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  1. Bitchy McSnappy

    S06.E11: Nina's Crushing It

    Overall, not stunning. However, for Edmond's look, all I could think about was "polterwang."
  2. Bitchy McSnappy

    S07.E01: Sheklia & Talli

    This episode was a big lotta nothing - except for Max's comments, which were darned amusing. I agree with Whimsy - both Shekila & Terrance knew what the "reveal" was going to be long before it happened. Tally-ho, indeed.
  3. Bitchy McSnappy

    S16.E06: Models Off Duty

    It seemed like there was a lot more smack talk in this episode, which I enjoyed tremendously. The creepy twins provide good drama, but how much fun will it be when one is aufed? I am so looking forward for that to happen.
  4. Bitchy McSnappy

    The Blotter Presents 018: Son Of Sam

    Maybe it was just me (& the bourbon), but I was amazed at home cheerful David Berkowitz sounded - that was the creepiest part for me.
  5. Bitchy McSnappy

    S04.E12: A Tribe Called Key West

    This episode was such a big lot of nothing. The emotional set-ups were there. The alcohol was there. The long stretches of time with nothing to do were there, but there was literally nothing going on - no explosive events, crazy rants or semi-deep discoveries. The energy and air were sucked out of the series. It could have been epic, but, it was like, meh. Shoulda. Coulda. Woulda.
  6. Yes! Please! Every character on a Bryan Fuller show was so fun & so well done. What a great STD team! (yeah, that's not gonna play well)
  7. Laura's wig is pretty darned horrifying.
  8. Bitchy McSnappy

    S03.E08: Whit's End

    I was pleased at the less / overall lack of Landon in this episode. The recaps & posts are the only thing that makes this mess of a show bearable. I don't know whom I feel sorrier for: the spawn of Kathryn & Thomas, Patricia's butler or the nanny of those children. Finally, please, Lord Jesus, don't ever let Whitney sing again. That was just pitiful & painful.