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  1. This is amateur community theater hour, right?
  2. Lisa continues to be the worst. To me, Jen has just become a cartoon villain. Whitney and her hot peeenk! I hate her baby talk. I wouldn’t be upset if Angie is made a regular. I cannot believe that Mary is the only original one I can stand. She cracks me up and I only watch this for entertainment. And to see Jen taken down.
  3. Truer words have never before been spoken. And apparently she can also afford a facelift. This Erika ass kissing by the coven is beyond nauseating. That poor boat captain. Sutton - don’t drink the koolade!!
  4. I am not sure if this is a step up or a step down from that FN baking show he’s been hosting. But anything is better than Kaitlyn and Tayshia. I thought that was kind of a chivalrous thing that Ed did for Mykenna. Natasha should be impressed with this deed. Damn I’m rooting for Kenny and Mari. Couldn’t care less about Joe and Serena. Maurissa is so naturally pretty but when she is all made up with those massive fake lashes she resembles an alpaca with vocal fry. Aaron really showed his ass with that dick move with Tia at that stupid prom. He is socially inept.
  5. Poor Moriah. She has been so sheltered she doesnt know the difference between fashion and trashion. I must admit to wearing halter tops and cutoff jean shorts when I was in my teens but am pretty sure my ass wasn't hanging out. And definitely didn't apply makeup with a trowel. I feel for Olivia and Ethan but this relationship has been unravelling for awhile now, as is not terribly uncommon for two young individuals who have not had any life experience and are growing at different paces and in different directions. Been there, and I knew deep inside that it was a mistake to get married to
  6. That is exactly who she reminded me of but she took it to another level altogether. And Omerosa was not wearing a dead animal on her head. Right! They are working overtime on this. Sandy continues to be the absolute worst leader ever. Apparently she is trying to rehab her image by not hovering around every corner but how did she miss noticing David's injury for a few days? I do agree that maritime law expert and tattletale Malia should have reported it. She has had no problem with running to Sandy and sticking her nose in other areas that are not her concern. I also think th
  7. FTFY. Anybody know what the ratings are for this mess? It's just a massive snore. And why the hell are they dragging these bloody rose ceremonies out? That obnoxious announcer needs to go.
  8. So looks like Lexi was hired to polish the tarnish off of Sandy and Malia's asshole images from last year. I guess it worked? It is certainly the only polishing this lazy cow has done.
  9. So many head scratchers. Who is this Blake dude? Why are Joe and Serena the designated Greek chorus? Why was Tammy so butt hurt about some guy she met a week ago? I actually agree with Aaron - karma bit her in her aggressive arse. Why is Tia still here and why do guys think she is so attractive?
  10. Haha! Maybe all those beets and turnips promote excess hair growth.
  11. Unless this is bullshit and they are just shamelessly trolling us, Florian deserves every nickel he is squeezing out of this hideous cow.
  12. Lord this is awful. Like, it should like literally be called Vocal Fry on the Beach. Aaron is still a whiny baby. He and Tammy seem well suited. For some reason I can’t understand, this has become the Joe and Serena show. I don’t think either of them are as hot as this show seems to think. And was I seeing things, or did her age jump from 23 to 25 between last night and tonight? And who the hell is that announcer with the dreadful voice?
  13. I don't understand why Dean and his skillet faced GF are on this at all. He was only involved because of Tarik and I actually thought they were pretty entertaining on PT. All Dean does now is yell. And no more Debbie please!
  14. God these women are exhausting. Darcey is pathetic and queen of the ugly cry. Waaa waaa, I deserve, waaa waaa. She is getting exactly what she deserves! She is the personification of the definition of insanity - doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. Why in the world can’t she wrap her head around the notion that young foreign unemployed men are not likely going to be attracted to and be in love with a desperate old hunk of plastic? These guys are attracted to paper - in a wallet - and therefore nothing but gigolos. And Stacey is just plain ugly whether she is cry
  15. I think that tight high ponytail is called a Hazelhurst Facelift. Didn’t help the turkey waddle under her chin though. I thought Natalie’s dress was the prettiest by far. Personality is another matter. Kalani looked like she was wearing a repurposed velour robe. You all have covered the latest atrocity that Tiffany has added to her cold shoulder collection. And because it bears repeating, Shaddup Julia! Dementia? That would be awful.
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