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  1. Yeah I didn't remember St. George being that far from SLC so that would be a long drive with two screamers. Moot point since TLC no doubt paid alll the expenses for the trip except maybe the corned beef.
  2. They live in Washington, Utah, which is near St. George. So they flew from St George and likely had a connecting flight to Portland via Salt Lake City.
  3. Asuelu was acting like a six year old spending his very first allowance at that Samoan store. No clue about the value of money. Considering that they had to take two flights to get to Portland, I don't think it would have taken that much longer to drive there. I am guessing that his sister probably lives around Vancouver WA which borders on Portland. It certainly would have been less expensive than airfare. I could have done without listening to Tania slurping down that tea. I was happy that Syngin finally told her to let him finish a sentence - I yell that at her every time she is on. They are doomed, and I was hoping that maybe he had only bought himself a one way ticket to South Africa, because he should not bother to come back to the US. Libby's family are a complete embarrassment and it should be double the fun when the rest of them descend in Moldova. She is spineless and although Andreii is rather defensive, she should tell her family to back the hell off. I can understand Angela being nervous about getting her results from the Dr., but lighting up while she was facetiming was not a good look. She may have received a clean bill of health this time, but next time may be different if she keeps up this lifestyle. I dislike Jess so much that I can't even get too upset with Debbie. And Colt is an idiot who deserves her. No words for this Larissa nonsense - I couldn't help wondering if she was reading some of those big words from a script. And as has been said, she would have been far better off to use that $10K on something like living quarters.
  4. Agree. WTF did we do to deserve these useless barnacles? Sideshow Blob has put on the COVID 19.
  5. Leah's first mistake was to come charging into this group like a bull in a china shop. We've seen this before - Kelly Dodd comes to mind. Then she takes absolutely no responsibility for her part in any of the actions that have pissed off some of the OGs. She is the victim every single time. She is a complete mess and is on a very self destructive path. I don't blame Ramona for walking out of that forced confrontation but it's unfortunate that she had to. Trying to talk to Leah was like talking to a brick wall. As for whether Ramona should have been discussing Leah's BPD, it doesn't sound like it has been a deep dark secret, and my feeling is that Ramona is just trying to rationalize Leah's bizarre behaviour. And for the 16th time this season, STFU and MYOB, Dorinda. She is disgusting.
  6. Amen. Jessie has been rude and obnoxious to Debbie since day 1 and Debbie takes the bait every time. Jessie is another unreliable translator as we could see from the subtitles that she was embellishing what her father was saying. However, I do think the Colt and Jessie are a good match. Both are repulsive and I can't imagine either one of them have a lineup of other options wanting to be with them. Debbie is only involved to this extent because TLC thinks we enjoy this bunch of crap. I don't need to see any of them again, especially in ill-fitting beach wear. As for Asuelu and Kalani, I was under the impression that it is customary to send money back home to family in impoverished countries. Why would he be obligated to provide money for his family members living in the US, especially when it sounds like Mother Asuelu commutes back and forth between WA and Samoa? Impoverished people can't usually afford that luxury. If this is all TLC can come up with for HEA, this show should be dumped in the shitter.
  7. This. She was responsible for Camille's reappearance as well, and I actually think I like her better than any of these other bitches now. And it is such a treat for us to be graced with the presence of TMCFR nearly every gawd-damn episode. Kyle's a genius. I hope that LVP is laughing her ass off at this shit pile.
  8. Yeah, between the bacteria in his socks and her pits, maybe they could do an experiment and produce a penicillin formula or a COVID vaccine?
  9. Thanks! Sounds like I should be grateful that we don't get it. I was having a bit of FOMO for a second.
  10. What's this Unfiltered y'all are talking about? Is it part of the show? I don't get it on my Lifetime channel. The guests on both sides of Amelia and Bennett's wedding looked like they just came from a fringe festival. That unicycle was OTT. I did love Bennett's mom though. What was with Brett's parents not wanting to be on camera? His father sure didn't seem to have a problem with it in prior episodes. Maybe they don't get along and didn't want to be in the same room together. I hope that Karen and Miles make it. They are so pretty together, and both seem like nice people. I hope she is not just attracted to "bad boys". I am warming to Woody and think that he and Amani might work out. Christina seems like a pain in the arse. I don't see this one going well.
  11. Yeah, Submit doesn't exactly have a great track record with truth telling, so I'm not really buying that either.
  12. That David sure has some sense of humour, doesn't he? He is still living in a land of delusion. He says that Lana is not in contact with him - translation: not responding to him relentlessly stalking her. His reactions to the tweets are so defensive and childish, and he is proud as a peacock that he proved everyone wrong by the fact that a real person did finally show up to meet him. Even Yolanda has been able to make light of her stupidity. Rose is not nearly as funny as she thinks she is. And I was quite distracted by her blue-green tongue - maybe sucking on breath mints? Enough of her, and Ed for that matter. No more shower scenes and no more hair removal with a paint roller please, for the love of humanity. And free Teddy! I think Avery must have had a case of the munchies, but that ice cream bar did look yummy. I like her better high on weed than on rose. I am glad that Ash has a sense of humour at least., and that he got his thyroid issue sorted. I wish that Erica would realize that she is very pretty without the botox, fillers, makeup and hair. To me they don't add anything but again I think there is something deeper that makes a person want to stand out like that. The fact that Darcey doesn't think that there is anything wrong with her appearance or behaviour tells me there is no hope for her. I hope that her daughters have at least on parent who is not as shallow as a puddle. And Tom, please GTFO of our screens. The only time that you are entertaining is when you are not trying to be.
  13. He said so himself that he was a fuckboi in his 20s. Not sure that phase has passed. It has already been said, but the dress she chose looked terrible with that jungle under her arms. I don't think that hairy armpits are a problem if they are covered by clothes, like the doily dress. She looked like a hot bohemian mess, and it appears that she doubled down with over-accessorizing the look on the wedding day. Christina seems rather high strung and high maintenance. I can relate to the dress pickiness and the anxiety. Olivia seems like a nice person but she needs to SHTOP with this speech thing that drives me nutso. Shtrangers, Shtress, shtruggle. Lots of them do it, but I really picked up on it with her. Enough! There is no goddamn H in any of those words! And once again, the criteria these 'experts' used to match these couples is a joke.
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