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  1. Thank you! I tried to figure out how to embed pictures, and eventually gave up.
  2. Today is Jim Kerr's birthday. Kerr is the lead singer for Simple Minds, who recorded "Don't You Forget About Me". I watched the episode this morning, then ten minutes later I was on the Internet and saw that and wondered if they'd planned it this way. Probably just a coincidence, since they're off by a day, but a fun coincidence nonetheless. I'm pretty sure Deke's 80's rocker look (red handband) was supposed to be Mike Reno of Loverboy.
  3. Reading that interview caused me to reflect on "Freddy Bottles" Malick, and how he had a nice little character arc there. In only two episodes, he went from the naive kid to a crucial "thread" in Hydra history. I liked his line "You play the cards you're dealt, right?" and how he decided that he wasn't going to go out like his father did (after shooting Grandpa Koenig). By the time he grew up and was Wilfred Malick, I thought the character was far less interesting. We had Wilfred Malick for two episodes as well, and I don't know if we saw anything interesting from him.
  4. I thought maybe it was because the actor who played "Freddy" Malick in the 30's was the same who played Wilfred Malick later. They'd have to find an actor young enough to play the young Freddy but also could be made up to play the older man he became. With the right kind of face, and a beard, it could work. But I looked it up, and they were completely different actors. And it didn't really work because it just looked like a bad disguise anyway. So I'm stumped.
  5. Fair enough. "exist" = "live" fits the original phrase better, but "continue to exist" makes it clunky and awkward, and thus more like what Enoch would say.
  6. It may be taking the suspension of disbelief a step too far, but I figured Enoch showing up when he did was supposed to fit the "theme" of the episode. In action flicks, someone is often missing for a while, then shows up at just the right moment to save everyone. Arnold's "come with me if you want to live" -- obviously inspiration for Enoch's line -- is from the 80's as pointed out upthread, and this was set in the 70's, but maybe they just thought "close enough" and went with it. Anyway, I figured we're not supposed to question how Enoch would know when and where to show up. He just did, because that's how it works in this time period. The important thing is that his car is top-rated by Consumer Reports.
  7. "Come with me if you want to continue to exist" Sorry for being pedantic, but if we have a quotes thread, the quotes have to be accurate.
  8. I just wanted to mention that, as someone who didn't watch Agent Carter, I like how Agent Sousa was introduced. It's interesting when shows do something like this. His introduction needed to be enough for newbies to understand who he is, but not explained to the point where people who know him from the other series are gonna be bored by it. And if they're really good, they'll include things that will be fun callbacks for those who are familiar, but not distracting to us noobs or leaving us feeling like we've missed out on something. Anyway, they've done a great job here. I didn't know Sousa before, but I like him and I'm glad he's (apparently) joining the team. And if there have been callbacks, I've never felt like I missed the joke or the significance of something. Bravo!
  9. Sharpe calling May "oriental" and whatever he called Mack did clue me in that he was a racist ass, but it still didn't occur to me right away that Deke is white. The cast is diverse, and I tend not to see color anyway. Maybe because I'm not white, either.
  10. I have to admit, I had no idea why they all looked at Deke and decided that he had to interrogate Sharpe. Even when Deke pointed to his face and said "Because of this?" I thought "What, because he's a kid? A young guy wouldn't lie to him?" When I see Deke, the first thing I see is a goofy-looking white guy. Then I realized that it was because Deke is white, right before he walked away mumbling something about "white privilege".
  11. Carol was in there, too. Just "Carol". I don't remember it saying how she died. Actually, we know that Guillermo killed her, and his "team" was responsible for The Hustle Family, but somehow the Vampire Council has decided that Nandor, Nadja, and Laszlo are responsible for all of these deaths. How did they decide that? Or the Baron, or the guy in the hallway on the way to The Trial, or any of the others for that matter? (I know, it's just supposed to be funny because we know what really happened, and it was a way to recap all of Guillermo's "slayerness", but it would be nice if it made sense in-show.)
  12. I had assumed that Jemaine Clement was Vlad again, just as he was in last season's "The Trial". All three original vampires from the movie (Vlad, Viago, and Deacon) are on the Vampire Council. But I just double-checked, and his character in the movie was "Vladislav", and for his two appearances now in the TV show, IMDb lists him as "Vladimir". Interesting. Either way, it's a bummer that he's not going to be writing for the show anymore. I don't know how much he was personally responsible for the show's awesomeness, but I'm sure it didn't hurt having him on board. I'm just glad that there's going to be a Season Three, eventually.
  13. Some of Nandor's looks to the camera were great, too. Actually, I think the faux-documentary format really works for this show, because it allows them to break the fourth wall without "really" breaking it. They're just looking at the camera, which we all know is there and is even mentioned from time to time.
  14. That's a relief. I didn't think they'd go that way, and I really thought people shipping Lucy and Tim were kinda crazy for thinking it, because I never thought Tim would cross the line, but this is TV and I suppose anything is possible. So I'm glad they've come right out and said No.
  15. Nadja and Laszlo need to get their own familiar again. Mooching Guillermo's services, when technically he's just Nandor's familiar, isn't cool. I'm glad Nandor stands up for Guillermo when he's on his break and Nadja tries to get him to do stuff. Nandor seems to be upholding his end of the deal he made with Guillermo. And Guillermo's standing up for himself, too. "That's not in my job description." And yes, he said "Fuck you guys" when the lights were out and they were giving him shit about not finding the switch right away. I wasn't sure, so I turned on the closed captions and played it again. That was nice, though, when Nadja actually said "Guillermo!" when he opened the door to the storage/escape room. She does know his name.
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