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  1. Bill infuriates me with his Covid stuff too. He is mildly inconvenienced getting a booster or wearing a mask when asked. There have been several fit people I have known who got really sick and they were not regular pot smokers (which yes, can harm you its smoking bad for your lungs.). He is not in this all clear group. I was just annoyed at that segment, otherwise I enjoyed the panel and new rules.
  2. I liked this, but I live in Pittsburgh and my brother went to school in the location it was filmed, so I may be biased. I agree about the drunk professor, it quite frankly is boring and I just hope they have him turn around. It takes away from what I think is a really interesting premise of older/middle-age faculty dealing with students in this new generation, especially in a subject such as English. I am the exact age as Sandra Oh's character is meant to be and I totally see the inter-generational conflict she is dealing with as Dept head, and hope that will the focus of the show.
  3. I liked tonight's show -- I enjoy when the guests bring a bit of levity. I liked Martin and Martin coming back at Bill with the valid point of "people said the same thing about us" -- its true that each generation blasts those below them and sometimes its not warranted. D. Brazille's best quote was when she was like "They don't like women there, if I can't smoke a cigarette or drink alcohol, the he$$ with you". She was a little over the top, but I kinda like that on this show, as its supposed to be a comedy show interjected with current events, not just Bill griping about woke cultur
  4. Just watched Bill with the first guest. It makes me so mad. I like this show ONLY because of Bill's writers and for some of the guests he has on that interest me. He would NOT let his first guest, a sensible Olympic gold medalist who has thought through an issue from both sides, speak !! It is infuriating, and he really does do it so much more to women. Ugh, I really wish he would've let this guest speak more on what her organization promotes and says around a topic because it was at least a set of solutions (even if you disagree with them, it was trying to find a balance of promoting
  5. Oh that disappoints me greatly. I was counting down the days - I want to watch her last day in the evening (not on background during lunch like I usually do), so I can create a drinking game from it. 1 sip - Megan's dresser takes revenge (today it was a Little House on the Prairie dress on blast) 1 sip - Megan's hair stylist takes revenge 1 sip - Megan drones out GOP talking points that don't even come close to answering Whoopie's question. 1 sip - Megan mentions "my father" 1 sip - Joy has a happy smile on her face all show 1 sip - Megan mentions that she or t
  6. Whoopie was really talkative and laughing today considering what she is going through. The best part about today is after MeAgain's rant in the first segment, she was basically ignored for the remainder of the show. She didn't give any input about whether she would leave her husband behind in TSA Pre-Check. I do find it funny when she rails against free speech because she never learned to properly hold a conversation, make a valid argument and know when it is time to shut up .
  7. While I am always glad when a character like Fred (or Serena) get their comeuppance, the lack of logic of this show and the focus again on "Fierce/Revenge June" is grating me (and I know it may be me) First off, I get June has been through a LOT -- but we are talking about an entire group of people in Canada who have lost their country, friends, families and homes to these monsters. Jan. 6th of this year, was disturbing enough for me to start to think about this -- I can't imagine it being even worse. I want to see more of the "greater" story namely the fight to overthrow Gilead and have
  8. I could visibly see Bill's annoyance at Bitcofer in the show. I can see why -- Democrat talking points are getting stale/old/repetitive and Bill's show can't get past it (along with his wokeness issue). Honestly, to fight fire with fire they need to do some out of the box stuff -- like start a stealth campaign to get Democrats in red states to register as/run as Republicans and Trojan Horse the GOP so that they end up electing someone who is secretly a Democrat in Q-Anon clothing. It won't happen though because the Democrats go for talking points -- the GOP doesn't really talk they act.
  9. I teach in a town within Western PA and wow this whole scene hits deep especially during the winter months, not sure if its like Eastern PA or not. The importance on sports, the desire to leave the small town and everyone knowing everyone else.... Enjoy the series but I like mysteries, enjoy the setting, and have always liked Kate Winslet
  10. So, have much to say on this episode. I feel so bad for Sunny's husband (well and the family at large). Covid sucks, we all need to be careful. As a teacher in PA where our case count is high and our school is fully back -- I want to be one of the first to get the vaccine.
  11. I was thinking it should be "Improve Police Engagement" or "Strengthen Communuty/Police Interaction" than just abbreviated it IPE or SCPI. Democrats are bad at Marketing and need to understand the one size fits all approach costs them votes. There is a point to be made, but Bill just sounds whiney making it all the time. Use facts, figures and case studies....it helps
  12. I think being at home suits Whoopie. She has made much more logical sense in her arguments/stances recently. That being said -- MM and her Tiara -- I thought it was just the staff at "The View" trying to do her in, but nah -- she has some self deluded issues. She really is better received and not hate watched when she is calm, multi-sided and wearing stylish yet non-aggressive in your face fashion choices. Trust me, I am not a fashion queen but for her the "in your faceness" of her acts/tempter tantrums and clothes seem hand in hand.
  13. Puffed sleeves !! I loved that book (AGG), however remember the horror of having my mom buy me a puffed sleeves dress for a wedding when I was 16 lol.
  14. OMG you are right !! I forgot about that ironic fact earlier when I posted....
  15. OK - so I know I am older than MeAgain by almost 10 years, but I knew who Michael Milken was in my teens and definitely in any type of ethics/law class. They restructured some of the insider trading/junk bond laws around what he and others of his "time" did during the 80s/early 90s. In order to prep for the show the blond "I'm smart and always right" one should've at least googled him and what he did - it was pretty famous at the time OK - just done with first segment.
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