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  1. I’m stabby just hearing about this. I didn’t watch cause I can’t stand her saying that. So I came here instead
  2. How do extensions work? How are they covered up and what happens when it’s windy? Are they only in the back or on the sides too? I’ve never understood this. I don’t know what happened to Molly’s face. Something was off.
  3. The DM to Bekah said , “ just realized you were born the same year as my first 2 on 1” what did I miss? Bekah born in 1995. Arie’s 1st 2 on 1 was not in 1995!
  4. What did Bekah mean with “ that’s why you like moms “. She was tying it in to why she didn’t need him. I don’t get the connection/segue. Her sales pitch was well rehearsed and she really thinks she’s all that. I’m not buying what she’s selling on the show, instagram or anywhere else.
  5. Anyone notice the socks Arie wore with his high tops while walking his dog? They were sticking up over the top edge of the high tops about 3-4 inches & looked like dress socks, not sport socks. Who wears socks halfway up their calves with high tops? Maybe it’s just me.
  6. Do you mean Marikh? No one else comes as close as she does.
  7. The fashion mavens have the worst taste. Hell look at Anna Wintour! Some of the ugliest clothes I’ve ever seen. Same with Zoe.
  8. Bekka lost me with , “ I always need to be draped in fur”. And worse, “ I’m no drama. Simple. Easy to please.” Vomit. Too bad cause at first I liked her feisty personality.
  9. All these people are so ordinary . And/or walking cliches. We NEED Daniel. He so entertaining. And I still want him as the Bachelor. I'm sure there are other sides of him we haven't seen and I'm intrigued. But she also said she's on the WAITING LIST!!! hahahahahaha she is so pathetic
  10. She said a lot of double negatives last night. She didn't realize that it means just the opposite . 2 negatives=positive .
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