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  1. I don't like the way Perry was portrayed. I haven't read the books and haven't watched the original show in decades, but I don't recall Perry being portrayed as such an unlikable character. The way he treated everyone, especially Pete and Della was terrible. At least with Della he apologized. He was such a moody guy, nearly always in a sour mood and constantly dark and brooding.
  2. This season he didn't get a confession on the stand - that will come next season. Here, he had to win it through a dynamite closing.
  3. During Barnes questioning of Emily I am amazed at how quiet Perry was. He should have been objecting right and left. Barnes pushing proximate cause to the absurd (if she hadn't had the affair, the baby would still be alive, so she's responsible!!) in particular should have had Perry jumping out of his seat! Nothing - and Emily still had such guilt she couldn't fight it herself. The attorney's supposed to jump in and fight!
  4. I notice Bill is having a lot of the same guests who frequent "The Fifth Column" Podcast (with Matt Welch, etc.) Meghan Dahm this week. last week it was Thomas Chatterton Williams and Bari Weiss - and that was one of the best, and thankfully very long, discussion Bill has had on his show. He's had that sort of guest a lot in the past (Matt Welch, Bari Weiss - are frequent guets), but moreso lately, it seems. I listen to Fifth Column all the time to get away from the group-think the media engages in. I hope Bill continues in this direction.
  5. I remember I once told a contracts professor I have a photographic memory. Shocked, he replied "A what?" I said "a photograhic memory". He replied: "A photographic memory is of absolutely no use to you Mr. Ludwell without the ability to analyze that vast mass of facts between your ears."
  6. I wonder when the Blu Rays are coming out.
  7. Interesting. So they had it largely built by the time of Dorian. Dorian ravaged the Bahamas. The article doesn't mention the storm, but apparently their island was not hit too hard.
  8. What happened to the place in the first place? Hurricane Dorian? Pretty risky re-building there. They could finally get it going and then it's destroyed again.
  9. It feels like a lot happened but nothing much changed, except Kim seems breaking further bad. And Nacho is now on the run from Lalo. They could end the series in a similar way -- lots of things happen and it ends up in a way where we have no idea what the situaton is with Kim. Maybe she says she needs a vacation on her own, Saul waves goodbye. UNTIL, then it switches to Gene, somehow encountering Kim and their conversation explains why she disappeared from his life.
  10. So when Lalo walked out of the apt., Saul had no idea what he was thinking or where he was going. I predict Lalo dies in the next episode - maybe Nacho or Nacho's father kills him. As someone else mentioned, in BB Saul has a gun in his desk drawer. So I'm thinking Saul or Kim gets a gun, after what happened last week, and that will enter the plot in some way. Jimmy won't be the one to kill Lalo though because he believed Lalo was alive in that BB episode. Maybe Lalo returns and is threatening Kim, away from Saul, and Nacho kills Lalo because he can't bear to see Kim killed. Or Kim kills him in strict self defense. Then Kim doesn't tell Jimmy because she doesn't want to upset him. But she leaves him and returns to the HHM law firm with Howard because it has gotten too dangerous around him. He agrees and agrees not to see her again.
  11. I think the bombing of those prisoners being returned will put that idiot president over the top. I hope it turns out well.
  12. I respect her less for knowing she was in danger and not doing anything about it. Nothing can change me on that. She could have been killed, and she knew beforehand that was a possibility. So we'll have to agree to disagree.
  13. How long does it take to learn to shoot? Kim could have gotten a gun and gone to a shooting range for a couple hours and aced it. It's what I would have done. Not far fetched. It's what a prudent person, realizing their danger would have done. It's unrealistic to think she wouldn't have gotten a gun. I would have gone straight out and done so after that meeting with Lalo, and I think she is stupid for not having done so. I have less respect for her. She knew she was a sitting duck and did nothing, and let herself be victimized.
  14. If you are going to be a friend of the cartel you have to protect yourself and your loved ones. You can't be wimpy. The writers could have used this as an opportunity to show real toughness of Kim. She pulls out a gun from under the sofa cushion, shoots Lala, without blinking an eye. Then the issue would be how to dispose of the body. The writers can go any direction they want. This direction would have had people hailing the episode as one of the greatest of all time.
  15. I'd love it if major characters thought ahead, realized they had danger, and had guns. I'd have loved it if Kim pulled a gun out from under the couch, pointed it at Lala, ordered him out. If he resisted shoot him. If he started to leave, hell, shoot him too. Why do these people never have guns? Why are they always highly vulnerable sheep among the rams?
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