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  1. Friday's episode: yet another custody situation. Another model parent. She wasn't convicted of the murder because they gave her immunity! But she was convicted of dealing drugs, using her teenage daughter (not the daughter of the murder victim). The second wife of victim ended up raising both girls.
  2. No, she has not spoken to them in many years. She moved back in with them in her teen years, then left after a year and a half. Married very young and had four kids. She felt that Mrs. Twigg was overbearing. and troubled--probably true. Bob Mays died in 2012. Mr. and Mrs. Twigg got divorced. The Twiggs say they would love to speak to her. She says she might speak to them but is not ready now. She essentially says that she doesn't know what to do with herself. She was not parented. Also for a while she worked as a stripper and lost custody of her kids. That was not shown in detail. Probably one could read up on it.
  3. Yes, I just finished watching. I remember the original story vividly, but had no idea of the sad intervening years. I hope Kimberly can find some peace.
  4. Can you imagine a show like this on network television today? Wow.
  5. John Simon sounds just like Mr. Vadas in The Shop Around the Corner! Same accent and oily delivery.
  6. Thanks for the recommendation. I found it on YouTube and I’m watching now. Kind of a blurry pre-HD copy.
  7. I caught the last half of HM Pulham Esq. today. It occurred to me that the story (based on a novel) was just a ripoff of The Age of Innocence.
  8. Oh, that’s a real favorite of mine. Saw it when it came out and maybe once since.
  9. Thanks for remindIng us about all those other amazing cast members. I loved baby Christopher Walken.
  10. I found it cringey exasperating as well. I turned it off halfway through.
  11. I knew a similar amount going in, and that's all. Did not ruin it.
  12. Aida Turturro is also related. She played the first judge! Oh, someone else just posted the same thing!
  13. What the heck was this mess? So this is the long-awaited "Jeffrey Epstein" episode. We see Pete Campbell die in a cell in the first scene, so we know he has to end up back there. So why do we need a kidnapping of Rollins? The judge essentially ruled that statutory rape laws were unconstitutional. Isn't that going to get an appeal and a great deal of attention from the public? He was not acquitted. The charge was dismissed, so it wouldn't be double jeopardy.
  14. It’s very good. I saw a screening in NYC two weeks ago where Baumbach even showed up for the intro. This is to thank Netflix for saving the theater in which we saw the film. I liked ScarJo even.
  15. Agree totally. Fantastic movie and try to know little before going in. Must see.
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