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  1. I don't know if swearing is allowed, so I'll just say katherine is a humungous sow. I was hoping Richard would smack the crap out of her. I would have, then stood up in court and told the world what a sow she is.
  2. There was an episode where he was talking to the Doc that was prescribing meds for him and the doc told him it may be stress and to do something like yoga (Bell doing yoga?? riiiight) or swimming. Then, in another episode, Kit's hand was shaking and Bell gave her the same advice that was given to him. He didn't say that it worked for him or that he even tried it, but it must have, since the shaky hand is gone and he's doing fine in the OR. I got the impression early on in season one that he had been a very good surgeon until the issue with the hand.
  3. I'm surprised he doesn't suggest therapy sooner most of the time. This one should have been referred for it at the first appt. w/ the doctor.
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