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  1. GussieK

    S04.E09: East/West

    Throughout the episode I was getting Last Picture Show vibes with the black and white film and all the wind blowing, until the tornado. Then I realized it was also Wizard of Oz.
  2. Hey, I was going to say this was an improvement on some of her recent dresses! I don't mind the two new agents. But yes, it's sort of a mess.
  3. I thought this was a good case, a decent mystery. But no one was wearing masks this time. Maybe they are giving Covid a pass. How is it that Deeks is still running a bar when bars are closed? Why is Deeks being taken off the team? Are we to assume that Eric has left the show? I like having Nell run the team. Fewer silly shenanigans.
  4. Leave Her to Heaven is great. My guilty pleasure is The Mating Season. Which has the advantage of Thelma Ritter.
  5. I found it boring and draggy. I don't want to watch every iteration. I want the TL;DR version.
  6. I thought it was pretty funny how Lisa's husband was drifting off as she droned on and on about Tequila-gate.
  7. Million dollar hair care business and a beauty school and he wears that insane wig?
  8. Photos show it on 128th st. It’s not a temple though. Just a regular local branch for weekly services. The NYC temple (the one where you have to be a member in good standing to enter to perform the weird rituals) is in an ugly converted office building across from Lincoln Center! I walk past it all the time.
  9. I can’t stop watching but I’m really grossed out.
  10. Grace is such a dope to go to the cops without a lawyer. Also, Hugh Grant showed a real propensity for violence at the prison. Maybe he's not so namby pamby.
  11. Someone asked about divorce earlier. I am not an authority, but I know that if you have a Temple marriage, you are supposedly sealed for eternity. There's a lot of hypocrisy, as people do get divorced, and sometimes remarried, but no one really explains what happens to the spouse you were sealed with . . . Marie Osmond was married, got divorced, married someone else, then they got divorced, and she remarried the first husband!!! You can tell I watch too much TV of all kinds.
  12. I don't think you'd see any real active Mormons on this show. The one who is the convert from Judaism and sells tequilas--she's already on thin ice, as they're not allowed to drink. That's why she's calling herself Mormon 2.0. I've been interested in the Mormons for years, as I am interested in cults. This started when I read a long piece in the New Yorker about 35 years ago that explained their ancestry research and proxy baptisms. (That's why we have Ancestry.com.) I've seen the famous South Park episode. I have not seen the Book of Mormon. I follow an exMormon thread on Reddit. Last year the "prophet" announced that they could no longer call themselves Mormons. They have to spell out the whole name: member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. This is another one of the quirky beliefs/customs of this "high demand" religion. They are kept busy constantly with meetings and tasks. Don't forget they have to tithe. That's why I don't think any serious practicing Mormons would appear on this show. The Bishop would get to them and they might lose their Temple recommend. There's a lot of judgmentalism. I have been to SLC twice to visit someone who used to live there. I visited Temple Square and saw all the stuff they use to try to proselytize to visitors. Beautiful scenery, really just amazing. If you love skiing, you would not believe how quickly you can get to the magnificent slopes.
  13. I’m in. This is OTT already. Just what I hoped for.
  14. He looks a lot like a chubbier Peter Jacobson, I have to agree. Ironically, he is also playing a doctor on that new kidney transplant sitcom. B Positive.
  15. Time for another curiosity. Yes, watch Tamahine, if you dare. It’s a cross between The Major and the Minor and Lolita, if Lolita were a Polynesian/English nymphet played by a hapless Nancy Kwan, then twenty-three years old or so. Cringe-inducing hijinks ensue when Kwan as said Polynesian is sent to a British boys’ school to stay with her uncle and learn some civilized behaviors. Instead she creates chaos by naively prancing about in her underwear and wondering why all the boys haven’t had women yet. I only stuck with it for about ten minutes. Poor Nancy Kwan couldn’t catch a break, it seems, after her earliest successes.
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