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  1. BindsTheTuna

    Season 3 Discussion

    Yes, I think so.
  2. BindsTheTuna

    Trial & Error

    I didn't watch Season 1, so forgive me, but is Carol Ann sounding like Nancy Grace supposed to be a quirk, or is it just me?
  3. BindsTheTuna

    S05.E04: Second Chances 07.22.2018

    Is the bar (diner?) where James and Angela meet a real place? That curvy bar is very cool.
  4. BindsTheTuna

    Season 3 Discussion

    Poor BB. I actually gasped out loud.
  5. BindsTheTuna

    S05.E02: Damage Control 07.08.2018

    I thought that too. He seemed almost disgusted by the thought of having sex with this obviously beautiful woman, plus he turned her around for doggy-style, which I learned from Masters of Sex* is how closeted gay men have sex with women. *not a real school ;)
  6. BindsTheTuna

    S05.E01: Everyone Is Implicated

    I thought Dre was in this because Kanan was threatening his daughter? Why didn't he just tell Ghost that at the cemetery? I swear, this show has me blinded by the dumb so much I can't even keep track.
  7. BindsTheTuna


    I just finished Season 4 (am a Britbox subscriber) and it is very good. I didn't spoil myself reading UK sites, and I was kept guessing all the way until the end.
  8. BindsTheTuna

    S01.E04: These Bloody Thoughts

    I would have sworn on a stack of bibles that the man playing Silver Smile was the same one who played Mr. Abernathy in Fantastic Beasts, but a quick IMDB search tells me I'm wrong. Josef Altin and Kevin Guthrie look like twins!
  9. The unsolved murder of Valerie Percy would be great.
  10. BindsTheTuna

    30 For 30

    I don't think you can call St. Anthony's a true "prep school." It's a private, Catholic school in poor area that is kept alive by the fame of their basketball team. Christian's mom passed away recently. RIP. I will always remember her in that neck brace at the Kentucky game.
  11. BindsTheTuna


    Any Glaswegians know where the carnival scenes were filmed? Red stone terraced houses with what looks like a walled garden?
  12. BindsTheTuna

    Figure Skating

    Bitter, party of one?
  13. BindsTheTuna

    S07.E01: Sheklia & Talli

    YAY RECAPS! I've missed these so. (Not the show, just the recaps.)
  14. BindsTheTuna

    Season 5, Episode 5 actors?

    Curry Graham
  15. BindsTheTuna

    S03.E03: Part-Time Hires

    Fabuloso! I love that floor cleaner.