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  1. Sure, flawed, but not a horrible human being without an ounce of empathy. Their son just died. Who would make that moment all about their hurt feelings? Super villains who killed hundreds of people don't have as many flaws or flaws as big to overcome as her.
  2. I really hate how situationally weak characters are written jsut to further the plot. If these witches can't combat fucking trank darts, how did they ever become a successfull army in the first place? Maybe after one of them gets hit, wind sheer the rest. There weren't any magic surpressing sounds, as far as I could tell. Raelle was even about to make all of them moldy, before she got hit with a dart. So how does that work with the three fathers? I always thought Abigail had three dads because Petra was married three times, with those limited time marriage contracts, but this episo
  3. Well, this was boring and annoying. Only Highlights were Evil-Lyn and Orko and especially both together. It's not his show though. He's not in the title. word Oh god, yes please! It really doesn't further your feminist agenda (and there seems to pretty clearly be one [not that there's necessarily anything wrong with that]) when you make women irrationally angry in inappropriate situations. Of course she would feel somewhat betrayed. But her best friend just died. Would she really go off on his parents like that? If so she is just a horrible person. Plain and s
  4. "How long do we have [for the conversation with the dead person]." "Until the candle burns out." "That doesn't seem long enough." - She says with a massive candle in her hand that should burn for like 24 hours. Look I get it, it's never enough when talking to a dead loved one, but what did you expect? Them staying forever, you having sleepovers and dinner parties with them? It's a one night thing. That much should be clear. Did Tally really need to burn her dead person conversation for confirmation for something that was already confirmed? I mean in the flashback the foll
  5. So why are they not testing young men? Doesn't seem to make much sense. I get that they supposedly can't produce witches with a civilian, but somehow the witches produced with these male witches are still more powerfull and if a new witch is made with a civilian their voice boxes become shitty? Seems weird. But that is a tangent and beside the point. The point is that male witches are as powerfull or only a little less powerfull than the women. So wouldn't they be just as much a target for the Calamari (yes intentional) and couldn't their vocal cords be weaponised just as much? Why w
  6. Three episodes in and Kristin Chenoweth hasn't had a solo yet? What are these writers and producers thinking?! Other than that, I'm enjoying this. Even if the boyfriend seems like an ass to an unrealistic extend and I don't know why she hasn't dumped his ass years ago...
  7. Then what are you arguing? That they should have died long before they reached the airlock, because that we could agree on. Then why did you bring up the 15 second rule? They do not. How would you even see internal bleeding? That is an overinterpretation on your part. What I got was that exposed skin was blistering and rupturing due to the vacume and the direct sun beams. It looked impressive, due to the vacume and how the blood floated away, but it wasn't actually that much and there was no internal bleeding. Yes, otherwise I wouldn't be complaining.
  8. 200° on the moon is not the same as it is on earth. There is no air. The only heat you get is directly from the suns rays. Yes exposed skin will burn, the rest will take forever to heat up. Why would they have internal bleeding? The ruptures on the skin would be pretty minor and the blood only "spraying" because no preassure, not a problem once they are back inside. What severe trauma? Nobody needs to jump start your lungs. Once you fall unconcious you can't stop yourself from breathing anymore. Your body will do it on it's own. Do you have a source for that 15 second
  9. It was interesting how they had to work around not having a hitter at their disposal. They should da that more often (like once a season, otherwise I would miss Elliot too much).
  10. Sophie sucking hard on stage and then becoming amazing, the second it turned into part of the con, was so pot on. I grinned from ear to ear. That is all.
  11. So the vault only had a wood floor and directly under it there was river, not the ships hull? Sure show, sure. Eh, I mean in a con you do what works. It was realistic that the old-money-privilege of the character would trigger him and make him make some stupid mistakes. It's not like Parker grew up privileged.
  12. I never looked into it, so did not know that. But it makes complete sense. The two shows always had the same feel to them, Sophie is a method actor. She sucks on stage. So maybe she needed to get into character to play convincingly at the graveyard... is what I could fanwank. But yeah, now that I learned that Timothy Hutton is a sex-pest, I doubt it's a con. Seems like they just wrote him out. Probably for the better. Still that production design really irks me. How do you not write dates on a gravestone? Were they like "I can't be bothered to figure this out right now, let's put
  13. But it's not exactly only classic who anymore, is it? Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart did appear in the Sarah Jane Adventures, got quite a few name drops in New Who and finally came back as a cyberman when the Mistress cyberconverted all humans who ever died. Also his father or grandfather (don't quite recall) was saved when Capaldi had a bit of a cry about not wanting to regenerate. So the last name is pretty well known by now. Jo Grant should still be somewhat save, granted. ;) I think in the New Who era she only appeared in the Sarah Jane Adventures and wasn't even mentioned in the m
  14. Still looks kinda crapy, but either I'm getting used to it or it's slowly improving. Characters and writing still on point. Jo Grant and Alistair Lethbridge Stewart. I forgot Hardison did the pop culture aliases and I love it. Although with Nerd culture being a lot more popular than when the original Leverage started out, this might become a bit of liability at some point. Would be kinda fun if a con blew because somebody recognised the names and they had to fix it on the fly.
  15. He will always be the librarian to me. (The librarians being a show that was very much like Leverage in a lot of ways and imo cancelled too soon)
  16. I loved the original show, so I was overjoyed when this popped up. Sadly, somehow this looks like crap, from a visual standpoint, I mean and I can't put my finger on it why. The framing looks technically okay. Maybe it's the cuts that are way too quick? The lighting is certainly crappy. But is that all? It kinda looks weird. It isn't in a higher framerate than 24fps, but it still has that soap opera feel... Maybe they are overusing the camera pans? Other than that, not a fan of Nathan being dead. Hope it turns out that it's just a long con and Sophie is in on it. If it is a con, it's
  17. I actually think it's more about the love than it being two Lokis. These two people who never had anything real and were destined to die without ever having found anything real, suddenly finding something real in each other? Well, that's just breaking the timeline like an egg on pavement. Also it's Disney. This kinda has to end with true loves kiss. ;D
  18. I think that he loved her. But probably not without any ulterior motive. He understood that them actually loving one another or even just somebody (remember last episode they talked about how they never had anything real, ralationship wise), could break the sacred timeline in an instance and that would have either freed them or at least provoked a reaction by the real time keepers. Where do I get all this from? That look of realisation right before he turned back around and continued talking to Sylvie. You guys, I think Tom Hiddleston might be a good actor. ;D I guess to Mobius-Va
  19. Drug Dealers aren't magicians. It is possible that "generic oxy" is something else but it's clearly an Opiod. Could be Heroin, could be Fentanyl, could be any Opiod, really. But most likely it actually is "generic oxy" as in produced in some illegal drug lab. Probably with a bunch of impurities that are detremental to your health, which is another reason why prohibition is bullshit. Related and since you mentioned Breaking Bad: While Walter White is clearly a bad person, he probably saved a lot of peoples lives with his medical grade methamphetamin. All those horror pictures you see, of p
  20. Like what? Foxy? They were clearly opiods. Nothing else does the same thing. If there was, it would probably be illegal, too (which is dumb since prohibition has never worked and will never work, but that's another story).
  21. You could probably put the idea in his head that alligator wrestling would be a great thing to do. Then again, he does seem to have sitcom character luck, so he'd probably get out of it with only his clothes ripped.
  22. She has been on Final Space for a while. I can wholeheartedly recommend that show. It's awesome.
  23. Which would make him a massive dumbass... But I guess that's consistent characterisation for him...
  24. That's fair. Or the writers might just forget that she said those things, as they forget most things.
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