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  1. Is this from IG? I can't find it Thank you 🙂
  2. I think this is Lauren and Josiah's house I remember them practicing signing sitting at the piano for one of the weddings they were singing at. There was front/back door in the shot just like this.
  3. Towards the end of the Ivy video from Ben IG can anyone else hear Spurgean saying Sam, Sam in the background? Maybe i am wrong. But if right maybe Jill was over with her kids.
  4. I wonder where they are do those trees in the background not look like Palm Trees to anyone?
  5. Wow she looks great!! What a difference. Good for her I must say.
  6. Lots of Jill in this episode I take it she is not estranged from the family after all.
  7. I thought Jana was the only one of those girls he didn't molest back then
  8. I wonder if they took their cat with them to LA
  9. I watched the show and saw Jessa talking about Henry being a little delayed and can't speak is this something new ? or has she spoken about this before?
  10. Where did you hear they were doing Halloween? I missed this thanks.
  11. on the box it says Made Sept 2018 with Jesus Oct 4th I would assume she was about 5 weeks along?
  12. She truly is insufferable. Something is very off with her.
  13. Where can we see the sales of the houses or the listings?
  14. Tony has gotten very large. I just caught up this season and couldn't believe it.
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