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  1. Well Leah didn't reveal it, but I will: my husband's aunt sees Kevin James at church (on Long Island, as recently as Christmas), so he is Catholic as hell.
  2. Girl, come on. There's more density in a ping pong ball than in any coffee cup on GG.
  3. This was funny AND informative, and I for-reals might cut the turkey that way when I make mine this year. Thanks, Monica!
  4. Gah, these promos are great! Normally I hate when SNL only uses one aspect of their host's career and runs with it, but I would be delighted if the whole episode is a loving homage to Hamilton. Also, I think it's obvious that he'll be a completely game host, which always makes for a better episode. Hee to the vinegar pouting. And a lefty? I see you, Lin-Manuel. I see you.
  5. HootyMcBoob

    S05.E18: Catherine & Graham

    Hello, I live on Long Island. Did they happen to give the name of the pizza place where Finger-Comby McScalpflake is employed? Because I'd like to never set foot inside of it ever, thanks very much. I'd bet their Parmesan is 60% skin at this point. (Also I'm really wondering if that's an LI thing or just an insecure girl thing. Whenever I see a gaggle of teen girls out in public they are CONSTANTLY touching their hair.)
  6. HootyMcBoob

    S05.E03: A Clean Slate

    I feel qualified to speak on this subject based on my username: the worst modesty sheet in history also really highlights the......static nature of Val's boobs.
  7. HootyMcBoob

    EHG 125: The Question Is Zoot

    In defense of using closed captioning, some of us have a particular hearing impairment known as, "loud-ass-little-kids-who-never-stop-making-noise."
  8. I am to assume the dessert menu is cheesecake, exclusively.
  9. HootyMcBoob

    S04.E04: Greek To Me

    The lady at Brandon's student senate meeting who announces, "You are being a pain," was my MVP of the episode. Truer words, unreasonable hippie. Truer words.