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  1. I thought that there were only six Infinity Stones. Exactly six. I didn't pause and count them, but it sure looked like more than six in Casey's desk drawer, plus Casey said that they had a lot of them and some guys use them for paperweights. So... there are only six in our universe, but this show (or at least the TVA) exists outside of or beyond our universe? Something like that?
  2. Okay, I can see that. I guess his speech was good enough to fool me, but you're right; there's more to it than that, and Jackie's motivation was indeed more to cover his own ass than anything else.
  3. Yeah, he did say he would fight it, then later tossed his badge into the water. I forgot he said he'd "sing like Sinatra" but maybe that's yet to come, or maybe he changed his mind about that, too. Or maybe it was just Jackie being Jackie; shooting his mouth off. The thing he said that made the most sense to me was, oddly enough, the truth. She did too much coke, he was worried about her, so he dropped her off at the hospital, in the care of someone he knew and trusted, his former partner. And they decided to fire him for that?
  4. I figured Cathy always held on to some money, just in case. She got behind on her payments to Mick, but that didn't mean she was totally broke. There's always that secret stash of cash somewhere. She got rid of Mick, her current problem, just like she got rid of Jimmy, then gathered up the kids and what cash she had, and got the hell out of Boston. She intentionally avoided the front door to her apartment building, since Mick was there, so if anyone reported the gunshot, they'll find some dirtbag drug dealer shot by the back door. They might or might not put a lot into the investigation.
  5. Since it's the wedding episode, when I saw the title "Threshold" it made sense. Carry her over the threshold, etc. Then Lucy was moving a barrel of meth, but stopped short and told the bad guy that she was gonna go check on the other bad guy ("Half-life"?) and Grey said that she hadn't gone over the threshold. Anyway, I usually like it when episode titles have clever double meanings. This one seemed... not forced, but just a bit odd. I didn't recognize Harper at first. I assumed it was Mrs. Grey (who we've met) and I just didn't recognize her. But that begs the question: whe
  6. True, they did include that scene to let us know that Frankie was out of the picture, but it felt like they left it intentionally vague. Maybe because they weren't sure whether Jonathan Tucker would be available, or how much. I forgot about the "grieving in private" line, which does seem conclusive. But still, there's letting your audience figure things out because it's insulting to spoon-feed them, and there's making everything so cryptic and vague all the time that it really doesn't help. It can be hard to enjoy a show if you feel like you don't know what the hell is going on half the ti
  7. Another good episode. I'm just glad we've got Ward and Rohr back together and bromancing like only they can. The rest is just icing, but storylines are moving along, sometimes predictably and sometimes not. That helps keep things interesting.
  8. Good point. Both John and Sarah knew about Henry's condition obviously, but I think they both said something like "We thought that was all behind us". No, if the guy had five heart surgeries before his first birthday, this is something you keep an eye on, forever. You don't wait until he's 20 and collapses at home and go "Oh yeah, that's right; he has a heart condition!" It was maybe meant to catch us, the viewers, off guard, but it shouldn't have caught John and Sarah off guard.
  9. I thought the point of Nolan's "ugly cry" was that he's always so cheerful and positive when others are around, but he's just holding it in until he gets an opportunity to let it out. He told Sarah (Bones) that he'd be right behind her, he just wanted a few more minutes of fresh air. Then once she was gone, he broke down. Sarah is the one who pointed out earlier that he's always so annoyingly optimistic. Yeah, Wesley trying to tough-talk the cartel dude was pretty laughable. But damn if he didn't give it his all. I still don't care about Tamara. We already have so many character
  10. Orbert


    Anton goes to shoot DeCourcy and ends up shooting Siobhan. This is only days after attempting to kill Junior and only shooting him in the stomach. He walks right up to the car and... accidentally shoots the passenger instead of the driver? I did like his little speech to Grace about how he's not proud of his "job" but he does it well. And in his head anyway, it's always been about getting out of the projects, for his mama. It's about time Grace woke up. Isaiah had to explain it to her, but he's probably the only one who could; he's the only one she would listen to. I like that Jacki
  11. Not much to say, except to echo the WTF of bringing in two rookies, only to have them both gone by the end of the episode. I figured "The Badger" was for comedic effect or something but that Barnes would stick around for a while. I liked her scenes with Bradford, how at first it seemed that maybe he was all enamored with her military background, etc., but then it quickly became obvious that he was adjusting his training style to fit the trainee. Bradford is the man. Man of Honor! Anyway, I figured Barnes would stick around because Nolan will (hopefully) not be a rookie much longer, an
  12. Marco was the one who got into BU, and was shot while Grace, the Reverend, and others were walking the streets. Kelvin and Anton were talking about it afterward when Kelvin went to visit Anton in prison.
  13. I guess I was wrong about Cathy and the heroin money. When Ward dropped in at the salon, she was packing things up and there was a sign on the window saying Commercial Space for Lease or something like that. So what happened to the $10K worth of dope and/or the money from it? Jackie letting Little Rickey off the hook was his Act of Contrition, assigned to him by the priest. I guess the idea is that Jackie is a corrupt son of a bitch, but deep down somewhere, he can't shake his Catholic upbringing and feels the need to do something to atone. Similarly, his apparent re-interest in..
  14. Yeah, that was another clue. She was getting as much out of him as she could, before offing him. We never saw her actually moving any of it, except for the one prison visit. That's doesn't mean that it didn't happen off-screen, but it was a lot to move. She was betting on Jimmy being stupid enough to take her at her word and come up with another brick, and she was right.
  15. I never understood how she was supposedly going to sell thousands of dollars worth of H by smuggling it into the prison two tiny bags at a time inside her. It just doesn't seem like she could move enough product that way to make it worthwhile, but I don't know. That's what got me thinking about how she didn't really want to do it (peddle smack), and maybe was never planning on paying Jimmy back in the first place.
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