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  1. It was Soledad O’Brien, not Savannah Guthrie. However I agree that they were good guests. Soledad is very smart.
  2. GussieK


    Yes, they wrote it very well. Javi and the sister showed up as entitled jerks but revealed themselves almost right away to be very different. That's what makes it a good show, unlike the other show with Fran Drescher, where the broke parents never redeem themselves and continue to act like idiots.
  3. GussieK


    I didn’t like last nights episode as much as others but I still really like the show. Count me in the group that is sorry to see it canceled.
  4. We figured out how to show it on the TV with Chromecast from the iPad.
  5. Wow, how many brain cells have I lost watching these idiots? And yet here I am.
  6. It’s showing on amazon prime.
  7. Ditto to what everyone else said, and here's something else. Sarah Weddington also used Norma. Norma never got to have an abortion and Weddington just needed a good plaintiff. That was cold when Weddington called Norma to say "aren't you excited?" As an attorney, I might have vetted my plaintiff a little better, but they were waiting for the right moment to strike and needed to act quickly, so they took someone with a lot of problems. I was just a college freshman when this case was decided. I lived in NY, where we already had legal abortion for two years. Overall, fascinating movie.
  8. Yes painfully unfunny. Bailed halfway through first ep. waste of great cast.
  9. I am only in the middle of ep 1 but I like Augie. Not sure where this is going. I was just checking out if there were any comments.
  10. That must just be a mistake. I think it's just a one-off miniseries based on the book.
  11. Thanks for these amazing links. Very good interview in the Inquirer. If you google you can find long ago coverage of the case in New York Magazine. This was apparently a big story here in NYC, but I didn't hear about it at the time.
  12. Thank you! I will check it out. Will be interested in what you think. Oh, I'm such a ditz, I had actually found that thread earlier and even posted something. Please excuse! Anyway, looks like no one was paying attention, so the more places it is mentioned the better.
  13. I am on a quest to get everyone on earth to watch the astounding documentary Rewind, on the PBS Independent Lens series. Is there a thread for that? I haven’t found one. You can currently watch it on the PBS web site. Very much like Three Identical Strangers, it depicts something horrible done to children, but in this case the filmmaker is one of the children now grown up. It’s astonishing because the filmmaker’s father is also a filmmaker and recorded so much footage during the children’s childhood that it makes the unique film possible. I don’t want to give more spoilers so you can see it unfold as a mystery. It has many layers, including insight into law enforcement and psychiatry for victims.
  14. I just discovered this thread. I see there’s not much activity. I do most of my crochet activity on Instagram and Reddit.
  15. What was the original post about. I can’t find it. I like Ghost World in the Thor Birch canon.
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