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  1. Just read May 28th on Netflix. I will be sorry to see it end.
  2. Very common in Holland. Some are even smaller than what is shown on that web site. If you want to know more about Dutch toilets, check out shelf toilets in Holland. I never get used to them.
  3. I live one town over from Paramus. I don't think they will ever overturn the blue laws. My feeling is that every town within the county should be able to continue with them or not. The malls would all stay closed since they are all in Paramus and smaller stores would be able to open in surrounding towns.
  4. Did the show that started last night come out before or after the series we just got? There is something off about Sarah in this one to me.
  5. No, of course not. My BIL and SIL were always hopping in and out of their rental to take care of things for the tenant. And if I heard 'Dutch Charm" one more time I thought I would throw something at the tv. The outside of the houses are almost all typical Dutch with the insides modernized.
  6. Has nothing to do with feeling old. To me, Grandma was my mother. My grandson started calling me Mom Mom and I love it. He has a different name for each of his grandparents that he came up with on his own.
  7. I went to sleepaway camp in Maine and we called it camp. The first time I saw this show I was very confused by them calling the cottages/houses camps.
  8. Rent prices are way down in NY. Still expensive compared to most areas of the country but a big drop. My daughter was able to get her land lady to drop her rent by 200 a month.
  9. When we went to Hawaii a few years ago I got a real kick out of seeing the Hawaii Life signs outside of houses.
  10. From the previews I saw, this looks new. She is definitely throwing her partner under the bus as someone else said and then she puts on the fake tears.
  11. Her fake tears were too much. I hope this is going to be a train wreck.
  12. I am pretty sure I read that they chose not to continue with the show. Running out but i will see if I can find something announcing this.
  13. I'm also in Northern NJ and wish we had prices that inexpensive.
  14. Watched the first episode and loved the couple. Glad the experts were not the main focus of the show.
  15. Thanks for the heads up on this. Had not heard about it before.
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