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  1. 100% yes to everything you said! She needs some serious therapy. I would be so put off by her reaction and being called a God Damn Mother Fucking liar, that would be it for me. I absolutely would not tolerate that for one minute. Especially this being one of the first days they're actually able to spend together. Who talks like that? What a maladjusted child she is.. She can stop with all this abandonment Daddy shit. We've all had trauma, bad relationships, loss. To act like a lunatic on morning one of your new marriage because hubby took the dog to daycare is just so over the top I can
  2. YES!!! What she said! I hope they inspire others to jump in.
  3. I love this show because I live not far from this neighborhood they're redoing and I think it's awesome that someone has taken an interest in some reasonable realistic Detroit Restoration, Not just tearing shit sown and building expensive lofts for hipsters. Detroit corruption and red tape will find a way to make anyone trying to do anything good want to scream and quit. People judging this with the same eye that they use for Flip or Flop or Property Brothers seem to be missing the fact that most of these homes (not all) are abandon, stripped, burnt out 90 year old bungalows owned by the cit
  4. I'm wondering is Pastor Dwight is single. I think it would be great if he & Paige hooked up (if he is single). It's all TV hocus pocus but he did seem like he was genuinely concerned for her in that initial meet up they had.
  5. Jake has his quirks for sure and he’s not a great a conversationalist but Hailey is just awful. She’s trying too hard to justify her dislike of him. She thinks she’s way too good to be married to someone who wears cut-offs golfing. Lighten up girl, you’re really not that amazing.
  6. Well I hope she does an upfront questionnaire to every person she ever dates from this point on because there is a very very good chance that she will encounter another guy with either diagnosed or undiagnosed depression. Depression is real and it is scary and it can be genetic but so can lots of things that we don't have the knowledge of upfront. I'm willing to bet she interacts all day long with people currently that have depression that she has no idea of. Quite honestly I find her dull as a doorknob and insecure as well, maybe she has some of her own issues that she isn't being honest
  7. They sure did. Seeing that really made it clear that this show is looking for drama and not successful marriages. Not a big shocker but I sort of feel they started out legitimately trying to match people, now its just another reality dumpster fire. Katie - Bye, may I never see your smug face again. Taylor may very well be an opportunistic fame ho but that in no way makes any of Brandon's behavior more acceptable. 2 wrongs make 2 wrongs. He is a nut case ready to blow. Someone (Maybe on here) described Meka as a woodpecker to the side of the head and seriously she is, But wh
  8. Getting caught up. Wow Katie is an awful person, truly awful. And Brandon is very unstable. Always ready to fight, and always looking for someone to blame for his insecurities and anger. He’s loves to be the victim. The “experts” couldn’t have done a worse job this season.
  9. Yes! The real reason she doesn't want to be with him IMO is because she's afraid he isn't going to fall in love with her so she's trying to head that off by being the one who ends things. Also she's a spoiled whiny brat who thinks that by not having dreams or any fun that makes her very smart and mature.
  10. YES! to this entire post. So much UGH to go around. Barb is.....just Wow. She's alot. But I don't blame her for her feelings about Madison but she surely could've handled herself better than she did. Madison, I just cant put my finger on it but she just seems so unpleasant. I saw no great personality, none of the things they wanted us to see in her. She's pretty but that's about it. I applaud her for sticking to her convictions but she must've forgot she went on a trashy TV show called The Bachelor and somehow she forgot to mention her convictions until the night before the fantasy suit
  11. Jason Beghe could be interesting. He's pretty blunt and a little abrasive in his delivery but I've always thought he was pretty hot in a blunt and abrasive way. lol. Initially he came out with guns blazing against Scientology but I haven't heard him say much about it since then.
  12. I like the show, the girls seem genuine. I especially like the friendships between Shiva, Katie and Veronica. Shawna seems very sweet too. The other two I can do without. The editing is a hot mess . You can tell it's being spliced together because things just aren't flowing correctly. Is this affair that Veronica is talking about the same one that lasted a year and they decided to work it out or is this a new affair since then? And the "security" guy in the backyard? Cmon. How did he get back there? I highly doubt you can just stroll into their backyard and why in Gods name would that idiot T
  13. So unlikeable, and very un-fabulous, the entire lot of them. They all peaked back at Country Day School. I had to laugh at the shots of the girls as they walked down the street out for girls night. That looked so shlubby and basic, like me & my friends when we get a rare night out with out kids. Sounds shallow I realize, I'm ok with my basic-ness because I'm a middle aged mother who doesn't have a TV show. But for all their talk of lineage and old money I was expecting more, much more. Savannah looks beautiful though.
  14. My take away from the reunions so far is consistent with what I've felt since the show began and that while there have been many unlikable housewives, Kim Richards takes all the cakes for un-likability. She is just truly awful to her core. When she's drunk, high, sober, all the time. Even when she's trying to be cute and talking about turtles, it just comes off as weird and stupid. Ugh. My hate for her is deep.
  15. I honestly didn't think it was a bad head shot. I think it was a legal hit. It was a hard hit and as a junior football Mom it made me wince. I felt concerned for the kid but I don't think it was an illegal hit. My son totally disagreed with me and said it was bad hit. I cant deal with that Texas Storm Mom coach. I didn't like her before and now she's even more obnoxious .
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