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  1. filmfan2480

    S09.E19: Thirst Impressions

    This. Kyle is one of my faves, but she's really going down in my estimation as the season goes on (her and Teddi irk me, her attitude towards Camile irks me, her stance against LVP irks me). Erika can irk me to no end too, but I actually understand her lately, and particularly on this episode. I get migraines, so I know how debilitating they can be. These women are always complaining of some malady and it SIDELINES them. So how can they not see that Erika - who isn't some great gregarious person anyway - was suffering from a migraine, yet STILL joined them on the wine tasting excursion (there's no way in Hell I'd go)? I think was really BIG of her. And what does Kyle & Teddi do? They crap on Erika ... AGAIN ... everything from re-hashing the Rinna-playing-Erika-at-Farahween non-debacle to the now "we don't think you like us" bit. Come onnnnnnnn. I know they were drunk of their butts but ... seriously??????? I can't BELIEVE I'm saying this, but I actually side with Erika, Rinna and Dorit this episode (something I NEVER thought I'd ever hear myself say) in saying that yes ... Kyle & Teddi were being bullies. Erika has made certain efforts to be more of a girl's girl. She'll never reach the levels of the other women. But she is, in no way, as closed-off as she once was. And yes, it seems like since LVP and Camille were not there, it was time to rag on anyone else. That was you, Erika. Not nice, girls.
  2. filmfan2480

    S11.E15: Life is Not a Cabaret

    While I think Bethenny went overboard at that table (and she tends to, anyway), I agree with just about everything that you wrote, here. I think Bethenny loves hard, hates hard, etc. I think she did a lot for Luann - someone who she has had major issues with in the past, but clearly considers a friend on some level, anyway - and wasn't getting any love back from her OR being a remotely good girlfriend back. I don't blame Bethenny; I really don't. I hope Luann does well with her sobriety and good on her for finding this new career ... but she IS insufferable.
  3. filmfan2480

    S11.E15: Life is Not a Cabaret

    I'm not so sure about that. If you follow Bethenny and/or Luann on instagram, you'd see that Luann likes nearly every single photo or social media post that Bethenny posts. Why wold she like or comment on nearly every single thing that Bethenny provides? Most of the other women on these Housewife shows don't do that with near the same frequency.
  4. filmfan2480

    S09.E18: Pardon Our French

    Well. Yes. But what can they do -- get back on a plane and weed through flames to save Camille, Denise and their homes? I do think they were concerned and upset. There's just little to do. And while they're there, they might as well try to enjoy what Provence has to offer.
  5. Now THERE'S an answer, lol. Love it. Agree about the sh*tshow. Even the boring bits I find fascinating in a sh*tshow way.
  6. I have something to say that has been bugging me, a bit. Everyone here is tired of Puppygate and the fall-out. Me too! That said, every week all I read from commenters is, I'm so bored. This is boring. Borrrring. I'd love to know ... why you watchin? What exactly are you expecting? These are Beverly Hills women doing Beverly Hills things. Living in ornate homes. Shopping. Having lunch. Having dinners. Having game nights. Gossiping. Doing some charity work. Seeing them out and about for this or that function. Trips overseas. Doing everyday stuff (you know, "reality"). And I repeat, gossiping. LOL. However, what more are you expecting? What are they not doing that you all want them to be doing? I genuinely don't understand the expectations of viewers for these Housewife shows.
  7. It is so funny; in a dark, twisted, satirical way (about beauty pageants in the Midwest). I love it.
  8. filmfan2480

    S08.E06: The Iron Throne

    This post is everything. I agree with just about every word.
  9. filmfan2480

    S08.E06: The Iron Throne

    I'm hearing lots of people coming to his defense saying that he was a soldier, not a ruler, and had no call to kill them without orders.
  10. filmfan2480

    S08.E06: The Iron Throne

    So the reason Jon was not King or not tossed around as possible King was because and ONLY because the Iron Throne was no more? Is this correct?
  11. filmfan2480

    S08.E06: The Iron Throne

    He really is. That saddens me.
  12. filmfan2480

    S08.E06: The Iron Throne

    Definitely thought that (Brienne)
  13. filmfan2480

    S08.E06: The Iron Throne

    I think that's it. I didn't hate it, either. I'm quite fine with quite a bit of it. But yeah, this incredible show that gave us the likes of the Red Wedding ended on a whimper, for sure.
  14. filmfan2480

    S11.E12: Queens Everywhere

    Do we think Ru and her Team look at things like this???
  15. filmfan2480

    S11.E11: Bring Back My Queens!

    This x 1000