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  1. Hey FIL, Glad we got this pic together cuz in a few years, I'm gonna be telling everyone that you had digestive problems so I can shill stuff you spray in a toilet to cover the stink. Don't be offended--I throw everyone under the bus (half the time I make it up!) Miss ya!
  2. Keep goin' SK...I thought you were going on an exercise and diet regimen. Guess not...
  3. I don't consider myself a hater; just an observer of an over-indulged, unprepared, narcissist whose hideous yellow nail polish on ungroomed nails pretty much sums it all up for me.
  4. We can agree to disagree, but I find her ridiculous, dirty, disgusting, unprofessional. If this is how she is in real life, count me out.
  5. I know people like this...they re-write their whole life stories on FB into some kind of fantasy. Then, sometimes, I think it becomes their reality. Say it enough times and it becomes true. I think this is SK in a nutshell, with emphasis on "nut".
  6. And if it were a baby bump, it should have hatched a long time ago.
  7. Is it just me or do a lot of what Val Parr Hill is selling looks like it comes from China? I used to buy her things, but so many look very cheap and Dollar Storish now.
  8. Well, he landed the Golden Goose. I agree he is a tagalong. Small price to pay (other than the totally wrong Scrabble video) for getting a new bizness. I find it interesting as well, that she set up this trip to begin on Father's Day. I am surprised she didn't justify it by saying that she just had to get away b/c this is such a sad, stressful day for her. She missed another time to play the pity card. And yes, stop these posts already. You are on a very expensive vacay--drink your wine, get your massages, go poolside, and enjoy it. Seems she likes bragging about how wonderful
  9. She seems like such a lazy slob. Interesting that she is taking a week off now...when is the Disney trip scheduled?
  10. I find it interesting that Maria McTool is celebrating her 10th anniv with the TSV and Shawnie has left the building. I hope there are tons of orders!
  11. "Late bloomer" probably means he didn't start to live until he met her. Or perhaps it refers to the fact he hasn't been able to hold a job until may now with Salon Suite. How can you miss something you intentionally left at home? Again... And, wordsmith, it's "love so deeply", not deep.
  12. You folks had me laughing out loud( "get her freak on" is still making me smile) several times with your comments. And thanks for the video tour. I don't do IG...were there any pix of the Chick-Fil-A party? I'm sure it wasn't as entertaining as a very expensive inn/mansion. She really is full of herself. And the thigh shot was ridiculous a bit much and I didn't know it was a LV bag either. Lucky, lucky SK...so wealthy, so entitled, just so everything. Thanks for sharing your vacay with us...we are so jealous--that's what you're going for, isn't it?
  13. I'll bet Leah is giddy all weekend knowing she doesn't have to put up with leg lifts, wine drinking, hogging the camera, interrupting, snide remarks, etc!
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