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  1. So much for inspiring women and lifting each other up. 🤦‍♀️
  2. I just don’t get this. It’s mean and not funny. I thought K&J were better than that. Very disappointing.
  3. Namaste

    Past Seasons

    You are so right! I remember her saying that in her panel interview too! However, it was not a weak answer in Jinelle’s case because of the context in which she said it. She had a seemingly mature, intelligent interview in which she spoke well. Also, the context and manner in which she said actually did answer the question. In her case, “I have no words” actually said a lot. 😀
  4. Will. Ore than one legacy be allowed on the team this year? If so, the legacy banner would have to be shared between two people. That could be an issue for a certain person.
  5. Has etiquette training happened yet?
  6. We should we due for another cut soon, right?
  7. Yes!!! That’s her name! Thank you!
  8. I’m not sure about being an ice girl (sorry!). She was a blonde, about 18, had so much to offer the team. She’s someone who would have grown in the organization.
  9. Agreed about Courtney. I always thought she should have made the team that year. Hopefully, she auditions again when she finishes college. She would be a real asset for the team.
  10. Looks absolutely delicious!!!!! 😜
  11. Is this the same photographer as last year? These pics are 🔥 Bahaha!
  12. That was the first thing I noticed too! 😂
  13. Who is the blonde in the front row?