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  1. I live in NYC, and at the time, the Dylan story was very heavily publicized on local TV and in local tabloids. You couldn't escape it. I wonder if you live elsewhere and the story was less central.
  2. This reminds me of the Duggars! Too many children, and using the older ones to take care of the younger, while the parents get narcissistic satisfaction. Did you notice that Soon-Yi was frequently shown holding younger kids, like a babysitter? The Duggars used their oldest daughters that way. It appears that Soon-Yi was relegated to second class citizen, like an au pair, making her ripe for exploitation by Allen. And let’s not forget that the Duggars had their own sex abuse scandal.
  3. Same here for me. I just never heard of her either. I looked up her jewelry, and it seems middle of the road. How could she have a billion-dollar company with that?
  4. Crossover opportunity: bring back Tabitha Coffey! Let her read Bria the riot act.
  5. GussieK

    Emma (2020)

    I'd have to say that Mr. Woodhouse is actually more like Mrs. Bennet. She's always complaining about her "nerves." I love the 1995 BBC series of Pride and Prejudice; it's my favorite version. I also like the 1940 movie with Greer Garson and Laurence Olivier, even though it departs somewhat from the book.
  6. Oh, god, I wore those as a little tyke in the late fifties. They were all gathered like bloomers at the bottom with string ties at the shoulders.
  7. This guy was creeping me out in the promos and I didn’t want to devote so much time to it, so I’m glad you guys were able to provide me the info.
  8. I came here to post about tankinis also. You guys beat me. That suit looked ridiculous and seemed difficult to maneuver. I’m interested in the souper cubes. They seem to be a great improvement on my existing plastic containers, which sometimes get damaged in the freezer and done offer the convenience of popping out the food and stacking neatly. Lori was right to call it a hero product. I’d love to try those sauces.
  9. I was watching with half an eye while doing other stuff. At the end, did I really hear correctly that Kat would be a pariah because she helped bring down a cop rapist? Come on, surely the blue line would not extend to that. Ugh. They said if she called for backup no one would show up? That's insane, and would also put the public at risk.
  10. I found the last episode fascinating, and the whole series was good. that's all I've got.
  11. Maybe Jen could rent out that house for weddings. It looks almost as big as Oheka Castle.
  12. Airing February 23, 2021 Overwhelmed, overworked and over it, Lexi reaches her breaking point; Jen realizes everyone needs a pick-me-up and plans a glamping trip for the staff; before they leave, Lexi gets a cuckoo request for a set of talking bird nails.
  13. Airing February 16, 2021 As Lexi takes a rare break from work to go on a blind date, Bria and Matt move into their new home; Lexi's client has a big request for artwork-inspired nails that has Jen and Lexi heading to New York City for an eye-popping gallery event.
  14. I posted something about Kody’s hair in the live chat but just then the thread was locked so I didn’t get any answers. What’s with Kody’s new hair? Last year he was almost completely bald. Now he has lots of curls and a normal hairline. What is it? Extensions? Transplants? Wig or hair system?
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