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  1. What I want to know is which Impala is the one with the door locks that drove me insane in "Yellow Fever" ?? These: It seemed like every other scene they'd change from that to the normal chrome "head" door locks: The slim door locks Impala doesn't actually show up much, or at least is not nearly as noticeable in other episodes (to me) as this one. It's worth noting that whichever it is, it's also the one they used in Jensen's music video for "Eye of the Tiger" at the end of "Yellow Fever."
  2. I just realized that the waitress Doris from "Mystery Spot" is the same actress (Denalda Williams) that appears in the X-Files episode "Syzygy" (two high school girls share the same birthday) as the astrologist. And I came to this realization not while watching either episode, but standing in my kitchen making tea, thinking about the live stream silent film I've signed up to watch tonight, which led to me thinking of the silent film that plays on every TV channel in "Syzygy".
  3. I skipped through it quickly, and yes looks like other than the first ten minutes, it's all Jensen.
  4. This isn't an episode I usually choose to watch, only coming up if I do an entire season rewatch. But did rewatch it last week, and despite my thought that I didn't like it, I found it was fairly enjoyable this time around. It also made me sit up when the ghost came on, because I finally recognized the face! And you can see when he confronts Sam that the actor is quite a bit taller than Jared (I looked him up, says he's 6'9") I know it's mentioned a few places on the forums, but I must've missed every single one. Anyways, it was a shock for me this time around. I did some di
  5. I rewatched this episode recently for a story I was working on that involved a crocotta. As I got to the part where one character is explaining about the monster to another, I hit this same inconsistency: how could the crocotta feed on souls if he wasn't in the room with them when they died? (I also don't know how I didn't think about it when watching the episode previously, many many times) I came up with three options: 1) the crocotta was making the calls on a cell phone, standing outside while watching the person kill themselves, then entered and ate the soul (this was the optio
  6. I have to say this episode has my favorite bit of demon lore in the entire show. The opening scene showed me that a "crossroads deal" didn't have to be a dirt/gravel intersection out in the boonies, but it can also be below a freeway interchange in the middle of a city. I still remember the first time I saw that, it was an "OMG why didn't I ever think of that" moment.
  7. Funny this came up (sort of) now. I'm a fan of non-US detective shows and loved watching Shetland, but had a hard time understanding what some of the characters were saying. After I binged a bunch of Supernatural featuring Rowena, I went back to Shetland and realized I understood them all perfectly.
  8. You subscribe to the Twitter feed of the Lawrence KS police department. Because reasons.
  9. Wouldn't Cain have been able to kill Demon!Dean with the first blade? Dean was able to kill him, and if I'm not mistaken Cain was a demon? But since it didn't actually happen, sure why not :) I'll go with: Ghosts, salt and burn the corpse* *unless corpse has already been salted and burned, in which case look for an object they are attached to** ** unless object is a donor organ, impaling the person seems to work in that case
  10. I loved him in this! Another random CSI episode last night, this time from Season 6: "Room Service". I always forget which one this is until they start in with "Mad World" at the beginning of the episode. But who should appear as Famous Actor Groupie but Jo! I actually always call her "Meg" since I remember her from "Veronica Mars" first, and I have to correct myself. "That's Meg from Supernatural! Wait I mean Jo, that was a different Meg". I also like Catherine's line from this episode: "What other Laotians are having a bad night?"
  11. Did the same thing last night, put on another S7 CSI episode at random, "Post Mortem" (ep7). Not only did Bobby show up AGAIN (was partially a follow-up to the previous one I watched) but also GARTH! Then I had to watch the episode "Sweet Jane" from the same season, just because I really like it and the song has been stuck in my head all morning.
  12. Ok well my brain is failing me on the current category, so let's try a new one! Name a monster and how to kill it. I'll go with wendigo, and... * note that flare guns can be used if flamethrower is not available!
  13. I had an hour to kill today before I had to work, and decided to put on a CSI episode. Pretty much at random I picked season 7 and an episode called "Fannysmackin'" which I couldn't remember what it was about (was going to watch the one after it, but once I saw some nuns walking into a church I had a feeling that I didn't like that episode and went one prior). Halfway through it who should show up but Bobby! Greg manages to intervene in him getting beaten up by a pack of people. The episode originally aired in Oct 2006, which is the same timeframe as beginning of Supernatural's S2. I
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