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  1. It looks like next week is Jojo and the week after is Alex (1st bachelor!) and Trista (1st bachelorette!).
  2. I’m disappointed that they didn’t check in with some of the other cuties-Ben Z and cupcake. And SHOCKED that they missed an opportunity to talk to Jade and Tanner!!
  3. I’m a fan of Rachel’s too, and agree that because she has strong opinions she’s judged. Your comment about her being judged because she’s a woman of color is interesting, as I’m still learning loads about how racial Bias shows up in ways I didn’t understand until recently. My question for you is-even if they produced Matt due to pressure, can’t that just be a good thing? A step in the right direction? I’m having a hard time with Rachel’s ‘too little too late’ stance. She’s right, it’s been a long time coming, but it’s here now?!
  4. I agree that Ed is skeezy, but I think Rose was trying out for a soap opera on the tell all. Her reactions just didn’t add up.
  5. I listened to Blake’s podcast with Ben and Ashley I and it was interesting. The things you learn when people aren’t under contract anymore! He addressed why he chose a date with Tayshua instead of Hannah G and insinuated with producers encouraged him to do so. He said he’d received such a positive edit on the bachelorette that he trusted producers were doing the right thing for him but he admitted he was naive and that they messed with his head. The producers of this show sound like really crapper people.
  6. Has anyone listened to the podcast? I’d love a recap!
  7. I see Peter is on the podcast circuit doing both Rachel and Beccas, and Ben and Ashley’s. Can someone listen and report back?
  8. Who knew that out of everyone we’d get the juiciest info from COLTON? I underestimated him.
  9. When you look at real life photos of Jojo and Lauren B they don’t look that different from before TheY must be using all of the photoshop/instagram filters at their disposal as I agree-they look fake fake fake.
  10. I usually watch for the snark value but I really wanted Dominic to succeed. I feel like if he could just build some momentum he’d be on the right track. Maybe it because he sounded more educated than your average participant? I hope we continue to follow his story.
  11. I’m just watching this and can’t help but notice all the hugging, hand shaking, etc. times have changed quickly!
  12. Wow, no Peter on Kimmel or GMA?
  13. I now watch the show just to see Randy’s vast plaid pant collection. He, and his pants, are the best.
  14. I enjoyed this show. The one thing that makes me nervous is the fame that tends to come with a hit show like this. Many of these kids don’t come from great backgrounds and are ill equipped to deal with the quick rise and the quick fall that comes from fame like this. Makes me want to wrap my arms around Lexie, and Morgan, Jerry, and many of the others.
  15. I agree that I don’t understand how it’s cheating. How is it different than any two people helping each other fill out a bracket? I’m no huge Jade and Tanner fan but unless I’m missing something I think she won fair and square.
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