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  1. Not SK's voice on her latest Instagram, but she never acknowledges this. She's been so busy taking care of Mom and Dad, doncha know. To me, that translates into Joe is very busy taking care of Mom and Dad. You really have to look.
  2. I just want to wash her face and cut her hair when I see something like this...and slap her, but that wouldn't be nice!
  3. Sketchers TSV presentation: She gets the colors mixed up (no, not SK) and says some stupid thing like it's her first day, and then apparently her producer teases in her ear when the black shoe is shown and he tells her it is black. She then calls him out, "Thanks a lot. Where were you when I needed the help? Not a team player." or words to that effect. Right Shawn. His job is to do yours too. She also said the "guest" would explain the back of the shoe, (because surely she hadn't prepared, no, not SK). Is she trying to be younger-looking with the long hair? Is she going to let it grow to her waist? The way she looks is a perfect example why longer hair doesn't look great on most older (and yes, Skunks, you are getting older) women. Some can pull it off, but Shawn ain't one of them.
  4. That Philosophy "Happy Birthday" video--oh my. Does she use a mirror when applying lipstick or just gob it around her mouth--when going for the clown look (no offense to clowns), I guess it doesn't matter. And the glasses? And the hair? And the eye makeup? She looks like a poor caricature of her former self drawn by a 12 year old. Does no one tell her how absolutely ridiculous she looks? And the oversharing about her sis-in-law...how many times are we going to hear about the hurts she has experienced in life? Enough already. Write a novel (I know you don't know what that is, but look it up) and share all this stuff with fictitious names to protect the innocent. Get it all out in book form and leave it off your Q social media. And thank yous to Martha and Tova for total slap-downs. The unfortunate thing is she probably doesn't understand she was humiliated due to her ignorance. I have a feeling there is a lot of snarking going on behind her back.
  5. Wednesday thoughts: I didn't think she could "surprise" me anymore, but this hideous hairdo has reached a new all-time low. Wonder what McTool thinks of her new styles... Her imaginary friend explains a lot--most of her life is imaginary No update on Lo--she got her mileage out of that one: What a good daughter am I; God is good; whoa is me, so many catastrophes, I know the EMTs by name; and on and on The dislike between her and Bret is palpable and of course she spent the hour with him sitting She worked Saturday so of course she knew she was off on Monday for whatever reason. Liar, liar. And finally, I.loathe.her
  6. My thought exactly!
  7. I doubt if Joe said anything...he knows which side his bread is buttered on. If he did say something, she appears to be ignoring it. Wouldn't you like to slip in next to someone unwashed with tanner all over the soles of her feet? She has said before her sheets have tanner all over them. If only the nanny and housekeeper could talk!
  8. What is wrong with her? Does no one tell her she sounds like a dirty, filthy, unkempt pig? Martha was probably cringing off set and dreading having to work with the slob.
  9. Taffy Apple

    Home Shopping Network

    Poor Evine...so many going to HSN. I wonder how long Serious Skin Care will stay there? Jane Fonda is supposed to be coming to Evine, but haven't seen her yet. I do think Dimitri has a wig. His hair was never that full. I used to like his spiel, but now I find him over the top and somewhat boring. Haven't bought his products for a long time.
  10. Taffy Apple

    Home Shopping Network

    I watched a little of Ming last night. He really cooked non-stop and had a lot of nice dishes and helpful hints. Robin W always has reminded me of Colleen--her voice, way of speaking, preparedness--just a little heavier (though Colleen seems to have put on a couple pounds). CCC was not my fav (her voice is a little grating), but she has been there a long time. Bret's style never really persuaded me to buy anything from him. Dimitri looks ridiculous with his wig. He showed up once on Evine with his natural hair. It was gray and I thought he looked distinguished. Now I think he looks like a clown.
  11. Random Friday Thoughts: Yes, I was looking for something to describe that outfit last night and "Big Bird" just fits I think she uses her Q FB as a therapy session (cheap, cheap) and there is no professional to challenge her with "WTF do you want out of life?" She will throw anyone under the bus and if you are family in particular, watch out She should have taken Dan's advice all those years ago Did anyone see any part of any toe removed on her recent ungodly pic of her faux-tanned soles? (she had melanoma so she says) Her longer hair with those ridiculous glasses make her look homely IMHO; when her hair was short and blonde she was perky and bright (years ago)--this new "do" drags her down in every way How can her minions not know IT IS NOT SK'S VOICE on many of the videos with a tot? That's all folks!
  12. Yes, I heard SK say that as well. Might be true....if she loads them up with tequila as Dana says she does on occasion!
  13. She got ripped on her FB with regard to her treatment, or lack thereof, of Jill's leaving the Q after 25 years. A few defended her, but most of the comments were negative. With regard to her father, she would use any situation to garner attention to herself. I don't think I would announce such a private matter to the viewers of the Q. Of course the last time he had chemo, she took a picture of him hooked up to an IV and posted it. Why, why, why? It will be interesting to see if there is any dynamic between Sandra and her. Don't see much in common with those two.
  14. SK is so freakin' phony, I can't even. Looking at her IG and her pitiful sendoff to JB. Really--she must have had absolutely nothing. I strongly doubt she was at JB's wedding and she had to dig something up to look like she had a relationship with a 25 yr Q co-worker. And "Mia"--she went on and on, probably one of longest IG comments, about someone she has never even mentioned on-air or off. Mia didn't look like she was kissing back to SK's nothing kiss on the cheek. SK thinks on the small chance that Mia will someday be someone in the entertainment industry is sucking up--sorry SK your ship has sailed and you will NEVER have a talk show, movie, prince, life you appreciate. The Q is the end of the line for you and you are LUCKY you have been there 12 years. I.loathe.her.
  15. Well, she might not have wanted to go because she would have to actually mingle with the "little people" and maybe the other hosts would ostracize her due to personality, smell, you name it...Plus, she is NOT a team player. She puts her time in, cashes her check, and sleeps for 12 hours clutching her bottle. Interesting a selfie was taken at the graduation...someone in the picture doesn't look particularly happy being in the picture of three. Kinda like the last graduation. Hope she posts a picture of her costume outfit; I agree @Ninja Turtle, it does look like another bewbage flaunt. Does she realize she is at a school function?