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  1. Your thoughts are far more developed than mine (well done!) but I agree, Cleo is suspect. There is definitely something being left out when she speaks. I think she knows a lot more than she pretends to and she is there with a purpose. Hopefully, it is a fun journey. I'm enjoying Caleb, MG, and Lizzie. Hope angst and Josie drama not as much. Something other than Landon is missing but I don't know what.
  2. We were there at the same time! I remember hearing that it was also being filmed in parts on my high school campus too (don't believe so) but I thought great, now I have to watch this movie. It was nice seeing parts of campus.
  3. Lyinfait

    Hamilton (2020)

    When one character said I immediately started doing peanut butter mouth and giggling. I know that one! But then it got started. And wow! If this is the filmed version and there was that much passion and energy, I can only imagine what being there live would be like. It was much greater than my expectations. I loved all the natural hair and glorious voices. Some of those voices were revelations. The music, the rhythms, the choreography, the wit--that is how a vision comes together. I'm gushing but it has been a very long time since music (my passion) made me feel passionate. I had chill
  4. Yes! I do believe Tan tossed him through the window! That was really something.
  5. Not only predict who would go but if Ongina didn't go, it would have been uncomfortable. Ongina had a pass last week, this was the week to blow us away and it sadly did not happen. I did not need Miz Cracker to add input though. Wow, she went from one of my favorites to not. I appreciated the hindsight awareness but it was too late. Alyssa Edwards! Nothing but love. Shea was unbeatable tonight, though. Did not miss a beat from lyrics to performance to that runway and then the lip sync. No contest.
  6. This show keeps me riveted. I love how it connects and people turn up, it really does feel like a game of chess. I thought this was the final part so I'm happy to know there is more to come. I agree with posters upthread who preferred Part 4 to Part 3. Part 3 spent too much time on characters that did not interest me, put it like that. I absolutely loved Moments where things click, either in my head or for the characters, really make the show for me. Glad to see some comments in this thread.
  7. I felt very uncomfortable for the one contestant who didn't get chosen. That was such an awkward moment in a usually feel good show. I was cringing the entire time, knowing (guessing) he wouldn't be chosen and then watching him stand in the background while the others sang with Bebe. Miracle had such a big response that it was the obvious frontrunner. I liked what was done to liven Bones up and do think the combination song end product worked. It is episodes like this, however, that make me frustrated by the format. I may be way off base with the process but it seems that writers submit
  8. Agreed! I knew Lovestruck had to be the one when he introduced it. The fact that there wasn't much changed in the final production said all I needed to know. It just has a great vibe and room for harmonies. I love it. I also liked what Shane did with What if it's love. I always laugh at Ryan redoing almost every song completely whenever he has the chance. Just gonna throw out the lyrics, and verse, and keep that one word there. That said, bad things chorus was really the best part of the song.
  9. This was my favorite of the three that have aired so far. It was fun from beginning to end. I loved how the men embraced the experience. The roast was truly one of the best I've seen on Drag Race. I could not choose a winner when watching the lip sync so I was thrilled that Ru didn't choose a single winner either. Each contestant had something different and special to offer.
  10. I thought it was just me! I have never truly noticed details like wigs and hairpieces but I cannot help but be distracted on this show. Noticed it first with Hope, then Lizzie, and now I cannot stop noticing. I don't understand why they haven't done a better job.
  11. Ha, I did notice the snark. Thank you for the information!
  12. Kai definitely seemed to have mastery over his cage. I'm unfamiliar with his powers, if he has any so I was not sure how much the first half might apply.
  13. Sphinx: There are two prisoners. One is the master of hiscage. The other returns home without power. The sins of the father are visited upon the daughters here. And not here. New hero rises but can be felled by the golden arrow. The wolf among you has many faces. When time fractures, darkness overwhelms. But the greatest destroyer of all is love. The sphinx was on to something! I enjoyed this episode. I have no historical knowledge of the other shows so Kai was new and interesting to me.
  14. If there were ever an appropriate time to get in touch with their high school selves it was this episode. This cast was 30 or approaching it but felt quite young. If I didn't know that high school was 12 years ago, I would have guessed they had only recently graduated, 5 years ago max. Many of the wounds and wants seemed fresh. I cannot believe no one had really addressed Allison's injury, particularly the long lasting impact of the injury itself and lost opportunities during the time she was injured. Was she not able to audition for sports teams in college, get scouted, how was she changed? I
  15. I thought the editing was hilarious. It seemed that every word out of her mouth was some variation of how they dated and stayed in touch. Or asking who else dated as a way to get the conversation back on the topic of who she used to date. She is definitely going to be surprised by the playback.
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