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  1. Looks to be an interesting show this week. Matt Taibbi, Katherine Mangu-Ward (editor of Reason), and musician Stevie van Zandt.
  2. [Deleted because people are misunderstanding the issue here too much.]
  3. I'd never heard of a Hebrew tradition of twirling chickens - I don't pay much attention to religion. But if true it's great to see Bill ridicule it, like he does with ridiculous practices of any religion. Who else openly ridicules religion? For that sort of thing alone his show is worth having, but there is so much more that makes it worth watching.
  4. Rachel and Shane were to head to Tahiti for the next leg of their honeymoon. So maybe it's set in Tahiti.
  5. A lot of references to rich *white* people, often said with a tone of hostility. Lots of race consciousness, and racial hostility. The writer is reflecting an anti-white tone that has been accepted in the media as well. But the writer did a good job of bringing other ways of thinking as well - bringing different modern POVs into the dialog.
  6. Moynihan didn't have enough chances to speak. And later in the discussion he really had to fight to get any words out.
  7. They whittled the finale to the least consequential sort of "big" ending possible, so they'd have plenty of possibilities left over for next season. I'm disappointed because I wanted the cretin Kevin gone and for Allison to prove to be more of a competent, heroic sort of person. But they reduced her.
  8. So it's going to be like this each show -- stupid idiotic sitcom nonsense with the husband and friends acting like intelligence-challenged lunatics? I am hoping the dumb sitcom stuff ends and I don't have to suffer through it any more, and we get into more of a drama. But I suspect that's not likely.
  9. HBO Max outage in my area. First time ever I haven't been able to log on. Probably because so many signing on to see Mare -- they can't handle it.
  10. It's not about expecting complete rationality. Just don't hit. In my world anyway, slapping someone like that, who has come in good faith to console and make peace is not justified and is a very big deal, even if it related to the death of a son, especially when the son's weakness and incompetence was the bigger cause. She's like one of those annoying mothers whose son can do no wrong, and she blames others, carried to an extreme where she gets violent.
  11. So many are defending Mrs. Zabel vigorous reaction. Fact is, at the scene, he acted with such gross incompetence he should probably not have been on the force to begin with. It was to such an extent that it absolves Mare of responsibility. Mrs Zabel needs to recognize he was in the wrong profession and she, who apparently believes he was led around into a situation he couldn't handle, and was an easily manipulable, weak lad, should bear some responsibility for his death. She should have talked him out of joining the police since it's a dangerous job, and she knew he was that weak.
  12. Yeah. I thought it great that they disposed of him in the second episode. And I gave great credit to the writers. But then they unfortunately brought him back through a sort of miracle recovery.
  13. I think too many are giving Zabel's mom too much of a break. She acted like an unhinged nut, and I found it inexcusable. Her son was basically not yet competent as a detective, and that is what caused his death, not Mare. And he was a grown man and the lead officer in the case. Basically the mom is implying he didn't have a mind of his own and was easily manipulated. Also, Siobahn's behavior, lashing out at Mare, was to me for flimsy irrational reasons, and inexusable, and shows she, like Zabel's mother, is a person way too eager to hate others. There's been lots of scenes with people f
  14. I've found Zabel annoyingly weak and timid all along. He bristled at toughness in questioning suspects. He questioned very weakly. At the kidnapper's house, he was the officer in charge, but he just stood there like a dope when it was clear the guy needed to be arrested immediately and forcefully. Mare had to, slightly annoyedly, it seemed to me, say to him "Zabel!" and motion with her head to get him to take action, and though he had the jump the other guy outdid him. He was just too inexperienced to have been in a sitation like that at that time.
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