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  1. jennhatesyou2

    S01.E03: Vagina Bomb!

    I'm sad I didn't see this two years ago when it aired. Hi, I'm the rat-faced nose girl you guys have been chatting about. Few things I'd like to clear up: 1. My father died the day I got the phone call to be on Botched, literally as I was walking home from the hospital. We started filming 2 weeks later. He died after having surgery to fix his hip. The surgery worsened his dementia and he died as a result. Sorry I couldn't be more lively or put together for your sensibilities but my life was a mess at the time. I am not ashamed for crying, I had every fucking right. I was scared shitless of going into surgery after what happened with my dad. But of course they didn't talk about THAT. Dead parents doesn't make for good "plastic surgery TV". 2. 90% of that show was forced. The scene at the end? I had no control over my wardrobe ( They bought it for me), my hair, my makeup, the place, or what they asked me to "give" to camera. They wanted a 180 from who I was "before". So I gave them the best fake "amazing" life I could. I am not an actress and I don't want to be one. "Reconnecting" with my friends was a giant joke a producer brought up the day before my surgery. She didn't think my story was dramatic enough and asked me if I had a friend that would be willing to play the part of the "long lost friend". Joi, the girl at the finale with me, and I have been friends for 8 years and we have never fought once. We talk weekly and always have. But again, my life was not dramatic enough for TV so we played it off. 3. The only reason I did this show was because of Dr. Nassif. I had been interested in getting my nose fixed by him for at least 6 years prior to the show. However, I didn't have $30,000 to pay to do so. When the opportunity came to me, I jumped at it, regardless of how stupid I was going to be made to look on tv. And ya'll are lying if you say you wouldn't do the exact same thing. 4. Leave my mother out of this. The woman is fucking 75 years old. She had a nose job before half your parents were even born. It's terrible, yes, but if you want to insult someone, come for me, not her. 5. You should also be aware I was the first person filmed for the show. I was the test for how they would shoot the rest of the episodes. 6. The finale was filmed 2 months after surgery. My nose was still swollen. Almost 3 years later and my nose is perfect. Can't even tell anything was ever done to it. I can breathe and I'm happy. Sorry I didn't get to partake in this hate fest when it was still relevant. Obviously I didn't do this to gain favor with the internet. This is the first time I've looked at any response to the episode online and I only did it now because I was trying to find the episode and this forum popped up. At the end of the day I'm still thrilled I was picked to be a part of the show even though I came off on TV as a shithead. I'd do it again in a heartbeat to get the results I ended up with. I'm a really bad liar and I wasn’t made to be on reality tv and that was obvious through the whole episode. Sorry you didn’t enjoy the episode.