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  1. honybr

    Post-Election Fears & Anxieties

    I know this has been said several times, but this thread has saved me. My 10 year old woke up and asked who won. I told him and he immediately burst into tears and asked if his friends were going to have to leave the country because they're Mexican. All I could do was cry with him. The only time I had seen horror and fear in his face like that before was when his grandmother died and she was his best friend. His principal told me several children asked their teacher what will happen to them if their parents get deported. These are not problems young children should be worried about. We're African-American and I told my husband that at least for the next little while I need him to stop doing his morning walks by himself. I don't feel it's safe and we live in a fairly safe place. I also agree with everyone who says they are grieving. That describes it perfectly to me. I was thinking about how I acted on Tuesday night and it was exactly how I acted when my mom died. An election should never bring up those same types of emotions. Sure I've dislike many presidents but was never actively crying that they were in office. I don't really have any good words but it's nice to find comfort here. Once I feel a little more stable I do plan to do more in regards to politics/elections. It's just too critical.
  2. honybr


    Very much so. It doesn't even have to be a bishop. A pastor's wife (i.e. first lady) can be called "Lady ..." First time posting in this thread but I'm loving this show. As someone who is deeply involved in church politics this show has even sucked in my husband. Some things they are over the top but others are like Oprah was eavesdropping at several church leadership meetings. Lol.
  3. honybr

    Unsung Hollywood

    I don't like her new nose and I wish she would have left it alone but other than that the woman doesn't look near the 50 year old she is. I enjoyed the episode as well. I'm glad she didn't come off as bitter which I was afraid of. I also enjoyed she makes fun of her love life during those plays.
  4. honybr

    2014 TV: Biggest Surprises

    Black-ish could have gone very wrong, but it has turned out to be my favorite show of 2014. The biggest surprise is how funny Laurence Fishburne is.
  5. honybr

    In Memoriam: Celebrity Deaths

    I too was sad to hear about Elizabeth Pena. I loved her as Gloria's mother on Modern Family.
  6. honybr

    Season 1 Talk

    I enjoyed this episode. Everyone has mentioned all the great lines, but I love the chemistry. I also quite enjoy that they remind me of a more modern version of the Cosby's because of the family bond so it's great to have that on the year of the 30th anniversary of the Cosby Show. I'm glad so many people are enjoying it because I'm always nervous that shows with POC in the lead have a super short time frame to prove themselves. My favorite part was when they showed how they wore their towels and her's said "grew up in a naked house". That is so me and my husband that we looked at each other and cracked up.
  7. honybr

    Season 1 Talk

    This pretty much sums up how I feel. I can't actually think of anything I didn't like either of them in so I really enjoyed this. We laughed out loud several times and could relate to a lot of it. We live in a state with 1.8% black people. My son goes to private school and when black people are touring to see if they would like to send their children there it never fails they go straight to his classroom (he's the only black student in his class and one of less than 10 in 197 students). No matter what the grade. So that tour bus at the very beginning? That sold it for me.
  8. honybr

    R&B Divas: Los Angeles

    I think I'm going to let this show go next season. It makes me hate people I usually like. I typically like Chrisette so I wanted her not to be like she was on the show. I have never liked Chante (I like some of her music but haven't liked her in any interview I've seen or read) so while I think the whole situation was stupid and petty I still couldn't get behind her dramatic talking heads. The best part of this season was I found out I really like Leela James.
  9. honybr

    S05.E01: Inking With the Enemy

    Yeah - I'm going to have to let this go this season. Which is a shame because I love tattoo shows. I'll miss Dave too.
  10. honybr


    Ok I loved this episode because I loved Hi Five back in the day. I was so confused that they kept saying the guy who shot someone was the lead singer. Clearly Tony was the only one singing lead with maybe someone else doing the bridge. Watching this made me realize how many of their songs I liked. Had to go you tube a couple. Sad about all the tragedies though. I had to laugh that they are still touring because the fans want to see them. I noticed they didn't really pan out so we could see the size of that audience. I loved Hi Five but I have no desire to see them without Tony and I'm sure a lot of people feel the same.
  11. honybr

    R&B Divas: Los Angeles

    Chrisette is doing too much, but I laughed hard when she said "Just say Kelly Price! She's not watching. She's booked!" I loved it. I really like Leela and I didn't know a thing about her before, I adore her voice. Of course, I like all the Diva's voices I just wished they would sing more.
  12. honybr

    The Simpsons

    Me too. I finally got my husband to use it. My favorite quote ever will always be from Homer "I am so smart! S-M-R-T". I say this all the time when I do something dumb. I also use "Chesty LaRue" quite often too.
  13. honybr

    Social And Race Issues In Black-Ish

    Well I love all things Anthony Anderson and Laurence Fishburne so I'm certainly going to be watching. The trailer did make me laugh so I have high hopes.
  14. I'm so glad to see everyone over here! I didn't post much at TWoP (same name) but I read every day. I'm going to try to be more active here.
  15. honybr

    S03.E15: Mama Said Knock You Out

    I enjoyed that far more than the actual episode.