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  1. Thanks for that update - that is so sad. But I think the only thing we'll have going forward is repeats of Bring It. Diana has moved on to her own Beauty Make-Up Line which she has a youtube show about. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pPoGDL9Kx3k Not my cup of tea - I was so hoping we'd see the Atlanta girls since she moved all the way up there and took some of the girls with her! Oh well - it's been a great ride and it was good to know all of you!
  2. We have no idea what went on behind the scenes - you are taking everything portrayed at face value. If you watch youtube - many of the scenes aren't what they appear to be - they'll take a comment someone said at 8 am and mesh it into a whole different situation that is talked about at 8 pm. Jojo not only took a lot of flack from Abby on AUDC - but also on Dancemoms and yet the girl is more successful and positive than any of the others - why - because most of it is made up - just like the Dance competitions and award ceremonies. I know in the beginning Abby wasn't as verbal but then production told her to ramp it up - don't think the parents didn't know about it and I'm sure the kids were talked to too but they were young and didn't understand. From reports I've seen Abby was strict but everyone loved her before the show began - she was like a 2nd mother to all of them.
  3. Believe me - back when Lifetime had the boards - I was the one screaming the loudest about the abuse - but you don't stay on a show for years if the kids are treated that badly. Again none of them would be known had it not been for the show. Everything is edited - unless I see it with my own eyes and hear it with my own ears - I'm done believing the I heard it from a friend. Too many people suffer when what you heard isn't true or added to and in the end - the finished product in no ways represents what actually happened. I love the show - the kids and welcome it's return.
  4. Everyone has to take this show and the moms with a grain of salt. You could see from the kids show that Hannah has a voice and the kids conformed that - production just wants to paint her differently onscreen. I use to be an Abby hater - but after all these yeas of watching and seeing how edited these shows are - these kids all benefit from being on the show - sure they are corrected - but lots of times the words used are edited so it makes it look worst than it is. Very few people would know - Maddie, MacKenzie, Chloe or Ni had it not been for Dance Moms - they may have been known for a bit in the Dance World if they were top contenders in competitions - but these kids will have a presence for life with all the videos, groups, social media sites ect.
  5. Loved this - these kids care so much for each other and I hope they all come back. The relationships they have formed is so different then the OG as they didn't have years of listening to their moms complain about each other which made some relationships closer than others. This team is really all for one as far as the kids. It had me crying that they were so upset that they may not come back.
  6. Wow - each and every one of these kids have more talent than most of the OG girls. I can do without the moms as they are replicas of the OG moms but I am impressed by each and every kid there. I think it's less about the kids and more about the fact that the dance itself didn't come across as few know about the new movie. This is the first I heard about this. The eyelashes were a bit much but I actually enjoyed the routine and I often wonder what the routines they were up against were like. It's a judges final call - no matter how good you are - they just might not like you and will award a team that isn't as good. Been there - done that folks.
  7. I really think Hannah is just naturally shy. I've had a couple of friends like that - super quiet until they get to know you. My cousin's daughter was the same way as is the granddaughter. I spent 6 hours with the granddaughter the other day - 12 yrs old - she hardly opened her mouth. I too like the switch up on what kids are focused on each week. It's not just about 2-3 from the group for the whole season. I couldn't believe that Sarah didn't place as I thought she did a strong number.
  8. Dancing was superb. Routines were great. I just wish they'd leave out the mama drama. They pick on someone new each week.
  9. It's staged - it's edited - it always has been. I love the new kids - I love the routines and can't wait to watch each week - some of the moms I could do without but I think you have better dancers and much better choreography than the original group.
  10. My 2 cents - I love the new show and I love the new kids - they can all dance!!! As far as the OG's - I loved Chloe, wasn't a big fan of Maddie's because of her mother which is sad - but Maddie was a beautiful dancer. Mac was cute - but couldn't sing then and can't sing now - she looks like her dad and has very strong features - she's no longer the cute little MacKenzie - but they all are successful because of their stint on Dance Moms. Kendall and Jill - I couldn't stand. I loved Nia and still do - I think she's come far. None of those kids would have the opportunities they have today had they not been on Dance Moms. That's why despite not being a Jojo fan or Jessalyn fan (especially when Brynn was there) - I can't say enough about how Jessalyn raised Jojo and how great a person Jojo is. She hasn't forgotten her roots - nor the fact that is was due to Dance Moms she has what she has today. I don't think these kids are mediocre, I enjoy adding Brady and Abby released him for a couple of weeks so the girls would step up - work as a team and work to better themselves. They couldn't hide their flaws as Brady wasn't there to draw everyone's attention. I like the choreography so much better. Brady was a drawer and why I feel the ratings were down when he left as then it was like the same old Dance Moms. People I know are excited by this new group and new season.
  11. See I'd like to see it continue. I had my reservation on the new Dance Moms as I loved the original girls - but I think I like the new Dance Moms better as the kids to me at least are so much better as dancers. I can do without the Stacy Yolanda drama. I'd love to meet the Atlanta squad girls and see more of the routines and choreography that Dianna comes up with as I loved to watch their shows.
  12. Anyone know if there will be another season of Bring It? - I'm assuming it will be the Atlanta girls as the B squad didn't look too strong. I'll miss Makaya, Jayla and the boys tho!
  13. I also think Yolanda is crazy but I really detest Stacey now. She never bothered me that much in the past - but she is at least these days as being portrayed as a b****. Right at the beginning - her comment - she's the new mom - had me laughing as though I love Lilliana - Ellianna has done just as much if not more from her exposure on Dance Moms. Glad Pressley didn't leave and am sorry to see Savannah go. I thought the dance was beautiful but really didn't get the hazing concept at all. Looked more to be a sorority party where Lillianna drank to much and had alcohol poisoning.
  14. Cute intro to the dolls tour - Kayla looks wonderful - back in shape and bring it! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7KQznLqdZ_E
  15. Loved it - these kids are so much better than the OGs - although the mother's are just as irritating.
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