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  1. JTM

    S20.E20: The Good Girl

    ENOUGH, two weeks in a row, of emotionally manipulative "babies are magical" barely veiled anti-choice rhetoric. Two weeks in a row, Benson provocatively sentimentalizing pregnancies that are inherently fraught in ways that simply erases their fraughtness, automatically privileging fetus over mother. This is not a critique of one side or the other of a deeply emotional issue. I would be just as angry if St. Benson was provocatively challenging these women "are you SURE you want carry that baby, what with the RAPE and all???" This is a critique of the show for deliberate exploitation, via inserting emotional propaganda that does not belong there into a program that is theoretically about characters' engagement with police and the legal system. There could easily be a storyline that challenges current laws, if for whatever reason the producers wanted there to be. This emotional exploitation instead is cheap and it's disgusting.
  2. JTM

    S15.E19: Silent All These Years

    They don't. Even if there were still orphanages, which in Canada at least there aren't, newborns don't fall through the cracks. If they're not immediately adopted, it's usually because they're being fostered very specifically TOWARD the birth mother being able to parent them.
  3. JTM

    S15.E19: Silent All These Years

    Good remembering! Still pretty implausible though. MANY newborn infants have heart murmurs -- my first son had one 25 years ago -- and the protocol at the time was "let it be, check it in six months, most of them heal on their own". It's far from being a major issue, generally speaking (and clearly wasn't, if Jo's wasn't 'corrected' until she was three), but I'd submit that the adoption-desperation for newborns, and especially a newborn with no presenting parents, would have been huge enough anyway that she'd have been adopted. I think it was a miss by the writers. As, to some degree, from a different angle, was the Betty story. Placing an infant for adoption is all-too-rarely the mother's actual choice. Often it's deeply fraught. If anything, Jo's story with this set-up should have been an example of a best-possible scenario.
  4. JTM

    S15.E19: Silent All These Years

    One thing I don't get about Jo's story. Healthy newborn infant. I don't care if she 'handed over to an adoption agency' or left on the steps of a fire station -- no healthy newborn infant is spending more time in foster care than it takes for the next couple lined up for adoption to sign the papers. I'm in Canada, but I can't believe it's so different here. Healthy newborn infant with NO presenting parents, no grieving mother just waiting to be released from prison, or grieving teenager who changes her mind -- that baby's adopted in a heartbeat.
  5. JTM

    S20.E18: Blackout

    I can't even with Benson's outrage at being stopped and questioned and asked to step out of the car when she indicated she was carrying a weapon. "But but but my son was in the car, and he was hysterical." Cry me a river, toots. Pulled over for a dubious reason and then hassled into a reaction that 'warrants' ratcheting things up? Welcome to the world for a whole lot of people. Regularly. And they don't just get to call their chief.
  6. JTM

    S20.E16: Facing Demons

    Every week I think they've made Olivia as unbearable as humanly possible... and then they keep topping it.
  7. JTM

    Nailed It!

    They made the eggless version, which uses corn syrup instead of egg.
  8. I can't imagine they're forced to participate. And to be fair, they don't all have to have the exact same political viewpoint generally speaking to be reactive to the past two years -- which has less to do with policies than it does with tone.
  9. JTM

    S15.E08: Blowin' in the Wind

    I've completely blocked out who married them... but this drives me NUTS. It's the person who officiates who sends in the legal documents. NOT the couple. Unless US law or some states' laws are completely different from Canada, it's NEVER the couple that's responsible for sending in the signed docs. Believe me, we as officiants know how easily it would get forgotten. That's why it's part of our job. Ugh.
  10. JTM

    Vanity Fair

    This is straight out of the book. The heiress Miss Schwartz is West Indian. It was rather a 'thing' at that time, for the wealthy often-mixed-lineage daughters of colonial plantation owners to be educated in England in the hopes of snaring a high-end-but-poorish husband.
  11. JTM

    S06.E12: Meet Your Maker 2018.07.23

    I also found it weird that it was sort of implied it was connected to the incel thing, because it was very specifically targeting women for their professional success in male-dominated fields.
  12. JTM

    S05.E05: Quartet

    Foyle's War -- My absolute favourite, hand's down. The whole cast, the history of it, fantastic. And I too loved that our MI6 Hilda was in Endeavour too!
  13. I'm a little ashamed at how annoyed I was by that poor little girl, particularly since she doesn't seem to be getting a whole lot of "I'm good at thinking long term" parenting. But honestly, as a (mostly) reformed (ish) nail-biter, my heart broke every time I saw her hands go to her mouth. Whatever she's presenting up front, she's got some big sads going on inside.
  14. JTM

    Babylon Berlin

    I just want to quietly point out that there was no such thing as a Jewish collaborator in Nazi Germany. The occupied zones certainly had locals who collaborated -- for a variety of reasons, from vile to expedient -- but there was no way to mitigate Jewishness. No Jewish person could merely opt to be corrupt, horrible, evil, and 'get' to collaborate. Many things are nuanced. Nazi policy with regard to Jewishness was not.
  15. JTM

    Little Women

    I'm looking forward to the second half, which I'll certainly watch -- but I'd hoped to fall in love, and I haven't as yet. These books were truly formative for me, so I did have high hopes. I do like how closely they're staying to the book, because that's a huge pet peeve of mine. But something isn't ringing quite right as yet. Others have mentioned a lack of warmth, and maybe that's it. One thing is for sure -- I think it would have benefited from being longer with a slower pace. There was something frenetic about chapter after chapter whipping by in vignettes. It seemed to lose its heart in all the action. Updating language (mellow out) is weird. Far better to let the book be what it is -- and to let the subtext be reflected so that the characters feel real, as the new Anne did.