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  1. I watched it - it was certainly cheesy at times!
  2. I loved it! So excited to see Ziva - I just hope Gibbs isn't imagining her!
  3. not sure it was deliberate, but I did laugh when Foley's character threatened to put Karen in a deep hole LOL (remembering Scandal)
  4. Such a fun show! I really enjoyed it and I hope it can keep it up!
  5. I remember reading that, but that must have been as far as I read because I don't remember about having to re-follow everything - so I obviously completely misinterpreted that to mean that my followed shows would populate on my homepage automatically, and nothing was required on my part. Since none of my shows were there after the move, I made a list of what shows I was following (the ones I can remember) and will now begin the process of re-following them.
  6. the other thread about the shows missing from the homepage has been closed - not a single show that I was following was carried over from the old site to this new one, despite assurances that this wouldn't happen - am I the only one this happened to?
  7. American Housewife Better Call Saul Big Bang Theory Big Brother Big Little Lies Bosch Castle Rock The Connors Elementary Endeavour FBI Get Shorty Goliath The Good Cop Good Girls The Good Place Grace and Frankie Happy Together The Haunting of Hill House How to Get Away with Murder Imposters The Kominsky Method Last Man Standing Life in Pieces Lucifer MacGyver Magnum P.I. (2018) Man with a Plan Mary Kills People Mayans MC Murphy Brown NCIS: Los Angeles The Neighborhood Roseanne Schitt's Creek Seal Team This is Us True Dete
  8. My followed shows still haven't shown up on the My Homepage - I followed 4 this week and they are there, but all the shows I had previously followed are not - I've cleaned cache and cookies already, and logged out and logged back in
  9. I've read comparisons of this show to Dexter - so I can't have been the only one that noticed that the first line of this episode was "tonight's the night" - which was the first line in the first episode of Dexter kinda gave me the chills! LOL a bit too much narration for my liking, but I've enjoyed the first 2 episodes
  10. Cho's personality hasn't changed LOL
  11. well great, now I miss Bones! LOL
  12. I think I'd rather keep Negan and get rid of Eugene
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