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  1. 6:18 first ad for Joe’s podcast. Mika chirps about how good it is. Do they pay for these ads?
  2. The Twins MIA. Willie and Jonathan and Katy holding down the fort. No yelling or interrupting. Questions asked, questions answered, information shared without drama. Oh so nice. Mornings should be this way. Calm.
  3. Watched the first half hour. The opening had Joe and Willie talking . I was seeing someone else at the table. Mika was talked over and the other person was ignored. It just seemed so forced, phony and rude. It ended up being Eddie. Joe asked him a question and didnt let him him finish. Maybe I was just in a mood but it all annoyed me. If you have all the people around a table, which is sooooo good, polite people acknowledge those sitting with you.
  4. Of course JB has a death grip on me a meecheles back
  5. I saw Max Rose was on today. I think hes great. What did he have to say? I couldn't stick around to see him.
  6. Have they physically left already???? Mentally they’ve been gone for a long time.
  7. Waking up With Willie is watchable. You don’t sit clutching your chair being screamed at and listening to another person having a breakdown in front of you. We don’t need her anxiety in the morning. I have enough of my own. Willie is calm asks questions with out a diatribe and then he lets the person answer uninterrupted. How refreshing.
  8. Well Willie is in charge. Thankfully he has a work ethic. It’s a double edged sword. I get annoyed that they are soooo lazy that after all that has happened there is no interest in doing your job. But it is nice to be able to watch the show without being yelled at or watching someone cry reading the teleprompter haltingly.
  9. This show has turned into ground hog day. Rinse and repeat, rinse repeat.
  10. Is Mika texting on her phone at the beginning of the show?????
  11. Am I missing something here? These guys are supposedly saving lives while the guy in the love shirt strolls on by.
  12. Mika has a nice colorful top on today! Then she start talking.
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