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  1. This season was largely about otherwise intelligent, tough people who lost relatives that were really lowlife people, and the loss of whom could easily be viewed as a relief. But they go insane with grief, I guess because of neediness or similar issues. Wyatt is at the beginning set up as a sharp, logical guy. When Ruth, in a manner of utmost sadness and respect for him tells him she was responsible for his father's death, he goes off into a mindless tantrum leading him to fall for a 60 year old woman. Ruth really barely knew Ben, but she was told he's a total nutcase when off med's in time for her to not get emotionally invested. She sees his insanity in action yet falls totally and madly in love with him. Then goes nuts when he's killed. Jonah barely knew Ben but also knew he was big trouble, yet goes totally insane when Ben is killed. And yet I haven't even gotten to Wendy and her distress over Ben.
  2. When a frozen chicken drops into boiling oil an explosion takes place. That's what Gus was doing with the chicken. But why did he strike two matches outside, as he's walking to his car?
  3. Still no smart, suspicious, committed opponent, which I had been hoping would emerge. Howard is close, but he has no solid proof of Jimmy's actions, and in this episode we saw no evidence he plans to *follow through* on anything. (Maybe he will, but still the show could go either way on that - it's left open.) At the very least, Jimmy's public eruption with hurling of insults could merit disciplinary action. Kim and Jimmy have outsmarted the bank clients (Paige had been presented as super sharp and tough!), Schweikart and his firm- a whole bunch of people who are supposed to be quite smart and tough. I don't like seeing them made into easy pushovers or patsies. Let's see someone come forth whose suspicions have been aroused and isn't easily fooled! Last couple episodes we saw glimmers that maybe Schweikart would not be hoodwinked. But now he seems to be back in line. Disappointing, but this season still has 3 episodes left.
  4. Seems like that hysterical, insane public behavior is so unprofessional it could be the basis for a disciplinary action, if Howard or any witness wanted to pursue it. And the fact that it comes so soon after his recent suspension and reinstatement would be an important consideration. How did Howard know Jimmy did those things (the bowling balls, prostitutes), I wonder? Just a very reasonable guess and he wanted to see Jimmy's reaction? I doubt he has any solid proof, but it's possible.
  5. Personality wise, could be. But in terms of politics, it's clearly Bolton. Miller has little to do with foreign policy advice. Others agree with me. But often these characters are composites of various people.
  6. Miller is more known for anti-immigration, not his foreign intervention stances. This guy though is a neo-con, like Bolton.
  7. That new adviser is like John Bolton on steroids! But, what do you all make of him asking that new lady to get "kompromat" on the deep staters? (Russian word for compromising material.) Is the term in common enough usage now in the US that its usage there means nothing significant, and is sort of a mild red herring. Or is that bearded adviser a Russian agent? Will we soon see a call between him and Yevgeny? Whoever shot down the plane needed info as to the prez's comings and goings. I bet it was the Russians who provided the info. And maybe Yevgeny got it from Carrie (who could have been brainwashed during her 6 month imprisonment) and passed it on. Maybe he's sticking with her to find the black box, then he'll seize it and run with it.
  8. Howard would be good. We know he has some spine and determination. Just haven't seen it lately. I'm sort of hoping to see more of that petite Chinese assistant of Kim, and that she will be involved. I know she's been pretty sharp in previous seasons. She had only one line this episode - an awkward reply to Saul's "How's it hangin?", which was pretty funny, actually. She seems too interesting a character to waste and maybe they have been low-keying her for a surprise emergence in coming episodes.
  9. I think what is needed in the season's remaining episodes is a smart, suspicious opponent on the verge of discovering what they are doing, to create some good dramatic tension. Like Hank did in BB. Or was done throughout Dexter and many shows. Most likely it would be either Paige or Schweikart. As others have said Saul's bluff could have been called. Schweikart and Paige's caving seemed inconsistent with the intelligence and toughness they have shown, but more is to come, I'm sure. I'm just tired of seeing them out"smarting" everyone.
  10. One of these days they should have one of these millenials recognize the name Dave Clark, just for a laugh.
  11. The stunts with Howard have been totally uncalled for at this point and really contribute to making Saul into an unsympathetic character - a psychopath, basically.
  12. The general idea happens, but people obviously try to keep it subtle. What wasn't realistic about the restaurant scenes was stuff like the maitre d' yelling "We need assistance in the ugly section". Or making a huge scene with someone who wanted to sit at one of the empty tables there. Or firing a bathroom attendant who leaves the bathroom upon request of a customer, who's the only person in there. Funny, yes. Realistic? No - but that's fine - it's comedy, and it was all very funny!
  13. Larry's antics with the fire engines near the end seemed a tad overly stupid to a degree out of character, even for him. He should know there will be severe repercussions legally no matter what the case, and that the sirens could be legit this time. Too big a deal to mess around with, even for Larry. Like someone else, I too thought for sure it was setting up for the guy's big schlong to get cut off in that urinal. I'm sure LD must have thought about writing it in but decided against it for some reason.
  14. You mis-read my post as predicting a fairy tale ending. The throwing in of such an extreme goofball for prez just cries out for something happening to him. It's like a writers' device of a singled-out, especially bad villain where audiences are screaming for something to happen to him. In the ordinary course of the show something would happen this season. Being the final season, who knows what kind of goofball ending is in store. I don't think Carrie has been a russian agent all along. (I've seen some predicting it's a "No Way Out" sort of deal). But maybe since her 6 months detention in Russia. I saw one sign of some weird "control" vibe from the Russian resonating with Carrie, at one particular point. Could be a sort of Manchurian Candidate thing going on, from the 6-month imprisonment in Russia from last season.
  15. I so want that dumb A president removed. Hopefully something happens to him soon so that he is no longer in office. I can't believe they'd throw in a character like that unless they intend something to befall him.
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