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  1. Wells is still working as a DJ and is kind of a spokesperson for the Nashville Humane Association. He clearly loves dogs. Always possible that it's a long game act but from his public persona here in Nashville (media related, not Bach related) he seems like a lovely person.
  2. Sorry, guys, just pointing out for fun that IRL the place that's set to look like a farmer's market or street fair is just a regular street corner. The coffee shop Maddie went into was The Post East; the street corner was 17th and Fatherland (where The Post East is located), set like a street fair. It was fun to live in that neighborhood, random Nashville shoots like that happened quite frequently.
  3. Haha, I'll have to take note during the episodes! I barely notice anymore; the scene with Mayor Barry just took me out of my suspension of disbelief, because it was so awkward. If you want to read funny recaps, check out the Nashville Scene! Up until two years ago I lived in the neighborhood that has Deacon's house and the Bro House (and now this alleged corner where Maddie's new busker performer boyfriend dude is playing his guitar - which, by the way, has no people mulling about like a street festival; it's just a regular street corner). A lot of scenes are still shot in that ne
  4. That was so bizarre; that was Megan Berry, the ACTUAL current mayor of Nashville. I can't decide if I'm happy about the end to the political corruption storyline, or skeeved because the show crossed over a little too far into reality for me (Nashville resident). I would assume she's not the stalker, however!
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