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  1. The young'uns dont seem to know the difference between a couple and a few. Seriously, I had a store clerk look at me with a vacant stare and ask me what a couple was when I asked for something.
  2. Absolutely. Rinna and Richards have done a complete 180 since last year. A-MEN!!
  3. All of this. It is absolutely nobody's business to ask or make assumptions as to how someone voted. Isn't that why it's done by secret ballot? It is height of rudeness but I wouldn't expect any less from the gauche Ms. Edgy Leah, who thinks it imakes her cool to label the others as either a karen or a boomer. I have previously had a bit of a soft spot for Sonja, even after some of her horrendous behaviour and horrid treatment of others because I think she has some issues, or is at the very least extremely insecure and is her own worst enemy. But I am done with her flip flopping to s
  4. What does that mean - is that a creative way of describing a bouncer?? I can't understand the appeal of this guy. I find him quite unfortunate looking and kinda desperate. Not sure if he would look better or worse without the Amish beard.
  5. Did Erika go out and buy herself a big ole pair of Rinna lips? I don't recall them being that inflated before. And she really should tone down the makeup. The pajamas have been mentioned, but I rolled my eyes at Rinna's mask with the gigantic red lips. She'll do anything to get attention.
  6. Eboni and her platform are a complete buzz kill in every situation. I wouldn't want to hang out with somebody who is no fun all.the.damn.time. Wash, rinse, repeat. Fuck this white fragility gaslighting bullshit. The less said about Leah and her sister the better.
  7. That will be the end for me. I'm already one foot out the door of my favourite HW show. Leah is too much never mind adding her horrid sister and that stupid untrained dog. And I am still not sure about Eboni but wish she'd lighten up, let others finish their sentences and quit lecturing. Shame. Exactly.
  8. I hope Matt can feed himself because he doesn't have one extra gram of fat on his body. I can see him being pulled pretty early if he doesn't tap out first. I agree that Tim never should have been allowed out there with his history of heart disease and the resulting limited function. I guess he though that he could go without food for a few days because of his extra weight. But starvation messes with all kinds of things and even low blood sugar could cause dizziness which could lead to chest pain caused by anxiety, which feeds on itself.
  9. The only person that didn't seem to like him was Haley. Everyone else liked him and the guys all said he was great and had a great sense of humour. Kevin was unjustifiably hammering at him the whole show. Even POS Chris didn't get that treatment.
  10. I find her so harsh. And I really would prefer her to say that the losing dishes were their least favourite instead of the worst. It doesn't help that original recipe TC is on at the same time and she just doesn't hold a candle to Padma. I will say that I never minded Eden on Chopped.
  11. Welcome all to the Motherf#cking Leah Hour. Sick of this already. I hope that Heather can put her in her place. Ramona is what she is and I thought that the rest of them were ganging up on her accusing her of being a liar about the plasma donation. Thanks to Ebony for being the voice of reason and talking some sense. Sonja is a hot mess and possesses zero self awareness. You'd think that she might have reined it in a bit after her performances last season. Definitely in Dorinda territory. The only thing I did agree with Leah on was her counsel to Lu regarding her faux rose and
  12. I wonder how her new career as a comedienne is going to go. I have never heard one funny thing come out of her gross crude mouth. And I will be shocked if she and Des actually get married.
  13. I agree with pretty much everything you have posted and would add that Tiffany completely lost me with her use of "whitesplaining".
  14. Maybe in Ontario and Quebec. I've never seen plastic milk bags in the West. We have plastic gallon jugs and also 2 litre ones in all our grocery stores.
  15. Ugh - not a fan of the mullet dresses. I generally think that Kam can wear anything and look good but this one is too much. Brandi looks like she's been overserved - with filler
  16. Well they sure rolled out the diversity carpet this season, which is great but I really wonder how a 21 year old got through. Maybe there were not a lot to choose from given the current situation. The two dishes I would have most liked to taste were both done by Erica. Alex was very luck that there was a dish worse than that ashtray monstrosity he presented. I don't really mind Eden so far but I sure wish she would lower the volume of her voice a few decibels except for when it is necessary to yell "time's up". At least she is smiling, which is more than can be said of Mijune.
  17. Exactly my thoughts. This show seems to have morphed from scripted reality to pure fiction. I am not even sure if I am buying that this stuff about Jeremiah's bio daddy is real. Yes, she was.
  18. I can almost smell Jeremiah's breath through the screen and it is vomit inducing. He is looking rougher every year. And his shit eating grin over the Matt and Jethro gossip was cringeworthy. Thank goodness he and Carmella won't be procreating. Neither of them seem to spend any time with the kids they already each have. That whole housecleaning scene was ridiculous from start to finish. I hope we've seen and heard the last of that Heidi woman and her horrifying vocal fry. That phone sex thing was also vomit inducing. The only thing about this episode that seemed real was the pa
  19. Natasha is a bull headed egotistical chef and her food presentation leaves something to be desired but i wouldn't be surprised if she is just serving food according to these classless wankers' preference sheet. No excuse for those poached eggs drowning in a pool of Hollandaise though. And why she couldn't manage to serve the fries simultaneously with the nuggets is a mystery. She doesn't seem flexible or proactive but I don't know if she can do anything to please these assholes, although they seemed okay with the nigiri.
  20. Porsche cracks me up too. Is "baby vegan" a thing? She and Kandi are the only reasons I still watch this borefest. I am over Cynthia and do not miss Tanya one bit - her perky act makes my teeth ache. LaToya is awful but I find Drew to be on Kenya levels of extreme unlikability.
  21. Tiff lacks social graces, which I would guess is the result of the home she was raised in and her mother probably was putting on an act for the cameras. She is constantly dropping designer names around and most of her wealth is actually through her husband, whose family owns those hotels. I think she is trying way too hard to fit in and to please her mother but I find the nouveau riche behaviour off-putting. I don't see this with Steph - maybe with Kam. I can't recall if we have ever seen Kam's mother but Steph's seems very down to earth. I think D'andra has been a disappointment to Dee
  22. Brandy is a hypocritical ignorant idiot. She has no clue what she is talking about and I think that may be the reason she is leaving. She can't keep up with these women in any capacity except for drinking. As for Jen. It was pretty windy up there and I was waiting for her dress to blow up so we would get a shot of her labia flapping around in the breeze. Thank the Lord for small mercies that didn't happen. Kary's 9 commandments. Maybe she combined two of them as "don't sleep with your neighbour". Tiffany is pretty impressed with having money. Even when her mother supported he
  23. Did Maureen say that taxi driver Danny drank Drano when he was a toddler? That's gotta have some long term effects besides his wonky teeth. That whole airport scene was completely unbelievable. But I have no trouble believing that Jeremiah had a jealous meltdown during his airport wheelchair job and got fired. I am assuming that job was somewhere in WA so maybe he can get hired on in Sarasota. Last time I was there it was a teensy airport but that was a long time ago and it may have changed since then. I'd prefer to not see much of him at all but the TLC gravy train is in town so probab
  24. Is Hannah an actual comedienne, or just one in her own mind? Because I haven't heard one funny thing come out of her mouth. Ever. And her behaviour during that discussion with Kyle was pitiful as was her storming off in her Pepto Bismol track suit. She is on her way to surpassing Lindsay as the most obnoxiously unhinged individual of the bunch. I don't think that Amanda and Kyle are going to have a successful marriage either and her wanting to go off BC seems both premature and immature.
  25. Did you mean Lindsay? She will be single for the rest of her life unless she gets some more therapy to figure out why she chooses the guys she does and then trashes every relationship she's ever been in. This season is different because they dont have a cleaning service so i can't blame Kyle for checking Hannah on her dereliction of trash duty that she volunteered for. If she thinks she shouldn't have to help around the house because she doesnt cook, she still sits at the table and still eats. She is just bent out of shape and acting out because that asshole Luke is gaslighting her, whic
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