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  1. You said it better than I did. The vulnerable moments were believable...but only for a few minutes, until she showed up again acting like an asshole. And the gang just...kept welcoming her back with open arms? Why?
  2. Yeah, totally thought it was Dave in the background, belching to inject some life into the scene. Coming, Eudora! So I guess we now know why David's been so...ahem...crabby lately. (Not sorry.) I guess I felt like Val was a good addition at first, but there was no normalcy to Val. Nothing was relatable, it was all too over the top. Even in her supposed "vulnerable" moments, she doesn't play it off well. I don't know which of her buddies I dislike more...Jonesy or Ginger. I never thought of myself as a big Brenda fan, but after trying (and failing) to watch the complete series this ti
  3. THREE episodes this coming week?? Hot damn! Despite my sabbatical from Facebook, I should remember to check there before I panic and assume you've been brayed to death.
  4. When are you guys coming baaaaaaaaaaaack? I miss yooooooooooou. Also listen to the podcast in the hellishness of Atlanta rush hour.
  5. I can't stop giggling about Grandma Beavis. Noob question: What's the sound clip for LVP from?
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