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  1. Qvc isnt selling suits. They're selling fast fashion that can be had for half the price at Kohls or Macy's. Their prices are prohibitively high.
  2. I loathe poly/rayon/span, otherwise known as hacci. Doesn't hold up well at all. It's everywhere now and it's a hard No for me. I find even regular rayon/span preferable but even that gets nubby too soon. Hard to find good old cotton these days. Almost everything I've bought that is "hacci" or poly/rayon/span I've gotten rid of. It really makes my skin crawl. Buyer beware.
  3. Checking in to add my voice to the chorus! Amy's hair is just awful. When did grown out dark roots with fried, chopped ends become a thing? And when did she become so unlikeable? She knows she looks awful, and shes trying so hard to be Shawn. The slobbification of Q alright.
  4. What's with all the plaid?? I'm not picking up what they're putting down. $52.00 for a fleece jacket? Q has lost their everloving minds.
  5. Also notice how it has no reviews. Hmm. Fishy.
  6. Logo is missing out by not making shorter tops. Not everyone looks good in a tunic length. I am long waisted and am realizing I'm not a fan of tunics. Been curating my wardrobe for fall and tunics are non joy-sparkers. Its funny when it takes you awhile to realize what works for you. I've also developed an aversion to prints. I'm not sure I even like clothes at all lol. Amy keeps referring to her "faverts". How about you call them something else Aimes. My ears are bleeding.
  7. Are the TSV "boots" supposed to be a good value? They seem rather expensive to me. And very uninspired.
  8. I'd say two sizes too small. She's doing a lot of fake laughing and fake smiling tonight. At least she seems to be trying, which is unusual for her.
  9. Mary Beth's hair is pretty today. Memo to Shawn: That's how you do blonde. Mary Beth does however look like she's in pain when she smiles. Not that I judge. My life also shows on my face.
  10. Kourtney just did an actual pick at her nose. It looked very contrived. JMO. Are they whispering in her earpiece "scratch your nostril now" ? Dafuq
  11. Jane just did a nose wipe. Call me crazy but I'm starting to think they're being coached to adopt Shawn-isms. I have noticed Amy, Carolyn and Kourtney do the nose rub. Yes, I am highly observant and have no life. They should all know better. Trying to "keep it real" and insulting their audience since 1986.
  12. The comment about the veneers is outrageous. What a colossal beyotch. HOW IS SHE STILL EMPLOYED?
  13. Who is buying this overpriced jewelry? I can't imagine that its selling well. Whatever happened to value. You'd have to be insane to order the TSV- no offense to those of you who are insane-.Take a look-see at Etsy and pick out something for much less, same look. $900.00 is highway robbery
  14. This is a very interesting discussion, very Greg-centric and not addressing the non-entity that is Katie. I find her vapid and uninteresting, going through the motions for the show. As for Greg, I could see where he was coming from. He just wanted some reassurance. I don't think he was that harsh. I have two issues with him: his faux joy at the stupid rain showers (who wants to get drenched in their clothes) and his (strangely unaddressed) porn-style reading over the speaker earlier in the season. That showed a side of him I definitely give side-eye to, much moreso than his (normal) attempt to
  15. Horrible hemline. It would flatter no one.
  16. Her eyebrows aren't quite as surprised. She looks good. I like her.
  17. Her hair color is awful. She paid someone to make it look like that?
  18. Watching a bit of Kerstin with Lug right now. She is so difficult to watch with the darting eyes and she handles the merchandise so roughly. She practically destroyed a display of wallets with her frenetic movements. Too much chaotic energy.
  19. Watching her on Monday night I was actually thinking she was trying to imitate Shawn; turning her back to the camera and rubbing her nose. It seemed obvious that she was trying to be Shawn. Why? She has to know better.
  20. The green crew neck tee shirt Katie is wearing is so unflattering. I do find Greg very attractive though.
  21. What on earth would those patterns go with? I understand matchy matchy is out, but they're not even cute patterns. I would have bought in a solid brown, green or red. Do better Lug!!
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