started watching Endeavor, which also was fine as a stand-alone.
  3. GussieK

    All Episodes Talk: Crime And Punishment

    I think tonight’s episode was a rerun. Not sure though. Anyway, another one of those sicko custody related murders.
  4. GussieK


    I barely made it through the intro. Too much for me.
  5. The Prom is fun all around. I highly recommend. Dancing is great, and it's funny.
  6. I saw it. He was good. Reptilian. Agreed. I never liked the movie Tootsie, and I was really in the minority there. So I wouldn't even bother with this musical. The singiing sounded kind of off key, too.
  7. Hey, I even want to see King Kong. So sue me.
  8. GussieK

    Jeopardy! Season 35 (2018-2019)

    Emma is a great player so it was an exciting match. I hope she stays around for awhile. I was spoiled in the middle of the night with a phone news flash about the leak. Long before it aired even those morning markets. Oh well. I was expecting a spoiler. I knew there would be no way people wouldn’t want to leak if they were paid or just for the thrill of doing it.
  9. GussieK

    S04.E10: New Year's Day

    Yes to this! I hate this type of clunky exposition, and I have inveighed against it before in these forums. No one ever has this type of conversation IRL with the person who participated in the event. But they do it all the time in live theater, usually less on TV. Ugh.
  10. GussieK

    S04.E11: Lamster

    I just watched it too. It doesn't really leak. They just release it for Showtime On Demand at midnight Sunday morning. Showtime does this with other shows, like The Affiair. This was a better episode than previous few. Good for Wendy telling the truth. It felt right for her.
  11. GussieK

    Love, Gilda (CNN)

    I really liked this. It's very close to my heart. I was in college when SNL started, and we all loved Gilda. Then I worked in women'a magazines, and she was a women's magazine topic staple, with the misdiagnosis of her disease and the difficulty of diagnosing it until too late. Then I was diagnosed with the same disease! Ten years ago, also late stage, but I am doing better because of advances in treatment. We have BRCA gene mutations. If we had been tested earlier, we could have had preventive surgeries (Ashkenazi Jewish backgrounds--now recommend testing). They didn't show this, but she also dated Martin Short when she was really young. Then I think HIS wife also died of OC.
  12. Just spotted this topic. In the last two weeks I saw nominees Prom--fantastic--and Ink--also pretty good. Anyone else?
  13. GussieK

    All Episodes Talk: Crime And Punishment

    I actually thought myself that he must have recognized them. I did not think it was self-importance on their part. If you had committed a murder and were hiding it for 25 years, you'd probably know all the details from the time, the TV news broadcasts, interviews with friends. It would stick in your mind who these people were. He was obviously one cool cucumber. As for Dagger, yeah, I guessed he was married when they first described the relationship. I agree, she was probably hiding it from her friends bc she was embarrassed. She probably had had enough and coincidentally broke up with him about that time. Then he came looking for her that day--odd. It was no surprise that she had never brought him around the school.
  14. GussieK

    Good Girls

    Well, I said it was crazy LOL. But the crazy thought crossed my mind. It's like you can interpret their interaction as the exchange between two individuals who have made a deal with the devil to work together. Rio is a cooperating informant or something.
  15. These trips always produce an injury or disaster. Scary Island, Luann’s face plant in Mexico (not sure of location). Now it looks like Sonja has a concussion. This wasn’t wacky fun Sonja. Earlier in the season Sonja looked like she was staying sober and sounded sane. Then something happened to make her flip out. I’ve never seen anything like last night. On another note, were they really trying to get Luann to stop using the Jovanni joke to spare Dorinda’s feelings? Come on. It’s comedy, and moreover Dorinda deserved it.