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  1. Did they announce the bachelor and I missed it? Someone posted a picture of Ari (Emily's season) as the next bachelor. Maybe it's just photoshop but if it's for real, what happened with Peter. I barely remember Ari, I would think Peter would get more ratings but oh well. ETA: Omg it's for real, I just saw it on bachelor nation. Wow I barely remember him but he seems nice, on the eyes at least ?
  2. I did not enjoy Wells and his puppets, utterly ridiculous. They were trying so hard to humiliate Kristen over the stupidest thing, she likes seafood so what omg the immaturity of this bunch... Daniel was alright I guess but I cannot wrap my head around Anyone taking him seriously for a long term relationship. If Lacey thinks things with him will go beyond paradise she is sorely mistaken. as a side related note, Dean is getting real hate on social media yikes. No way he will be considered for the bachelor. Peter is def in the running, women are basically begging him to take the gig. A
  3. wow, I'm OBVIOUSLY in the minority here but I loved the episode. I saw Lexa's death coming a mile away, actually I'm surprised she lasted this long. Not because of the LGBT theme but because she upset all of the grounders by not following their "blood must have blood" and letting her emotions get in the way of her political decisions.
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