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  1. That dress would look a lot better if she didn't have pants under the dress and the dress was shorter.
  2. Bought a really cute barn red chest from Ikea a few years ago. I would never have attempted to put the thing together. My daughter and her husband were in from out of town. They put it together in about an hour. It would've taken me a freaking year. 😂
  3. I saw that the other day. About laughed my ass off. 🤣
  4. I'm over Blabby's family stories. Also, why is she wearing her bedroom curtains?
  5. I just googled Kerstin Lindquist reality show. Came up with a show called Chains of Love. Could that be the show?
  6. Thought I'd have a nice quiet evening and watch valeries final show last night. Who shows up to host with her? Mr. Loud mouth happy pants. Forget the nice quiet evening.
  7. @Cricket, I'm so very sorry to hear about your beloved Joe. Sending you much love, heartfelt sympathy and a ton of cyber hugs. We're here when you need us.
  8. Oprah needed to size up about 3 sizes! She must've borrowed Caroweeble's magic mirror. Sheesh! Was the permanently pissed Victoria Beckham dressed for a funeral or a wedding? I totally agree with Stacey1014 about Meghan's dress needing a sparkly belt. Just a very thin one. I did love the veil though. Thought the little pageboys did an excellent job holding it. Kudos to Doria for going it alone. I would've been a nervous wreck. Last, I can't stand Gayle King either!
  9. Cricket, I'm so sorry to hear about Joe. Please know I'm thinking of both of you.
  10. I think Bill Cosby finally, publicly, showed his true colors today when he called the DA an asshole, twice, after the DA asked that BC's bail be revoked.
  11. Kerstin needs to remember the old saying....how you get 'em is how you lose 'em.
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