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  1. I don't think Brennan will get cut this year either, I think Kelli regrets not putting her on the team last year. I do think Christina will get cut... I really have nothing tho base that on other than she is the only one left who really bugs me.
  2. I am also rooting for (Titans) Briana too, she is very well spoken and seems like a positive person. I am so sick of seeing Tina a VK GAG... also...was it necessary for her to straddle her mom? Thats just gross, now I can't get that image out of my head. THANK YOU CMT
  3. although I am sure Paris may be a really nice girl who has overcome a lot of obstacles in her life...her hair really bothers me A LOT.
  4. LOL It's all good, I knew the risks hahaha!
  5. Dang it! I knew I shouldn’t of come here LOL I’ve been trying to stay away from here but I just CANT!!! I wanted to see if i could make guesses about who makes it and Meredith is one of my favorites. She got cut??? NOOOOOOO :-((
  6. Love Meredith... wow she is gorgeous
  7. I feel so lost this year...I really don't recall many of the rookies candidates this year except Madeline Malloy, and Brennan. I think Brennan will make it this year. I do know that I can't stand the thought of watching Kashara up front again... yawn.
  8. I personally like Savannah a lot, I think she is beautiful. and seems very mature. Alexis is also another one of my favorite Vets as far as looks go. MOLLY.. there is something about her, she's so pretty. Kash -MEH... Tara-MEH... Tasha-MEH... Lacey GORG. I like Yuko too, she's definitely upped her game. Heather looks a lot prettier this year. Her profile looks different too. Whatever it is I like it. ( not in a weirdo way)
  9. I quoted myself... how the hell does that even happen? What i was saying is that Heather is beautiful. Lol
  10. I really like Christi Fisher too... great dancer and that body! Wow. I think she’s very pretty. She does have a different look about her, but I like her.
  11. She is very beautiful, but I am not feeling the bangs either
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