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  1. I actually kinda like how they did Jackson's death. We saw them going to the car, some kind of minor scuffle, then bang! he's shot in the back and shoved into the trunk, still partly conscious. It was shocking. My reaction was the same as the officers watching the video, stunned. And that's what they were going for.
  2. This exchange cracked me up: Nandor pulls out what is obviously an engagement ring. Guillermo: Is that what I think it is? Nandor: No, you little pervert, it's an engagement ring! I cracked up because it just seemed like one of those "silly Nandor" moments where we have no idea what he thought Guillermo was thinking of, but it was obviously perverse. Like, what could you think an engagement ring could be? But then I realized that there are other types of rings. And upon rewatching (because I wanted to get the quote right), Guillermo isn't just abashed and annoyed by Nand
  3. The corpse had its own little mini-arc, which was funny and bizarre. First it was in Nandor's coffin, then Nadja accidentally sat on it on the couch (I think) and Guillermo said he'd take care of that. I thought that that was the callback, then we got the unexpected shot of Guillermo and the corpse cuddled up. Ew!
  4. Yeah, Guillermo and the corpse was a bit unexpected. It might just been a one-off sight gag, but it's canon now. Definitely cool getting to know both Laszlo and Nadja a little better by not having them joined at the hip. Laszlo and Colin Robinson was different and worked pretty well. Laszlo did mention that he must be getting softer in his old age (or something that) because he's always found Colin Robinson boring as fuck, but they had a fun little subplot with the car.
  5. It might not have been his idea, though. Writers like to throw in things like that just for fun and see who catches it, but they might not know anything about the history involved.
  6. Hmm... Back to business as usual? I thought Guillermo coming into his own as a vampire killer was a huge step forward, the culmination of all the hints they'd been dropping, and I was wondering how they would continue the story from there. Maybe he wakes up and it was all a dream?
  7. It basically was. A way for the writers to not explain how she did it, that is. If Parker had just smiled and walked away, that would have worked for me. Ha ha, you'll never know, and the joke would be intact. Parker saying "I'm Parker" reminded me of another show I used to watch called "Suits" and there was a character named Donna who was supposed to be this amazing person who could do anything, pull any strings, get anything done that you needed, and if asked how she managed it, she'd just say "I'm Donna". Such incredible arrogance. The reason why it didn't work is because she actu
  8. I don't remember Parker being that smug or arrogant about her skills. Yes, she is the best. But stealing something when she wasn't even in the room and then "explaining" that she could do it simply because she's Parker doesn't seem like something she'd have said. But maybe all the years of people telling her how great she is has started going to her head. I know, it was meant for laughs mostly, but you can go for laughs and still be in character.
  9. I liked it. Obviously everyone's a little older now, but while Sophie, Hardison, and Eliot all just looked a little older, there was something very different about Parker that I couldn't quite put my finger on. Something about her face. I know that this first episode had to introduce the characters to anyone who never saw the original series, but having Sophie say "Grifter", Eliot say "Hitter", etc., felt really awkward. Why would they each say their "roles" out loud like that, to each other? It seems like there could have been a better way to make their roles obvious to the uninitiat
  10. I thought that there were only six Infinity Stones. Exactly six. I didn't pause and count them, but it sure looked like more than six in Casey's desk drawer, plus Casey said that they had a lot of them and some guys use them for paperweights. So... there are only six in our universe, but this show (or at least the TVA) exists outside of or beyond our universe? Something like that?
  11. Okay, I can see that. I guess his speech was good enough to fool me, but you're right; there's more to it than that, and Jackie's motivation was indeed more to cover his own ass than anything else.
  12. Yeah, he did say he would fight it, then later tossed his badge into the water. I forgot he said he'd "sing like Sinatra" but maybe that's yet to come, or maybe he changed his mind about that, too. Or maybe it was just Jackie being Jackie; shooting his mouth off. The thing he said that made the most sense to me was, oddly enough, the truth. She did too much coke, he was worried about her, so he dropped her off at the hospital, in the care of someone he knew and trusted, his former partner. And they decided to fire him for that?
  13. I figured Cathy always held on to some money, just in case. She got behind on her payments to Mick, but that didn't mean she was totally broke. There's always that secret stash of cash somewhere. She got rid of Mick, her current problem, just like she got rid of Jimmy, then gathered up the kids and what cash she had, and got the hell out of Boston. She intentionally avoided the front door to her apartment building, since Mick was there, so if anyone reported the gunshot, they'll find some dirtbag drug dealer shot by the back door. They might or might not put a lot into the investigation.
  14. Since it's the wedding episode, when I saw the title "Threshold" it made sense. Carry her over the threshold, etc. Then Lucy was moving a barrel of meth, but stopped short and told the bad guy that she was gonna go check on the other bad guy ("Half-life"?) and Grey said that she hadn't gone over the threshold. Anyway, I usually like it when episode titles have clever double meanings. This one seemed... not forced, but just a bit odd. I didn't recognize Harper at first. I assumed it was Mrs. Grey (who we've met) and I just didn't recognize her. But that begs the question: whe
  15. True, they did include that scene to let us know that Frankie was out of the picture, but it felt like they left it intentionally vague. Maybe because they weren't sure whether Jonathan Tucker would be available, or how much. I forgot about the "grieving in private" line, which does seem conclusive. But still, there's letting your audience figure things out because it's insulting to spoon-feed them, and there's making everything so cryptic and vague all the time that it really doesn't help. It can be hard to enjoy a show if you feel like you don't know what the hell is going on half the ti
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