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  1. Speaking of Sue Grafton, Don’t you hate it when your favorite series authors die or stop writing? My husband and I always liked to listen to the Grafton and Jack Reacher novels on our long car rides. We may have found a successor to Reacher. My friend just recommended the Peter Ash series by Nick Petrie. Also about a returned vet. We got part way through the first book, The Drifter, today and yesterday. Very good so far. We still like the Michael Connelly Bosch books.
  2. My high school graduation was in Forest Park! Jamaica High School. Class of 72.
  3. So glad someone else noticed. I was just coming here to post. I watched a bunch of these last night and some of them ran together with the typecasting of the JDs, but I found them interesting and enjoyable.
  4. I don’t think that was the same use of beard I’m describing. I thought Both Anisha and Dillon were using “beard game strong” to describe a beard style they found attractive in the men they would date. I’d like to know what that would look like. Dillon is openly gay.
  5. Please explain “beard game strong.” Is it some style of beard? I don’t find beards attractive so I don’t get it. It was pretty funny when Anisha was tricked into revealing her endless list of date qualifications. What was up with her odd pompadour hairstyle? Not attractive. Especially with those upper sideburns still peeking out.
  6. I grew up in Queens in the 50s and 60s. I watched a documentary about the early Beatles a couple of years ago and the funniest thing was hearing some young girls outside the Ed Sullivan Show gushing over the Fab Four in the thickest NY accents. You just don’t hear those accents anymore. I taught myself to lose it.
  7. Why is Leah wearing a tutu? That broker was on the first season of Million Dollar Listing.
  8. But I wouldn’t mind if they kept her adorable dog.
  9. Any baby shower is a pet peeve of mine. The gift openings seem to get longer and longer.
  10. I followed the NY case closely and watched the Showtime series. She was actually not a guard but rather she ran the tailoring shop where the inmates worked manufacturing uniforms. So in both cases the women were around the inmates all day with opportunities for fraternization and flirting, that is, manipulation by the inmates. Maybe they really shouldn’t allow women in these jobs.
  11. Especially since he was already quite thin!
  12. It sounds like Toby’s life went off the rails when her daughter died. Marriages often break up during such times. Here they stayed together to raise the other kids but it seems like it was an empty life. Was Manard manipulative? Probably. But it might not have worked if she had been in a happy relationship. I can see how the sons would not talk to her. Some people in their position cannot forgive. They see it as a betrayal of the other close family member who is a victim. I had never heard of this case, although it apparently attracted lots of publicity.
  13. If it’s not too off topic, the In the Heights movie is absolutely wonderful.
  14. I’m checking out some of the Cyd Charisse movies. Next up, Party Girl, directed by Nicolas Ray, of all people. Also he was so gorgeous.
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