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  1. Hilarious re Long Island Medium. I was annoyed when she said this was her daughters day and it would be all about her, then did the exact opposite. Oh it’s my daughters day but if I just HAVE to do a (totally blatantly obviously fake) reading I will. I felt for her daughter, who has to live life around a woman who makes everything about HER.
  2. https://people.com/tv/bachelor-in-paradise-tayshia-adams-john-paul-jones-split/ I’m shocked! *eyeroll**
  3. https://www.google.com/amp/s/people.com/country/chris-lane-marries-lauren-bushnell-wedding-photo/amp/ she looks very happy
  4. I’m confused-why is she in Ecuador? What did I miss?
  5. Avery is playing with fire for sure, but I have to say her wedding dress was gorgeous.
  6. I think this shows that all of Shea’s drama was fabricated. I bought my wedding dress many moons ago but i would have LOVED to have Shea as my consultant. I used to work at a retail store that found that in women’s depts that targeted a younger customer, gay sales staff made significantly more commission than women. Proof that everyone wants a really fun and positive man in their life!
  7. My DVR recorderded two new episodes instead of the Northern Edition. There was a bride in the second episode that worked with Shsy. I think he’s really good at making brides feel good about himself so my opinion of him has changed. I’m now a fan. I liked the bride who dreamed of a Hayley Paige dress but didn’t love it when she tried it on. What a refreshing and NORMAL response!!
  8. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.today.com/today/amp/tdna160980 I didn’t watch Colton’s season as I don’t find him interesting, but maybe I should have given him more credit for figuring out the game and how to play it.
  9. I don’t understand any chatter about her looks. She may be involved in some, uh, unwise decisions but the girl knows how to dress for her body type (I’m looking at you Nicole!!) and I’m impressed by her makeup skills. I think she’s lovely.
  10. I keep thinking this is like The Bachelor which is filmed well in advance and therefore we’d have an update on the couples. Since it’s sort of real time how will we know if they last?
  11. I have so many questions! Who is doing the cooking? When all the girls are talking, is that natural or are they forced to gave ‘girl time’ vs ‘guy time’? Why doesn’t anyone go into the pool? Are there camera people or is this all filmed via hidden cameras? Are the couples able to sneak off to get intimate or is everyone always together besides the Hideaway?
  12. Can you post a picture of the dress the Lebanese bride ended up wearing??
  13. I’m loving the Vegas episode. The property brothers have always been an inclusive show, but I appreciate their openness-yes, let’s create a drag room! How can we make it the best drag room possible! Love love love.
  14. From the pictures I’ve seen it’s Jen Schaeft and Meredith that don’t attend.
  15. Just watched the first full episode of Say Yes to the Dress Lancashire (sp?) on Youtube and Gok Wan definitely gives Randy a fun for his money. He is very charming and wonderful with the brides!
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