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  1. Craig seems like he is paying for his life style while he figures out the next way, by being on a TV show that requires him to be a whipping post to one of his castmate/"friend". (and also his girlfriend! man ! I hope he made enough to have been worth all that beating up.) is money and fame worth being beat up and put down?
  2. i remember the first time i noticed how rude and cutting Shep was toward Craig. It was the night they were auctioned off and Craig did WAY better.
  3. msn reporting no drugs or alcohol in his system. did he beat the system somehow when he left the scene?
  4. i do NOT understand how some can always know their limits of drinking. the very first reaction to alcohol is inhibition and to loose judgement. the student at Penn state knew not any limits, certainly after taking the 1st gulps. he did not know he would die. At the point anyone is black out drunk, it becomes the responsibility of those around the drunk person. too much of this talk sounds dangerously close to blaming the victim. often in sexual assault cases esp. when the victim knows the aggressor, it takes time for the victim to realize he/she was attached at a time he/she could not conse
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