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  1. In earlier episodes, Marty told Ruth he'd show her how to launder money so he and the family could leave for good, and Ruth could handle the businesses on her own. Suddenly, we find that Marty hasn't told Ruth everything she needs to know. Marty's left out crucial information - which seems to be an easy procedure, once you know the steps. He told Navarro exactly how to handle the red flag, and could have shown Ruth, had he really wanted her to handle things on her own. I guess the writers didn't want Marty to be redundant after all.
  2. summer57

    S02.E05: Game Day

    I'm halfway through Season 2, watching with my husband. BB and Better Call Saul are much, much better. So much better. However, Ozark is ok.
  3. I completely agree with the comments above. Rio and Tokyo bore me, and I have no idea why the writers decided that Tokyo would be a good choice for captain. Neither of those characters do it for me, so one-dimensional. Sierra, now, she's on fire! I'd love to see Sierra join the gang!
  4. I just started watching, nearly finished Season 1, after reading a review in the Guardian. It's starting to grow on me - it's different from the UK or Scandi imports I usually like. I think there was an American re-make a few years ago? They wore pig masks, I think? I recall I watched a few episodes and got bored. Looking forward to bingeing the next seasons! Good to have something to watch during this corvid lock down.
  5. For all the Oleg/Costa fans out there - I was watching an episode of Americans, and Oleg's brother who died in Afganistan is named.... Yvegeny.
  6. Yes, I noticed this, too. And thought the same about Glass Houses and the work it takes to keep them spotless. When Celects went into the apartment, I noticed the difference right away. You are so right, the dirty windows are reality. I think the DP did this purposely, if only because it can be such a pain shooting glass. You get reflections unless you're really careful.
  7. Very pleased Michael won. I had the feeling that Adam approached GBM as just another competition and brought out his repertoire of competition-worthy dishes that he tried to tweak to fit the brief. For example, the ham hock terrine in the GBM starter was also in his Masterchef Pro final menu. I didn't see anything particularly original in Adam's plates -- I've been watching GBM since season 5 and there have been some stunningly original and exciting dishes. On the other hand, Michael and Ally were, in my opinion, cooking from the heart. In Michael's case, he cooked from the heart and also created some highly technical and risky elements. So in my opinion, the right chef won. Though my heart broke for Ally and his dessert!!
  8. I was really excited when FTWD was announced - I live in Vancouver where they shoot FTWD & my daughter's an actor. Would have been fun if she got a small part, but I don't think even that would save the show for me. Boring at best.
  9. About the chickpeas - we can get frozen chickpeas here at Costco & the local Indo-Canadian grocery stores, but I don't think they'd work as well as dried or canned in chana masala. I make chana masala a few times a month, usually with dried chickpeas (chana). The only difference between dried and canned chickpeas is the price & cooking time. Saying that, I can think of lots of veg that would work well in a masala, which is basically onions, spices and a bit of tomato. Getting the masala right is the tricky part, so good for Frances.
  10. Yes, Marcus has been much nicer lately. Back in 2012, he insulted a chef (Johnnie Mountain) to the point when he walked out of the kitchen. I have to agree with Marcus that O'Hare focused on style rather than the food in his starter, and it seemed to be more about him than about the WI. it will be interesting to see what he does with the fish course.
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