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  1. planetofapes

    S02.E07: After

    OMFG GUYS Goosebumps!! I can't wait. Seriously, this is the best show around right now. Thanks so much for the promo. I can't wait until next week.
  2. planetofapes

    S10.E08: The Unauthorized Rusical

    Thank God the Vixen is gone! She had so many chips on her shoulder. She should think long and hard about why none of the queens in that room was her friend. Although Asia was nice to try and steer her in the right direction.
  3. planetofapes

    S09.E13: Reunited

    I am only a RuPaul watcher not a social media freak so I was surprised to see that the trolls were out to get Alexis and Nina. I mean Valentina truly gave up, I only wish she had a big pair of white granny panties to wave around cos she was giving up the ghost and the fans should know it. Also, Valentina was totally out of order, it was hilarious. Valentina came across as super shallow and horrible, I was actually surprised. Good on Aja for saying it was "fan favourite" cos from where I was sitting nothing too genial about Valentina. God love Ru for saying that she will still be getting the $5K though whatever she is called. I generally don't like reunions but this was really entertaining. A lot of knives being sharpened and stabbed in the back. OUCHIES. It didn't feel fake either, the stings were real. Also, instead of Aja just going "yeah I was jealous of Valentina so I just lashed out" she said she was being "aggressively complimentary!!!" OMFG I love that!! Trinity or Shea for the win, although I do love Sasha as well.
  4. planetofapes


    Loved this series (am late to the party) but I did feel disappointed after Zilpha died. Um, now there is no real "taboo" going on with him is there..?? Tom Hardy = sex on a stick. I didn't realise this until watching this series.
  5. planetofapes

    S09.E11: Gayest Ball Ever

    Was I the only person going "Andie MacDowell??? From the Hallmark Channel??? WTF?????" She looked like the Christian mother they send to summer camp to make gay people straight again. Nah RuPaul. No thanks. Also, Alexis. Girl, mirror time. You thought Nina was an unholy pain in da butt because she needed all this hand holding, you are even worse IMHO. Nina didn't want hand holding, she was just a misery guts. You on the other hand are angry because people weren't acting as your life coach, being the wind beneath your wings. PLURREAZZZE. As a great woman once said, this is not RuPaul's Best Friend Race.
  6. planetofapes

    S01.E03: But What Is So Headstrong as Youth?

    I am something of a purist. These kids are farm kids, they have a much better understanding of reproduction IMHO. I'm not so upset with the whole sexy time talk (although why wasn't Mr Phillips raked over the coals as an effing sleaze there was a real sinister vibe there!!!) what I am upset about it is the way Anne smashed that slate across Gilbert's face. Anne has a temper but she is a good egg right? She isn't the type to cut a bitch if they have pissed her off. I have a younger brother and we routinely beat each other up (in the way that kids do with ZERO hospital visits calm down) and smacking a slate across the top of your head is not going to hurt that much. Think of a hard cover book. Yep, it is going to sting but nothing major. However, smashing a slate across someone's face IS going to end up with split lip and with the force she used, it looked like a stitches job and even possibly a tooth break. If you fought someone like this in school you would be in very deep shit. Don't get me wrong, I love Anne of Green Gables. I'm happy they remade it because it will introduce a whole bunch of kids to this great story, the same way I was introduced to LM Montgomery by the Sullivan series. But Anne would not actually physically hurt anyone, even with her temper. The desire to make this story too gritty and street adds too much of a Dickensian flavour to the work, LM Montgomery was more a Disney flavoured work. Just saying...
  7. planetofapes

    S09.E01: Oh. My. Gaga!

    I love Gaga and I love this show. It was fantastic to see her appear as a judge. Mark is so right, she was very detailed, giving good feedback but not mean, cruel or hurtful. AND I do love that she considered herself a drag artist as well. It is like a theatrical version of a woman, an uber woman illusion I think, and Gaga knows this world so well. IT WAS SO GOOD. Strong opener peoples, I'm getting excited. I think it might be Acid Betty? I don't know why I thought that but that's the name who popped into my head. I think there are some truly beautiful ladies this season, I'm so excited. I am so happy that there is someone in their 50s on the show!! We need true diversity on the show, especially regarding AGE, I think they have really learned some lessons post season 7. One thing I've noticed is that first episode and Michelle is already talking about costumes looking "cheap". I do feel that there is a disadvantage for queens whose wallets are not so fat and I do think that Drag Race should have challenges that level out the playing field a bit more.
  8. planetofapes

    S05.E15: Spencer & Katy

    I'm late to the party but I just wanted you to know Tara, this is the BEST RECAP EVER. MASSIVE PROPS. I was snorting with laughter all over the place. I am going to watch this episode just because I get the sneaking feeling that this deluded fool might just have wanted a free trip to England, or if he really was empty headed. Katy Perry, I hope you have good security girl.
  9. planetofapes

    S02.E06: Drag Fish Tank

    Alaska bitch, that singlet was not a big deal. FACT. Okay, she is wheeling and dealing behind the scenes, she's getting rid of Tati because Tati despite her slightly crap commercial, is actual fierce competition. Her T-Boz was effing AWESOME. And, I really love her. Tati, I'm hurt you're leaving. I do think Alaska is getting a lot of wins here and it gives me the poos because I think Katya was better. Katya's runway look was my out and out favourite of the night, I don't think she has ever looked hotter. No one mentioned how harsh Graham Norton was - beige granny panties - that needed to be boiled??? Graham Norton was giving me a lot of LOLs. Roxxy if you don't go home soon I must just LOSE MY SHIT.
  10. planetofapes

    S02.E05: Revenge Of The Queens

    Phi Phi - BYE BITCH! Can I get an AMEN? Muahahahahaha. Sorry Phi Phi, your redemption arc did not go as planned. I only wish Tati had chosen Roxxy but I feel sure she is on the way out... anyway. Ginger and Katya are both funny but I did not think their comedy act would go well. And I was right. Tati and Detox were by far the best act, they both destroyed. Roxxy is so beautiful but yet again, so unfunny. Thank God both Alyssa and Tati are back, they were both so good I kept thinking oh Ru - how can you possibly decide...???!!! I feel sure that Roxxy will go home next week. These changing rules really do inject a lot of fun into the show - I love these twists!!
  11. planetofapes

    S02.E04: Drag Movie Shequels

    I love the way Roxxy looks, I think she is completely GORGEOUS. However, she is always very boring off the runway and now there aren't the dress making challenges (will they have them at all I wonder?) she has no opportunity to outshine anyone. Sorry, she should have gone home. Alyssa, I'm so sad. She provides tons of entertainment and her antics really give me life. Phi Phi just seems like a whiner and not a bitch, BITCH PLEASE. If you are a bitch I want some Joan Collins bitch slapping bitch, not some sour bitter notes from someone picked last for games. Alaska for the win, I hope Alyssa and Katya make final three.
  12. planetofapes

    S02.E03: HERstory Of The World

    Thank God Katya is still around... thank you Alyssa! I think Roxxy was weaker than Katya but I am grateful to Ru who pointed out that Lady Di was the only person we all remember and she is part saint now anyway so it is very hard to send up Lady Di for a laugh. I realise I may be in the minority but I never liked Ginger that much and so I was pleased to see her go home. I feel Roxxy should definitely be next, her runway I thought was a lot worse than Katya's. Phi Phi is a little trouble maker but hey, we all need a little trouble maker. Personally, I love Alyssa's antics and I think everyone else was pissing themselves laughing so it looks like Phi Phi is the only one who isn't so cool with her.
  13. planetofapes

    S02.E02: All Stars Snatch Game

    As an Adore fan I am very upset she left. It almost made her seem ungrateful for the second chance which also stinks. She will be sadly missed. I know she is different as she is more of a singer than a drag queen but given how much she improved over her season AND the fact that she is the one with the most fans, this... is a let down. I understand the comments re: not liking the new world order but I remember crying my heart out the episode that Ru made Raven and JuJu do their lip sync in the first all stars and screaming "EFF YOU RUPAUL YOU MONSTER!!" at the tv. I guess kinda like Adore, she couldn't handle another moment like that. She chickened out of it. Every judge on stage was bawling from memory, it was harsh. I was kinda meh about Tatianna but that spoken word thing she did really blew me away. I was looking forward to more but that Ariana Grande stunk. AND she was so awesome as Britney too, god, that hurt. Tati darling - I hope you come back! Early prediction, Alaska for the win. Not necessarily because she is the best queen, but man alive is she thirsty! She is giving it her ALL for every challenge and her Mae West AND lip sync was super impressive.
  14. No Jasmine, Kennedy or Courtney. Not a massive fan of these queens. I second the Detox nomination - I love this queen. Rather than an all-stars show I would much rather see "2nd chance queens" and get together all the queens who were knocked out in the first and second episodes. I can't be the only one bummed about Tempest Dujour and Kelly Mantle. Come on, this could be a thing. Someone please tell RuPaul!!
  15. planetofapes

    S08.E09: The Realness

    Yes. But given that Kim Chi used to weigh at least 100 pounds more than she currently does, she has never gotten the fat jokes that other queens have gotten. Let's be real, she is no Stacey Layne Matthews or Delta Work. Sorry, no diss because both these ladies are awesome. I'm totally shocked Kim Chi was still there!!! She is the most awkward for sure, she is lovable and sweet but she is very 2 dimensional in my view. However, I have to say that I do feel that her self-confidence stuff was genuine and it wasn't a poor little me thing she was doing for sympathy. I admit, I cried during her talk to her younger self. It was totally manipulative (thanks Ru Paul!) but it worked. And Chi Chi - OMG YOU ARE SO AWESOME. I am truly sorry to see you go. But it was going to be you or Kim Chi and weirdly enough, it was Kim Chi!!! This has been a great season. Yes, I was beyond annoyed with the Madonna week and bored silly with Snatch Game, but it has been a great season overall. Bob for the win!!!