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  1. swimmom

    Bring It!

    At least we now know Miss Neva is still coaching. 😀 Still wondering about Torrey. Odd they don't mention him ever.
  2. I remember reading he is estranged from his family. No details that I can think of. When Jazz was getting her first surgery a man who resembled Greg was sitting with them in the waiting room. Did we ever find out who he is?
  3. swimmom

    S05.E09: I Want to Meet Your (Transphobic) Mom

    When Dr. Tang recommended a cortisone shot, couldn't Dr Bowers have done that in Florida? She was at a Drs office for the exam.
  4. swimmom

    Bring It!

    Does anyone know what happened to Coach Torey? Did they ever say on the show? also we never see Nova the Diva any more!
  5. swimmom

    S07 E26 Aubri & Brian

    Is the new style a bra top with boobs hanging out the bottom? I have never seen that before! This season is lacking so far!
  6. Same here I like NG. I miss her show. It kept me informed. Ashley Banfiel d too!
  7. swimmom

    Jenelle: Birther Of 3, Mother To None

    Don't forget Janelle thought Marco Polo invented the game you play in a swimming pool! History class will be informative to say the least!
  8. swimmom

    Kailyn: Kail Smash!

    Lux will be 1 the beginning of August. I only know cause he is a few weeks older than my youngest Grandson.
  9. My Husband and I dated in high school. We will be married 43 years in August. 2 kids and 5 Grandchildren later. i might one of the oldest "fans" of the Teen Mom shows and. I sometimes wonder why I watch but I do.
  10. swimmom

    Bring It!

    Does anyone know what happened to the white girl that used to dance with the Dolls? She seemed to have the moves and I wonder if she went to another team.
  11. swimmom

    Kailyn: Kail Smash!

    Now that Matt Lauer is fired maybe Kai l could host the Today Show. She is looking for a job that suits her with all her M T V experience! Savannah Guthrie watch out!