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  1. I think I thought Maria was in the same barn as Kyle at first? And then it was like "Oh no, everyone gets health care in random different barns now, apparently."
  2. It is interesting, but like you, I can kind of wank it. Liz by her own admission spent 10 years by and large avoiding close relationships, and even people she did get involved with like Diego were fellow scientists. Granted, one surprising thing is that no scientist has ever been like WTF are you doing, lol. But I could wank that she just hasn't let a lot of people in enough, and certainly not for long enough, that she would have even listened to anyone challenging her. I think Liz has overly relied on science as the center of all things good in her life, and so that made it difficult for her
  3. Jones healed the heart failure, hence he's using Max's body. So I don't think that's an issue. I can't imagine Max would stay in Jones' body after they just made this whole deal in this episode about how Max is a special clone, essentially the one who can stop Jones.
  4. I've never felt this show handles racial issues with any particular nuance, so I can't say I was comfortable watching Maria be mentally tortured and have to witness her grandmother and other POC be experimented on, even if it was her choice in the writing. But I think this was the first time the show was explicit that the Delucas' mental instability was caused by the experiments, not just a natural side effect of being an alien-human hybrid. So Max is NOT trapped in Jones' body and could not hear anything happening last week? He's in the pod? I have that right - Jones switched them out?
  5. Biologically, their DNA would appear to be parent and child. So that's weird. LOL. It's a weird connection, because of course Max isn't his father, but he has identical DNA to his father. I want to feel sorry for Michael that Jones at least gives every impression that he could not be less interested or concerned if Michael lives or dies, but for some reason I'm just finding it funny. Every step of the way, he's seemed less interested in Michael than Max OR Isobel. I have to think he's more invested than he appears, but on the surface, he's about a half step from needing Michael to wear a
  6. It was a mistake to keep Alex so isolated from the rest of the cast (a couple brief scenes with Michael and Liz aside) for this long into the season. The rest of the gang should be clued into what is going on with Deep Sky. It was interesting at first, and last night made it somewhat interesting again because the information was linked to the past, but in general, I've started to feel about Deep Sky like it's maybe two steps above Liz's California research. It IS at least centered on alien lore, so it's not entirely the same, but it's so isolating and that makes it less impactful. I am hoping
  7. I wish I believed this, rather than this is going to make Michael MORE emo and whiny about his lineage, but I have no faith in that. It's not like he's improved on that front this season. He's more likely to completely blow past the implications for Max and focus entirely on how this makes him feel about himself, lol. Re: the DNA, it is possible that familial DNA doesn't work the same way, but it seems more likely that they never...even tried? Like, you'd think that after they realized that Max and Isobel were not siblings as assumed (unless they are related - lots of spec going around th
  8. It seems like they are going to have to majorly weaken Jones in order for Max to break through to the surface, and the pickle is how do they do that when nothing they know about aliens so far has done much of anything to Jones and he's more than willing to keep killing people to keep his strength. I forgot to say - Liz punching Jones was HILARIOUS, because Jeanine is so much shorter than Nathan. She seemed to have to stand on her tiptoes and STILL punch way up.
  9. I suspected this, and yet now that it happened I'm still kind of bummed because I just haven't gotten over the damage last season did to my interest in Michael. I'm not altogether surprised - who Jones IS in general was still created and decided by Carina (AKA that he is the "dictator") and of course Michael is at the center of it as a result, but I really didn't want Michael to be at the center of the Jones story. So that deflates my interest in Jones somewhat. Also, outside of the fact that Michael is my least favorite Pod Squad member and one of my least favorites of any of the main charact
  10. No, she came to see Kyle in the first episode before she left town to give him that radio. It's pretty much pure spec on our part that she may be the person in the coffin (hence Max is visibly distressed but not everyone seems as upset).
  11. LMAO, right? Basically Jones, except for all humans instead of teenagers: Clearly when some of us thought this might go on for awhile, we were not taking into account that Jones cannot relate to people raised on Earth in any way, shape, or form. LOL. He looked like he was going to give up on his will to live if Liz came at him one more time.
  12. I liked their scene in 3x03 - yes, Michael was whiny and Alex was annoyed, but it felt like a justified response because Michael's whining was annoying me too, lol. But this one? Ooof. I was not feeling it. It did not feel angsty, it just felt needlessly antagonistic. I'm not sure Max has been at the "surface", so to speak, since Jones healed him. Max is either trapped in his own mind or stuck in the pod. But that definitely wasn't Max with Liz in the last episode, and it wasn't him when he woke up either - he couldn't even clearly remember Kyle's name, because Jones doesn't know Kyle. A
  13. Isobel, especially towards the end in Max's dream, was actually who I was questioning more than Liz. Liz just found out Jones exists and has spent no time with him and doesn't know much about him, so it's fair that it took her a few hours to realize what was going on. But I was just kind of laughing at Isobel in Maria's memory, because it was basically like "Let me ignore him giving Maria the MURDER STARE for like five minutes while I contemplate the fact that the glass isn't broken like it should be, until Maria figures it out herself." Isobel has spent time with Jones. She maybe should have
  14. I think Max is probably trapped in there? But I could be wrong. That said, I do feel like the people closest to him who knew he had a doppelganger probably should have figured it out sooner (props to Maria, who had a concussion and still figured it out the fastest) because Jones is (hilariously) SUPER bad at portraying Max. He walks into a room and is like "What.is.up.people.that.I.definitely.know.very.well." I cracked up when early on he said "of course he went to immediately check on Maria" when NO ONE was asking or questioning that. He might as well have passing out "Am I Doing A Good Job o
  15. Well, it took another writer, but we finally DID get a solid book nugget - the auras! Only Isobel can see them as of now, but I'd find it really cool if that's how she found Jones was...possessing Max's body, or mind, or whatever he's doing. Because in the books, each aura was distinct (I know Liz's was amber, and I think Max's was green, and Maria's was blue - I can't remember everyone's). And they did mix in other colors with emotions (like Isobel could tell Jones was lying because his turned yellow), but each one was still different. And if they do keep with the book mythology, Jones' would
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