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  1. Lyinfait


    I am really enjoying this show. I wish I had a group to collaborate with on my music. It just looks like such fun. And that is how the show feels, fun and refreshing. I dread next season when they "fix" it as they usually do. Right now, it is a perfect little summer show that makes me happy. It helps that the professionals are so into it. Fresh blood gets everyone excited I think. I want to hear the music of the new songwriters. Some of them have such lovely voices.
  2. Lyinfait

    S16.E02: Auditions 2

    Too many stories. Too much crying. Too many superlatives (No, it was not epic). Where has my show gone? Auditions used to be one of the best parts. All of the show was the best parts: I loved interesting auditions that introduced me to new dancers; I loved watching the dancers try different styles; I loved the rotating partners. I just loved this show. Now, auditions are flat and missing the city individuality and regional influences on dance. My time is wasted on backstories for every single dancer. And then I have to listen to rave reviews about average product. I'm sad.
  3. Lyinfait

    S17.E13: One Elle of a Day

    Thank you! I thought her entire collection looked like imitations of the Clueless cast wardrobe, down to the knee highs and cutesy handbags. I couldn't believe none of the judges mentioned that. There is inspiration and there is derivative. What is fashion forward about copying a look from the 90s? Bishme was hard to watch. Poor guy. His collection just wasn't what it needed to be. I was glad for him to be out, if for no reason other than he needed to remove that weight of winning a contest on top of everything going on. His time isn't just yet that's all.
  4. Lyinfait

    S17.E19: Season Finale (2019.05.19)

    Such a long unnecessary undertaking. This is why I stopped watching so many seasons ago.
  5. Lyinfait

    S17.E09: The Stitch Is Back

    His style has only ever looked to me like a puffy coat or down alternative blanket tied or draped around the body. This week, it looked like a hybrid coat blanket tied around the waist the way we used to tie our coats when we tired of carrying them. It always looked silly when the kids with the puffy coats tried to do it. Yet today it's considered top 3. Go figure. I'm tired of these new designers focused on having their 'signature' in everything be it puff, fringe, no hem, corset, one color only or whatever anyway. I feel that they have confused signature with gimmick and are boxing themselves in (one way ponies in a pen?). It's an annoying trend seen on reality television. You don't have a "brand"! Do good work. You can't help but leave your personal mark on all you create, that signature will develop on its own.
  6. Lyinfait

    The Perfect Date (2019)

    Well said, haje. I did feel that Brooks was a variant of the other characters I have seen Noah play. He's charming and all but the film doesn't have the charm of To All the Boys. I definitely agree that it is the leading lady that makes the difference. I disliked Sierra Burgess and didn't form much of an opinion on Cecilia. She had a clear "character"-the rebel snarky friend who gets overlooked until she isn't. It was all paint by the numbers. I'm not sure what would make her character better for me but it was missing something. Maybe I glanced away too often but I hardly thought they had interacted enough to have developed any real feelings for one another, let alone enough for dramatic declarations.
  7. Lyinfait

    World Of Dance

    I am grumpy about the selective mutism reactions. I feel like producers pull a sob story from any possible thing they could from each group and this was the best they could find in this group of girls. I'm tired of the stories. Let them just dance. No cut aways (hey!) and reaction shots from everyone in the room instead of showing the dance.
  8. Lyinfait

    S03.E19: P-R-O-M-P-- PROMPOSAL

    I love when Jimmy gets to make a speech. It happens so rarely in the series but it is always one of my favorite moments: Jimmy takes a stand or makes a point with a fierceness that surprises everyone because he's usually so easygoing.
  9. Lyinfait

    Christopher Robin (2018)

    I have never been a Winnie the Pooh follower but my mom told me to watch this movie. I am glad I did. It was quiet and charming and just soothed me. What a sweet little film for a stressed out me. Pooh was adorable.
  10. Lyinfait

    Pushing Daisies

    Thank you so much for that information. It really does help explain some details for me. I remember having trouble finding the show during the 2nd season and figured that what I had missed was what I was missing in my understanding of the show. Then I finally watched the series in full and still felt I had missed some episodes. Your post fills in some of the blanks.
  11. Lyinfait

    Pushing Daisies

    I am very confused. Perhaps I only recall the speculation from the forums but I thought there was a resolution to the masked rescuer storyline but there wasn't? I thought there were scenes after Chuck told her aunts she was alive? It seems I created an ending in my imagination to fill out the ending we got. The whimsy keeps this show as one of my favorites. Series of Unfortunate Events gave me a similar feeling.
  12. Lyinfait

    The Rap Game

    Super proud of Tyeler. I think JD made the best choice. I really appreciated his speech to Sire. I hope that Sire actually heard him though. Mom crying harder than him and the weight of carrying his whole family to greatness might keep him from truly understanding what he was being told. The talent is there but I absolutely was distracted by all the antics. I counted Nya as third place before they ever performed and her performance did nothing to change my mind. I didn't even hear a hook. I hope she watched this back and learned more about her limitations. The talent is there but the ego is overwhelming. I would love to stay and chat but I don't get paid for that. Whew! Until next season I suppose.
  13. Lyinfait

    Unpopular Opinions

    When I first saw trailers, I thought, "wait, there is going to be a movie for that awful book?" I disliked so many things about it: shifting tenses, flat characterization, stupid violence, annoying dialogue. I disliked it enough to remember the name of it (read many books and tend to recall only the very good or very bad). I could not believe all the positive reviews.
  14. Lyinfait

    The Rap Game

    The manager switch up is my favorite challenge too. I was disappointed in the passivity of some though. Dustin, in particular, just stood by and said everything is great. Good work! He didn't seem to put forth any effort. I mean, just because it's not something you usually do, does not mean you are incapable of doing it. Nya was almost begging him for some input. I felt sorry for her until her smirk in front of everyone at making him fix her hair. Then I thought, maybe she deserved a silent partner. I was impressed by Sire (Syre?) when he was away from his mother. I don't think his manager offered much insight either but his more laid back approach worked for Sire. And the opposite was true for Amayah. She grew in confidence with Brandie's input. I was happy to hear Brandie admit that Amayah did have the ability to write a rap quickly. It was nice closure to last week's drama.
  15. Lyinfait

    The Rap Game

    It does show. They are so very confident until they actually need to perform in front of an audience. That skill is one that comes by doing. Even filming a live streaming performance isn't the same as a truly live performance if there is not an audience to interact with. I think Tyeler is my front runner because she has confidence and performance ability as well as a working ethic. I know some kids of past seasons thought hard work wasn't necessary so I appreciate her talking about her years of experience working for this. All her teen years indeed! I am rooting for Amayah but it is possible she is not a performer. That is ok. She can ghostwrite and release albums to her heart's content. Freezing up is not working. JD will not choose someone who is not a reliable performer. It's embarrassing. I dozed off and missed the drama about her prewriting her rhyme or not. I will have to rewatch.