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  1. Arthur

    S03.E15: High School Poppycock

    I don't think this has to do with going back in time to eliminate the murder (if it was, they are making Cain pretty likeable for that plot twist) but maybe somehow having Abel come forward in time. I also think that Cain just dying isn't in the cards - he would just spend eternity in hell instead of on Earth. BUT - remember the statement in the story arc where Chloe almost died from Season 2 that (1) people commit themselves to hell, not Lucifer and that (2) there is a way out of hell - that's been in at least two story arcs - must be a reason for that. Also, I am surprised at the negativity about this episode. it wasn't quite as good as the previous show but IMO as good as most Season 2 shows
  2. Arthur

    S03.E12: All About Her

    Three things: 1. "Lucifer" is missing from the main Forums page - what's that all about? 2. A whole lot of negative comments about the show but I really liked this weeks show, especially to the clip from a show from Season 2 where all we see is Cain's hands putting a file folder in the Celestial file; also, a bunch of unexplained events from previous shows all suddenly were explained. Cain suddenly got very interesting and gives Lucifer both a foil and a quasi-partner. 3. Someone please tell whoever does the subtitles for Fox that they are misspelling Cain as Kane (or is this deliberate?).
  3. Arthur

    S03.E11: City of Angels?

    Enjoyed the show and the humor all through it; a little surprising that they can get away with some of it especially at 8:00 pm (Maze and her torture device of choice being a toilet plunger and Lucifer getting ready to watch "Hot Tub High School" but.............WHAT?? Next episode not until 1/22??? Is Fox deliberately messing with this show? It sure looks like it.
  4. Arthur

    S03.E06: Vegas With Some Radish

    It kinda flew under the radar but Candy knows Lucifer really is the devil since she saw him shot several times. Did Ella?
  5. Arthur

    S03.E06: Vegas With Some Radish

    Without doing any spoilers, I just have to commend the writers for two extraordinary sequences the last two weeks that join the "Father Frank" episode from Season 1 ("you knew") and the Season ender from season 2 ("Let there be light") with an emotional resonance you don't often see on TV. Lucifer's connection to Charlotte Richards last week in two separate scenes was deeply moving and the scene at the end with Chloe tonight was just beautiful. Some weeks get kind of buried in the procedurals and other weeks move the plot along ok but every once in a while we get to see characters and emotions that really connect. Everyone seemed to be overacting the first several shows - Lucifer was just too intense, Ella was insane, Chloe seemed pissed at everyone. I was afraid that this season was entering "jump the shark" land but thanks so much for the last two episodes. All is right with the world.
  6. Arthur

    S03.E02: The One with the Baby Carrot

    What is going on here? Ella seems to have been possessed by some crazy person. The whole thing just seems off - the spark isn't there and we are getting led around by our noses on the whole wings things. Amenadiel is back in full angst mode (been there, done that) and nobody (especially Tom Ellis) seems to be having fun. So Dr Linda is in practice again? How'd that happen? A very weak explanation on Maze's absence didn't help - the writers certainly could have done better than that! It will be interesting to see next week's stand-alone episode from last season to compare. Some progress on the Sinnerman front and Detective Pierce suddenly got interesting - about the only good news on this episode.
  7. Arthur

    S02.E18: The Good, the Bad and the Crispy

    Just rewatched and noticed something I missed before: When Luci goes to Chloe's apartment and Maze and Trixie are there (doing their medic thing), when Trixie puts a gauze patch on Luci's forehead he flinches. Does this mean he is vulnerable around Trixie too? Is he getting 'Not immortal" in general (he doesn't seem to be healing very well)?
  8. Arthur

    S02.E18: The Good, the Bad and the Crispy

    See this link for word on Season 3, Mom, and "tragedy" in the desert lucifer-season-3-producer-confirms-charlottes-return-teases-lucifer-chloes-reunion-1623861
  9. Arthur

    S02.E18: The Good, the Bad and the Crispy

    Everything I've read so far says that the four "lost" episodes are not part of the main story line but rather a way to explore other topics and to revisit Candy Morningstar in Las Vegas (episode 22 I think). The four episodes don't have to be the first episodes shown in the fall and they could be positioned as flashbacks I guess. So, how do they get Lucifer out of the desert? (BTW, his wings were always white). I assume he can fly with the wings like Amenidude could in the first season? Who knocked Lucifer out? He was talking to Chloe's answering machine when he was knocked out so I guess she could have been close enough to him to make him vulnerable but who would do this to him and why? Unusual for Chloe to miss a phone call isn't it? Watching Tom Ellis' performance as he was leaving the message for Chloe was just amazing. In the previous episode Linda was seen packing up her office; in this episode it looked all set up again. So, what happened when Maze went in to see the medical ethics guy? Did I miss something?
  10. Arthur

    S02.E18: The Good, the Bad and the Crispy

  11. Arthur

    S02.E14: Candy Morningstar

    BTW, Candy is back in episode 22(?), the one set in Las Vegas
  12. Arthur

    S02.E13: A Good Day to Die

    Yeah! Lucifer renewed for full 22 episode season 3!
  13. Arthur

    S02.E12: Love Handles

    Careful what you wish for..................
  14. Arthur

    S02.E12: Love Handles

    No one has commented yet than when Chloe grabs Lucifer's horns she is not grossed out but rather has a slight grin. Since this is her fantasy it seems pretty clear that she knows Lucifer is, in fact, the devil and that she can handle it. Chloe muttered something as Maze woke her up that made me think that is not the first time Choe has had this dream.
  15. Arthur

    S02.E11: Stewardess Interruptus

    Oh, and Chloe's middle name is "Jane"