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  1. Is "Daisy" a common nickname for "Margaret"? I don't think I've ever heard that before.
  2. It was a nod to Aliens. Biehn was Corporal Hicks, who carrried a shotgun along with all the futuristic weaponry. "I like to keep this handy, for close encounters."
  3. Yoda once mentioned that he trained Jedi for 900 years, so obviously his species lives a very long time. This leads to a 50-year-old "child" who's still a toddler, yet who trained in The Force for "years" (that's the word Ahsoka used). I'm reminded of the saying that wisdom is knowledge plus time. You can have all the smarts in the world, but if you haven't lived the years, you're still just a punk. Grogu is like the opposite of that. He's still a child, but has lived 50 years and seen things and done things, and had The Force with him most of those years. I think that's a big part of what makes his species so strong with The Force. Simply by living so long, they have like 10 times our life experience, 10 times as much time to get better and better with The Force.
  4. I agree about General Talbot. Being bound by what the military is allowed to do and say, he didn't always come off as the helpful ally they might have wanted, but he was a good guy. His ending was indeed "painful yet glorious". If you're gonna go out, go out with a bang!
  5. Yeah, Director Mace was a pretty cool guy. His was a nice little story arc and helped bring that season together.
  6. I watched it today, and enjoyed it. I liked both of the first two, and I liked how the second movie got a little crazier than the first, but in the same spirit. And here, they went another degree with it. This is not exactly Oscar material, and it was never meant to be. Just crazy, silly fun. I don't know if it was as good as the first two, but it was comparable. The reconciliation with Death was surprisingly touching. Bill and Ted's "reunions" with their older selves over the years was strangely touching as well, even as I was laughing out loud. Bill came up with some deep stuff about how we regard our future and past selves, and his observation on how Ted had more trouble getting along with his older selves than he (Bill) did was interesting. It seemed like the "theme" that Bill and Ted literally could not think of themselves in the singular, but always as the two of them, should have either been developed a bit more, or had more payoff, or something. The couples therapy angle felt like one subplot too many to cram into the relatively short runtime, but it was too important to drop. On the other hand, they were together in every scene, as were the girls. But it seemed like there was supposed to be more of a message there.
  7. Wow, thanks for the explanations (Coulson/Sarge). I guess the in-show explanation was so crazy that my brain couldn't absorb it and it just kinda blew past me. I mean really, that's about as hand-wavey, technobabble as you can get. But thanks.
  8. Did we ever get an explanation as to why Sarge was basically a clone of Coulson? I remember he had Coulson's DNA and everything, and obviously was just Coulson after living a life in different circumstances, but I don't remember the explanation.
  9. It is almost impossible to express how boring Nathaniel and Kora are. I think they're trying for the quiet yet menacing type, but the actors just aren't good enough to pull it off. Nathaniel is a smarmy, spoiled brat. When he had his little frustration tantrum and broke something, shouting about how he's used to getting his way, I just thought Yeah, because you're a spoiled brat. Then he went back to being boring some more. Kora was almost interesting for while, but it was hard to tell if she was trying to fool Daisy and May about her goals, or if she was sincere, because she's not a very good actress either, so it could've gone either way. Blasting a hole in her redshirted former associate I guess was her one non-boring moment. Then Kora and Nathaniel were happily, boringly reunited at the end, and we have no idea whether Kora's little scheme worked or what, because we never understood what it was in the first place. Unless the whole thing was just to cut the power, which cut the firewall (yet somehow not the computers themselves) so the Sibyl could come in and tease Coulson. Or something.
  10. Like most people, I don't really care about Nathaniel Malick or Kora the retconned younger sister. Young John Garrett played by Son of Paxton was mostly pretty good to great, so that was cool. But I'd rather they spend what little time we have left leading us more directly toward the conclusion, rather than mucking things up even more. Then I thought, maybe that's the whole point. The timeline is totally borked now. Daisy's mom is now dead before Daisy is even born (I too thought maybe she'd rise again, Highlander-style, then it became apparent that that wasn't happening). At the beginning of this season, I thought that the idea was to somehow get back to "the original timeline", but unless they literally hit a Reset button, I have no idea how they could do it now. So maybe they're intentionally having things go completely nuts, because then (hopefully) the series conclusion will be that much more surprising and satisfying. I still don't see how they could possibly do it, but again, that might be the idea. I'm cautiously hoping for a big payoff. We shall see.
  11. Missy? Oh, you mean "Mom". 😉
  12. Good question. We should've seen here in the cargo bay, when they made sure we saw the motorcycle that Mack took off in.
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