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  1. singsong

    Return to Bravo: Anticipation and Fears

    I caught the ending of season 4 this weekend also. It's been awhile since I watched a Bravo season and I couldn't believe I had forgotten how fantastic those finale runway shows were. It's amazing what the designers could produce when given a decent amount of time to actually design fashion, instead of hastily creating a few rags for the Lifetime productions. I have high hopes for the return of PR to Bravo. Here's hoping that we get a return to FASHION.
  2. singsong

    S08.E05: Pudding Week

    Every once in a while, GBBO really baffles this American. Steamed puddings? I've heard of them, never actually seen them. And now that I have - I don't understand why they are a thing. They look awful. But I don't understand the British love of meringues either. I'm enjoying this season more than I thought I would. They challenges seems very difficult so far, and I am liking the new hosts. I'm still on the fence about Prue though.
  3. singsong

    S02.E15: An Inconvenient Ruth

    You aren't the only one watching the show gibasi. But I agree, I am getting a little sick of Roger's insecurities and over-reactions. He needs to pull it back just a bit. Is Swoosie Kurtz staying with the show, or was this a one-off? I'm not sure how I feel about her, between her and Roger, I was rolling my eyes out of my head through most of this episode. I did enjoy Riggs getting smacked in the head. Bowman hitting the dark web, nervously.
  4. singsong

    S10.E24: The Long Distance Dissonance

    The opening and closing scenes in this episode were pretty perfect. I loved watching Amy tease Sheldon over grammar. Their relationship has become so adorable. And for it to end with Sheldon and a ring, I'm just thrilled.
  5. singsong


    I came across this purely by accident last night, and I really liked it. I'm not usually one for legal dramas, so this surprised me. Heigl was likable, and I got drawn in. Feels like a good cast and I hope the story lines don't cause me to roll my eyes too much. I'm in for the next few episodes to see how it all shakes out.
  6. singsong

    S11.E03: Monster High

    Great episode. I always love seeing the contestants doing work that isn't horror or sci-fi, as that gets some of them out of their comfort zones with sometimes unusual results. And I loved the addition of the focus group, more than I thought I would. It was to see a different point of view. I'm liking this season with the teams and non-elimination weeks. I'm glad Cig and George won - their makeup made me gasp. Those colors and her face were so pretty.
  7. singsong

    Superior Donuts

    This is such a great cast, and it has so much potential, but the writing is subpar. This episode seemed less forced, but needed more laughs. I'll watch a few more times and hope for better.
  8. singsong

    The Great Indoors

    I'm still not sure about this show, but I do enjoy Joel McHale and Stephen Frye, so I'll keep watching. I did enjoy the running, Paul is a cat, gag though.
  9. singsong

    Amanda Knox (Netflix)

    In one book regarding the Knox case, I believe it was A Fatal Case of Beauty, the cartwheels done at the police station were by request from a police officer. As Knox explains she had been sitting for hours of questioning and was tired and sore. She did a few yoga moves to stretch and an officer asked her if she could and would perform a cartwheel. I'm convinced that Knox is guilty of nothing except for being a naive, slightly strange girl who wanted to assert her independence.
  10. Wow - I had to stop watching after the climbing/ziplining stunt. It's.... odd. This might work okay as a summer show - maybe - but in the fall, against shows with actual content, not so much. I was expecting a variety show, but this felt like a collection of goofy and not very funny tricks.
  11. singsong

    S14.E06: Lace To The Finish

    When the six designers remained on the runway I thought to myself, aside from Ashley - who else could possibly be on top? I hated Swapnil's, and Merlene's was lacking any structure I normally think is part a bra. That said, I understand why Merlene won. Tweaking her design would make it fit into Heidi's collection very well. Designing for Heidi often makes for awful episodes. I thought doing exercise wear for her line was a terrible challenge. This was even worse. I watch PR for fashion (or what passes for it). I just don't think yoga pants and underwear are what these designers, nor the viewers signed up for. This episode was all about the drama.
  12. singsong

    S24.E08: Donkeylicious

    Eh, I'm gonna give Dave a pass on the 60 yr old whining bit. I'm guessing Dave was having an episode of killer fatigue, and he just wasn't feeling it. He was pretty firm about not doing to caligraphy also. Hopefully he'll get a nap and be back in form next episode. Country girls annoyed me more this week. Hey girls - it's up to the follower to keep up or navigate for yourself. The leaders are busy spotting the road signs and reading the map, so they can't keep checking on you. I enjoyed donkey madness. When Big Easy's donkey stopped and refused to move, I whispered to the TV - his donkey is broken.
  13. singsong

    S03.E16: It's Not Easy Being Green

    So - Zelena took David's courage. She wants Regina's heart. Who's brain will she be after, cause I'm thinking there isn't a real obvious choice here. Who is the scarecrow? I'm sorta rooting for seeing Zelena's plan come together. I mean you can't have too many curses/resets can you?
  14. singsong

    S01.E05: Insomnia

    Why am I watching this show? It's creepy, and the plot seems to go nowhere. And yet, I keep tuning in. Is Caleb really gone, or can he just pop in and out at will?