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  1. So looks like Lexi was hired to polish the tarnish off of Sandy and Malia's asshole images from last year. I guess it worked? It is certainly the only polishing this lazy cow has done.
  2. So many head scratchers. Who is this Blake dude? Why are Joe and Serena the designated Greek chorus? Why was Tammy so butt hurt about some guy she met a week ago? I actually agree with Aaron - karma bit her in her aggressive arse. Why is Tia still here and why do guys think she is so attractive?
  3. Haha! Maybe all those beets and turnips promote excess hair growth.
  4. Unless this is bullshit and they are just shamelessly trolling us, Florian deserves every nickel he is squeezing out of this hideous cow.
  5. Lord this is awful. Like, it should like literally be called Vocal Fry on the Beach. Aaron is still a whiny baby. He and Tammy seem well suited. For some reason I can’t understand, this has become the Joe and Serena show. I don’t think either of them are as hot as this show seems to think. And was I seeing things, or did her age jump from 23 to 25 between last night and tonight? And who the hell is that announcer with the dreadful voice?
  6. I don't understand why Dean and his skillet faced GF are on this at all. He was only involved because of Tarik and I actually thought they were pretty entertaining on PT. All Dean does now is yell. And no more Debbie please!
  7. God these women are exhausting. Darcey is pathetic and queen of the ugly cry. Waaa waaa, I deserve, waaa waaa. She is getting exactly what she deserves! She is the personification of the definition of insanity - doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. Why in the world can’t she wrap her head around the notion that young foreign unemployed men are not likely going to be attracted to and be in love with a desperate old hunk of plastic? These guys are attracted to paper - in a wallet - and therefore nothing but gigolos. And Stacey is just plain ugly whether she is cry
  8. I think that tight high ponytail is called a Hazelhurst Facelift. Didn’t help the turkey waddle under her chin though. I thought Natalie’s dress was the prettiest by far. Personality is another matter. Kalani looked like she was wearing a repurposed velour robe. You all have covered the latest atrocity that Tiffany has added to her cold shoulder collection. And because it bears repeating, Shaddup Julia! Dementia? That would be awful.
  9. Well that was bullshit. Glad it’s over.
  10. I am not buying this “great affection” Olivia and Korey have developed. Maybe because I find Olivia the most annoying person on here since Cash left. I get more genuine vibes from Jeremy and Korey as a couple. And I think I heard Bailey squealing tonight. I’ll be glad when this is over just to not have to listen to that I'm not sure what to think about Kyra and Will but I hate how the mean girls have treated her. At this point I think they are the only couple I would like to see win, but don’t really care who does as long as it’s not Olivia and Korey.
  11. I have been thinking since the first episode that at least two of these couples are terribly mismatched. I think Michaela and Gil should have been matched - their personalities seem more compatible, and they both lost their father. Myrla is a PITA. Her negativity and entitlement are going to sink this. She might be too old for Zach, but at least he has the head of hair that she demanded. Ryan seems like a passive aggressive twat. Neatnik Jose is not going to be happy about living with someone who he has been advised is a bit of a slob. And I don’t blame him - that has been a total
  12. Olivia’s been doing it for awhile now, but it seems to be getting worse. I have to FF all of her insipid yammering and squealing. Now I remember who you all have been talking about - that is what I remember about S1 Kyra!
  13. God I hope they do last to keep us from ever seeing either one of them again. 1000% - to quote Katie. I think she broke down and told Blake she loved him for fear he would bolt as well and thus leaving her with one option.
  14. Damn, I was so busy clapping myself when Charlie picked Alana that I totally missed Andre doing the same thing! I only wish that Olivia had followed Cashay out the door. I am literally over her squealing, her ridiculous eyelashes, her horrible grammar and her delusions of grandeur. I can't see anybody other than Kyra and Will winning this.
  15. Cash gave up so much for Charlie, and she DESERVES more?? She really needs to get over herself. I am completely over her. And she can stop the squealing any time. Not cute. Olivia is pathetic. Desperation at its best. I like all the new girls. They are all prettier than the OGs and don’t seem as immature as the ones during Casa Amore. Shannon is just obnoxious. I can’t understand viewer’s affection for her and Josh.
  16. Katie is one of the most vapid B’ettes this franchise has had. She’s all about the bachelor handshake, kissing and “chemischtry”. I haven’t heard much of any substance out of her. So Blake isn’t sure if he loves her but is 100% certain he’s going to propose and she’s the One. I liked that his sister was calling him out on his “love” for Clare and Tayshia. It was so nice of him to introduce all you Americans to maple syrup. Pretty sure there is loads of it made in Vermont. And there are tons of moose here but I don’t know anybody who has ridden one, but I have seen them wandering around
  17. Same. I am in Canada and have none of these options. I went to the E6 thread first thinking that was this week's show and read stuff that clearly didn't happen on the show I watched. Nice for the US viewers. Anyway....... I don't recall Roy Jr. being such a pig on their first trip. Or maybe he wasn't as bad compared to some of the other guests that year. Nothing to add about that spoiled entitled brat Lexi. She needs to be booted. It is nice to see that Malia has excelled in her training from Buttinski Sandy. She was in the middle of and exacerbated all the drama in
  18. Kaitlyn's face no longer moves. FF'd thru that stupid proposal. And to think Jason used to be one of my fave bachelors. That Karl really is a smarmy shithead. Michael looks good with the beard and he can do so much better than snifflin' Katie. I am so tired of hearing her sob and sigh through her mouth. I think that whole scene with Connor was the epitome of fake. I never presumed that he was a bad kisser, but Katie is so inarticulate that she couldn't convey that there was simply no physical chemistry there. I'm sure the elementary school crowd appreciates his music. Thoma
  19. The young'uns dont seem to know the difference between a couple and a few. Seriously, I had a store clerk look at me with a vacant stare and ask me what a couple was when I asked for something.
  20. Absolutely. Rinna and Richards have done a complete 180 since last year. A-MEN!!
  21. All of this. It is absolutely nobody's business to ask or make assumptions as to how someone voted. Isn't that why it's done by secret ballot? It is height of rudeness but I wouldn't expect any less from the gauche Ms. Edgy Leah, who thinks it imakes her cool to label the others as either a karen or a boomer. I have previously had a bit of a soft spot for Sonja, even after some of her horrendous behaviour and horrid treatment of others because I think she has some issues, or is at the very least extremely insecure and is her own worst enemy. But I am done with her flip flopping to s
  22. What does that mean - is that a creative way of describing a bouncer?? I can't understand the appeal of this guy. I find him quite unfortunate looking and kinda desperate. Not sure if he would look better or worse without the Amish beard.
  23. Did Erika go out and buy herself a big ole pair of Rinna lips? I don't recall them being that inflated before. And she really should tone down the makeup. The pajamas have been mentioned, but I rolled my eyes at Rinna's mask with the gigantic red lips. She'll do anything to get attention.
  24. Eboni and her platform are a complete buzz kill in every situation. I wouldn't want to hang out with somebody who is no fun all.the.damn.time. Wash, rinse, repeat. Fuck this white fragility gaslighting bullshit. The less said about Leah and her sister the better.
  25. That will be the end for me. I'm already one foot out the door of my favourite HW show. Leah is too much never mind adding her horrid sister and that stupid untrained dog. And I am still not sure about Eboni but wish she'd lighten up, let others finish their sentences and quit lecturing. Shame. Exactly.
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