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  1. So here's the synopsis for 2x11: This only further convinces me that Diego is going to be revealed to be a villain- he's getting highly sensitive information about the aliens for a reason. Also, DANG, Liz. Love you, but not the smartest thing you've ever done.
  2. They may still be related somehow - maybe Louise is Max's aunt or something? In his flashback, she seemed familiar and affectionate with him and he smiled when he saw her. And I guess it is possible he is her child and she never mentioned him because he does seem to be in particular danger - being chained up, etc. LOL. I liked Greg too, but LOL. I swear, no one gets hired who is not in that weird little group. That said, if Stephen Amell ever chooses to accept a particularly action-packed role, Imma take it, because he is fantastic at action scenes.
  3. The antidote, which was what he was getting pumped full of when he had the last flash and it's what brought back Isobel's memories of Rosa when she was being controlled by Noah. Nice detail that I did not catch, someone on Tumblr did - Louise died the day the Pod Squad was found wandering the desert, because the sheriff mentioned it last week. June 14, 1997. I don't think Louise is the same woman the Native woman was referring to last year, the one who could heal with her hands - she also died right when the kids came out of the pods (that one said "He has arrived, so I may leave").
  4. I agree, his bizarrely chill reaction likely means he's not here for character development for Liz (AKA he's a decent man and she probably scarred him for life due to her issues, heh), which is kind of a bummer, because Liz by and large is still making some of those same mistakes. She's hiding her research from everyone and she doesn't seem to get that what she's doing could impact the Pod Squad and Maria, so they deserve to know. She seems highly susceptible to cricitism that she's not doing enough with her life (which is fair, and a lot of us millennials find ourselves in a position of working jobs that barely pay minimum wage after getting college degrees/masters' degrees- I was in that situation right out of my first grad program myself). Still, that Diego was so calm about that indicates he is not here to put a mirror to Liz regarding her mistakes. So he's been introduced for some other reason, possibly to reveal to her that whatever her subconscious was telling her was correct, which isn't as interesting or complex.
  5. He has three brothers, so there's still one we haven't met. I don't know if they mentioned it this season though - it was last season they talked about the four Manes brothers several times. I probably remember that more than I would because Book!Alex also had a bunch of brothers. *ugly crying*
  6. I mean...Liz didn't dump Diego FOR Max. She dumped him and high-tailed it out of there before she ever knew she was going to reconnect with Max. She did not feel for Diego what she thought she should have felt completely apart from Max - she told Max "she loved the science more than him" and she told Maria she couldn't connect to Diego. Whatever was lacking in that relationship on her end didn't have anything to do with Max.
  7. Right?! He was so chill about that. I probably would've helped Arturo in his shoes, especially if he knows Arturo, because he's a good man and it's not his fault Liz went all "New phone who dis" with no warning, but then I would have told Liz to go to hell, lol. Other than the fact that now I can never unhear "baby gravy" (WTFFFF), yeah, this is not working for me. Mostly because she's repeatedly referred to him as her brother. I think Max, Michael, and Isobel basically ARE siblings at this point regardless of who is biologically connected to who. I can't really enjoy Michael/Maria scenes at this point because I can see that train heading straight for her. Michael clearly is not over Alex, between the look he gave Forrest and him wiping away a tear after he and Alex fought. This is how I end up often hating the character at the center of any big show triangle, lol, Make up your mind, you fickle idiot. I did enjoy the Maria/Isobel scenes, however.
  8. It can't be Max, because it was Max she was protecting. He was the little boy chained to the floor and she cut him free with her cool alien sword. I think it well could be his father, though. Promo for next week: What is Max telling Liz? She already knows about him not being Isobel's brother and I feel like him saying he drank more antidote wouldn't be THAT much of a deal to her. I LOLed at Frodd's (Jesse's) saying "I'm concerned about it" in an utterly dead voice re: Michael demanding to know where Alex is. But he is pointing a gun at someone towards the end of the promo; I wonder who.
  9. Wow, lots went down tonight. I called it in the spoiler thread! It was Maria's GRANDMOTHER who was Louise's daughter. And that does seem to confirm that the protein is not inherent in alien DNA - it has something to do with the pods. I wonder how Project Shepherd ultimately got to Louise's daughter, if they ran all those experiments on her. And is it them who took Mimi? Are the Deluca women unstable because of their alien DNA, or does it have to do with something the military does to them? I had always suspected they would reveal Max and Isobel are not really related, and now that they have I'm wondering if that was the truth. Maybe Louise never mentioned him in an effort to protect him, because he had the biggest target on his back. Or maybe she wasn't his mother but she was clearly some kind of protector of his, and she seemed to be breaking the laws of their planet in an effort to free him. Jason delivering the "Not from around here" and "up North" lines almost made me cry. I miss you, boo. Also, it was kinda cool to see Jason and Nathan in the same scene even for a few seconds - OGMax and NuMax. Some yummy guys tonight between Alex's brother and Diego! But I am eternally suspicious and I don't think Diego is everything he appears to be. Oh, ALEX 😞 I understand the urge to want to believe your parents aren't monsters, but we know from last week that Frodd hasn't changed at all and he's playing Alex. And I got the impression from Greg that he knew Alex was fooling himself. Also, errrrr...that was some concerning suicidal ideation from him when he said "There's only one way off this planet for me and I need a reason to stay". The final M/L scene was cute. "You are objectively better in bed" - LOL. And it's nice that Max and Liz communicate like adults even when they are disagreeing.
  10. LOL, I don't think they can get THAT close. Carina has said repeatedly they have no rights to the show. She can do generalizations, but that's pretty specific, lol. I mean, I could see her deciding they had been betrothed as children, to tweak it justtttt enough so she's not technically stealing.
  11. I feel like the only sort of concrete information is the "murder that has not happened yet" thing. Are we going to jump to the future at some point? Well, and casting wise, Amber Midthunder and Trevor St. John are still around. The core six are never a surprise and on this show Kyle has more or less joined them, but anyone else is up for grabs, I suppose.
  12. I keep forgetting to say - I think this was the first time Alex and Isobel have directly interacted. It would be nice if they could be friends, because they have always been important to each other in the larger Roswell mythology.
  13. Original show. In the books, all the kids were children of scientists who were coming to explore the earth. They realized Earth wasn't ready for visitors, started to leave, and crashed. There was no destiny or past lives or plan for the kids to be on earth in the books, and Carina can't use that level of plot from the OG show. I mean, Max and Isobel have grown up as twins, so I can see how that might...overtake their logic, heh, and how they might have come to assume they must be biological siblings.
  14. Max's whole thing last season about never having been happy for a day since Liz was gone was...concerning. It could have worked just as well if seeing her had brought back a rush of dormant feelings, rather than him fixating on it for all of his 20s. Max is doing better this season, but sadly, that may be because Carina isn't focusing on him as much, heh. But Michael is doing a lot worse, and Liz, Kyle, and Alex aren't doing any better. And Michael's anger at Max bothers me, because Max was a traumatized child who at this point was fairly clearly abused prior to being put in the pod - acting as if Max has done something to Michael, or owes him something, is a really creepy attitude. If Max is "the savior", if that's why he was in the upper class, if that's why he was locked up and chained to the ground and frightened by seemingly Fire Guy, that is not a halo, it's a target. Nothing they know about this suggests Max is any better off for this perceived status, and Michael is old enough to comprehend that, so his jealousy is even more ridiculous than it's been in the past.
  15. I think part of the thing of the OG show versus this is that Michael is too old to still be this immaturely and irrationally resentful of Max for...I don't even know what he's decided Max did here. It's not Max's fault he was drawing on the walls, it's not Max's fault Michael took the crayon, it's not Max's fault he was adopted and not Michael, it's not Max's fault Noah told him he's the savior (something that has freaked Max out to the point of being tormented about it in his quasi afterlife hellscape). And if Michael were 16 years old, I'd get the irrational anger. Michael is damn near 30, so again, get yourself together dude.
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