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  1. To me, Jack Kingston will always be THAT guy: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hvsCVJA0v4E
  2. TVcritic

    TDS 3.0: Season Four Talk

    Brickie gave me a strong John Oliver vibe. ;-)
  3. The Kasich interview was disappointing: considering ideas, not one word about Progressives (Bernie, AOC and others). Typical for Bill because he belongs to the establishment.
  4. TVcritic

    TDS 3.0: Season Four Talk

    I see. Trevor was channeling his inner Stephen Colbert with the calculator bit. ;-)
  5. TVcritic

    TDS 3.0: Season Four Talk

    Roy sounded a lot like he could lose his voice any time soon. Whoever next? ;-) When watching Bill Gates these days it always astonishes me how much he aged in the last 10 years. Too much drinking poop water? :-)
  6. Concerning complacency: Pelosi already said that she wants to work with Republicans. We know how that turned out in the past. Good luck with that... I hope progressive forces come forward and give that darn administration hell!
  7. So, why isn't separating children from parents called torture...? Would that make the MAGA snowflakes uncomfortable?
  8. TVcritic

    TDS 3.0: Season Four Talk

    Trevor's looks always reminded me of a younger Al Jarreau. Sporting a white suit, he even more resembled Al: "We're in This Love Together" would make for a nice Midterm slogan. :-)
  9. TVcritic

    S05.E27: State Attorneys General

    Let's make them action heroes: RAGA and DAGA fighting MAGA. ;-)
  10. TVcritic

    S05.E27: State Attorneys General

    I pitied the musicians. While playing, their instruments had been insulted. ;-) On a more serious note: Can someone tell me what is not political nowadays in the US?
  11. So, Bill thinks he can have anybody on his show if the ratings are good enough or why does he have people like Stormy and Mooch on? A waste of time, money and energy... :-(
  12. TVcritic

    Late Show With Stephen Colbert

    I see, the Colbeard is back... It's like that groundhog that appears for a short time and then goes away. ;-)
  13. TVcritic

    Late Show in the Media

    Stephen was at TimesTalks:
  14. The LWT team should have made Gilbert Gottfried doing a Queen impression when not showing the Parliament bit. ;-)
  15. TVcritic

    B99 In the Media: News, Interviews, Awards, And MORE!

    In case of pay cuts: hopefully all the actors stay on board! And promote the series well, NBC! There's so much more to explore in B99 land ... ;-)