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  1. Jody (hunter turned huntee) could be played by Connie Britton in the movie! I was hoping Antoni would show her how to cook some gourmet meals with her squirrel meat and garden veggies, but I guess the point was more to make her feel comfortable eating that kind of food for when they go out? (And maybe it would inspire her to try to recreate something like that... if they have any time with their work schedules and the farm life!) ETA: Just watched the Jones Sisters and cried like a baby at the dentist appointment. So wonderful. (And so awful that this type of help is often unaffordab
  2. Ohhh... then, it makes perfect sense! Silly Jamie.
  3. Just watched this episode, and I'm having the same reaction I did when reading the book: Why does Jamie owe Laoghaire anything at all? He could have had her thrown into jail for shooting him with a banned weapon! Sure, Jamie wants to make sure the girls are cared for, but Marsali isn't there anymore and Joan is just one mouth to feed. Plus, Laoghaire couldn't downsize or remarry if her two deceased husbands didn't leave her with enough to live on? What would she have done if Jamie had never married her in the first place? I thought Ned was a better lawyer than that.
  4. The retired hoarding couple from Episode 2 hit close to home... you actually need to watch it a few times to notice everything. (My favorite was the 1989 encyclopedias!) I guess that’s the episode I’ll be sharing with my parents.
  5. Rebecca probably feels a mix of remorse and relief. Remorse that she didn’t ask more questions when Jack (and his mom?) were still alive, remorse that her marriage was so full of secrets after all... and relief that she wasn’t the only one hiding a huge secret and being the “bad” one after all. Miguel wins!
  6. What’s saddest to me is that Nicky WAS finally getting better in Vietnam, during that fishing trip with the little boy. (He was laughing and able to enjoy the innocence of the boy instead of envisioning him as his enemy.) Until the accident. I’m glad, it only for Rebecca’s sake, that we see that St. Jack kept a huge secret and was not such a saint after all. It’s good for Miguel, too, come to think of it. Jack’s parents had to have known about Nicky, at least that he came back from the war, though it’s possible he faked his death to them afterwards. Jack’s mom must have died some yea
  7. Seriously. And it would be so much easier to fool Eden than the Commander. I strongly believe Nick could easily get away with not actually having sex with her. She's so innocent, and with that sheet in the way, she wouldn't have known if he had faked it with his hand or a prop.
  8. They should have used a swaddled doll, then. It was extremely jarring to think that Moira had bonded with this 4-6 month old baby and was THEN giving it up, given that there had been no mention of that experience in the first season. Even more so if you watched this episode and then the next one in one sitting, comparing newborn Gavin (holding his own head up?!) to 10-month-old Angela/Charlotte.
  9. Damn, Father Andrei. No one was asking you to ID them without their disguises on! Idiot. Oleg will be fine. They have nothing to hold him on, and his dad is friends with Gorbechev — who didn’t get overthrown. There will be some sort of trade, even if Oleg wasn’t there on official KGB business. Paige will have to get better at lying REAL fast to fool the FBI, even if Stan covers for her. (Which he’ll have to, to some extent, to not let it be known that he let them escape.) And the family can reunite in a few years, when the Cold War “ends.” In the meantime, Phillip can finally me
  10. We haven’t actually seen that Tori is dead...
  11. NicoleMN6

    S04.E16: Fair Terms

    Empire needs someone with a decent PR mind. Blake could have been used as a powerful weapon AGAINST racism, as a kid who was raised to feel a certain way and grew up and realized it was wrong.
  12. Are we supposed to just forget about Anika killing Rhonda (and Andre’s baby) and Lucious covering for her? Take away the Empire throne drama and Andre’s mental state, and that would still be a pretty compelling reason for Andre to have snapped and tried to kill his dad.
  13. Would Elizabeth really be so thrown by the cyanide pill? I expected her to tell General Obvious that as a Directorate S operative, she’s never had the luxury of being arrested. She’s been prepared to kill herself rather than surrender for decades now.
  14. Hailey's clothing when conducting is so inappropriate, especially the low-cut slip dress she wore in the Japan semi-finals! As a (female) musician, I would have been completely distracted by her braless boobs bouncing around. It's also strange that she would go with those looks when she was worried that people would just see her as Rodrigo's girlfriend. It's pretty funny that when she finally dressed somewhat appropriately, she didn't do very well... I guess she needs to let it all hang out, literally?
  15. Kevin already had Jack's necklace. (We should have been reminded of that in this episode.)
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