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  1. I loved the show but ugh, I fast forwarded through most of the episodes. The same story, same drama. Pass.
  2. It wouldn’t be hard to have vaccinations a requirement for applicants. They visit countries that require vaccines already (yellow fever) so I’m sure those are required before travel.
  3. When was the reunion show filmed? I’m wondering if any of these folks are still together?
  4. The hardest part of the episode was watching her daughter gain weight throughout the season. Samantha can’t be saved with her inability to take ownership of progress, but I hope Bella can get out!
  5. I think you are confusing her with Pnina? Hayley dresses are more boho? I agree that she could start her own line and name it something else and people will follow.
  6. That’s insane! I don’t much about these kinds of contracts, but it seems predatory. I am not a fan, but I have to give her credit for her cult following as she speaks to consumers in a way that no other bridal company does. She deserves to start her own company!
  7. I think Clare is forgetting that relationships should be FUN too!
  8. Carrington’s speech was hilarious. He had nothing to say about Laurel’s personality or their relationship. He pretty much just said ‘I like that you are hot’.
  9. Is she wearing lingerie underneath her cap and gown? Sigh. Congrats for graduating though!
  10. This season does lack a bit of the joy that last season had. The woman are trying so hard for a connection. I think I’d like Moira as a person but on the show I want someone more charismatic. Kiersten had spunk at first but she’s lost it. Y’all-you should be having fun!
  11. Mackenzie just makes me sad. I’m sure people would look at her on Instagram and think-she’s perfect! But I just see a sad girl who has no self esteem and thinks that fake boobs and fake lips and men who fall over her will help. But you can see it hasn’t gotten her anywhere. Mackenzie-get some therapy and learn to love yourself girl!
  12. It looks like next week is Jojo and the week after is Alex (1st bachelor!) and Trista (1st bachelorette!).
  13. I’m disappointed that they didn’t check in with some of the other cuties-Ben Z and cupcake. And SHOCKED that they missed an opportunity to talk to Jade and Tanner!!
  14. I’m a fan of Rachel’s too, and agree that because she has strong opinions she’s judged. Your comment about her being judged because she’s a woman of color is interesting, as I’m still learning loads about how racial Bias shows up in ways I didn’t understand until recently. My question for you is-even if they produced Matt due to pressure, can’t that just be a good thing? A step in the right direction? I’m having a hard time with Rachel’s ‘too little too late’ stance. She’s right, it’s been a long time coming, but it’s here now?!
  15. I agree that Ed is skeezy, but I think Rose was trying out for a soap opera on the tell all. Her reactions just didn’t add up.
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